Cinderella Movie Meaning And Ending Explanation



Cinderella Movie Meaning And Ending Explanation


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The Cinderella movie has been a success over the years and has inspired many other stories. This tale is one of the most popular fairy tales in all of history. The story revolves around a young girl named Cinderella who falls in love with a prince and lives with him, but unfortunately, she cannot see him because he is busy all day long. She lives as an ordinary housemaid until her godmother visits her in disguise, and introduces her to Prince Charming.

Through their efforts, she gets rewarded by finding true love and the realization of a happy ending. The character of Cinderella can be found in many stories around the world and shows how everything that seems impossible can be possible if you work hard enough.

Cinderella Movie Meaning And Ending Explanation

What Is Cinderella?

Cinderella is a story about the love of two people and how true love will always find his or her way through all obstacles. The movie, “Cinderella”, focuses more on Cinderella’s relationship with the fairy godmother (plays by Lily James), while in reality, she was not related to the family that owned her even though they live next door since their ancestors have been distant relatives for hundreds of years.

As one might assume , the original story had Cinderella being a servant of her own family.

With only one invitation to a royal ball that year, she left behind all of her responsibilities and issues with society in hopes to find true love.

She believed that anything was possible regardless if it seemed like impossible or not; therefore, this belief is what caused the events in “Cinderella”. The general theme throughout this fairy tale has its roots from Greek mythology (see below).

What Is the Greek Mythology of Cinderella?

Cinderella is also a story found in the famous ancient Greek myth known as “The Twelve Labors of Hercules”, which was about a strong man who had to complete 12 difficult tasks.

In this particular version, after completing his final task, Hades (the god of the Underworld) took away Gerasene’s (Hercules’ mortal enemy) wings so that he could never fly again.

Gerasene was known as “Cinderella” because she had to assist other women artists while they were creating the paintings for Hercules’ 12 tasks that he had to complete in order to win Athena’s (goddess of wisdom) favor and Zeus’ throne back from Hades, who took it once Jim submitted him for his final task.

Cinderella accomplished so many things throughout this fairy tale even though her family did not support her choices or approve of her. She was able to keep going despite the unimaginable challenges that she faced, which ultimately led to her finding true love and achieving a happy ending.

Meaning Of The Movie Cinderella

Meaning Of The Movie Cinderella

CINDERELLA, (kuh nd ri-eh’-luh), the counterpart of Helen in Greek mythology. She was one of twelve labors to which Hercules was condemned by Achelous, and represented that part of service given to a mistress with which he had previously engaged: her wages were therefore three pailsful every day.

Beginning Of The Movie

Beginning Of The Movie

The costume she wore is said to have been thus described: “After being polluted with dirt and mire, it was redolent with the perfume of violets; a white foam flecked with cords of amber gilded its summit; in short, Cinderella’s clothes were as brilliant as those worn by Helen. The skirt extended from her head to below her heels.”

Introductory Essay on Songs From Ruined Buildings “as if I am crying for help”. Still there is no place for me!” She uses this as inspiration to try and prove that she can survive unaided. There are four songs which I like;

Ella Fitzgerald’s “Cinderella” is very similar story, if the different personages of Cinderella’s family were replaced with a big collection of surreal characters.

Fitzgerald uses it beautifully in this song: “I’ve got herbs that isn’t right for tea / They say they’ll make me well again / Then they’ll sell me on and make a fortune / Just like the man in black”.

“As she took plaits with “her love-knot tied up tight.” (this is one of my favorite lines) She had beautiful silver shoes, with which to dance…”We want olden things,” said Cinderella;”so we shall have none.

If you wish for anything, get it from some other place”. This is when she is dressed as a boy and meets the Prince. Her mother was not able to go out because her waistbeads were too tight.

Although Cinderella’s wristlets are quite small here she could still dance them on her feet which would have been very difficult at this point in history as they had no holes, or mechanical movement therefore didn’t break easily (another source points out that these bracelets may be a foreshadowing of the invention of small holes in the early-18th century which enabled women to better manage longer gowns.

Climax Of The Movie

Climax Of The Movie

It was by these little changes that she could dance and still wear jewelry). “Cinderella found her journey wearying, for big men are not cheap.” This line is one of my favorites because it hints greatly at a feminist message:

“While Cinderella spent endless hours getting dressed as maid after prince, spending too much money on rubies and pearls and always getting the prince’s foot, she could have been a scholar with her head bent over learning books, instead of being at poolside in all kinds of dresses.”

“There’s room here for one more…” this is even another. My favorite time: “…makes my body soft / then broke into pieces”. In the most traditional version Cinderella’s mother has just cut off three fingers from each hand for her punishment for going to the ball without permission.

In this version she is stricken with a deadly illness and must have many fingers cut off until all that remains of the original royal hand are three useless stubs.”

Cinderella’s footed slippers can be traced back in history centuries before her, to Egyptians who wore them in their amusement playground during festivities from at least 2000 B.C., trained acrobats performing tricks on small, elevated platforms adorned with small bells.

This line, “In homemade clothes she looked so pretty” is one of my favorites because it speaks to the idea that dressing in your own home made clothing even if it’s just a simple dress can make you feel happy.

Ending Explanation Of The Movie Cinderella

Ending Explanation Of The Movie Cinderella

In this ending of Cinderella, all the characters are together in a round table scene. This is where they retell the trials and tribulations that led up to Cinderella’s transformation into a princess.

Throughout much of the film, she cannot be with her true love because he has been occupied tending very important matters such as kingdom politics or battles even though she would like nothing more than throw herself at his feet but knows he must attend them first so when the tables are turned she shows her true worth and love by fulfilling all the tasks he has been neglecting.

This sets up a beautiful climax where they can finally be together, live happily ever after, and show everyone else that even if you don’t have a royal bloodline or look like a model citizen you can still find your prince charming if you pursue your dreams with utmost determination.


Cinderella movie is a great movie. That is the summary of Cinderella. The story of this movie is about a girl named Cinderella who has the misfortune to be born into poverty and ends up living in a palace as a servant. It’s a wonderful, emotional story that shows not only girls but anyone can find true love with hard work and dedication.

But after a series of unfortunate events, she gets the chance to go back home and live happily ever after with her prince charming. Thanks for reading this short synopsis on my favorite Disney movie ever!


Cinderella is probably the most asked question by fans and people who don’t see it or haven’t seen the movie. The name specifically refers to Cinderella’s young age, as stated by her mother in her opening scene . She was born at midnight on Christmas Eve during a snow storm .

1.What Is the Meaning of Cinderella?

Ans: Considering that the story doesn’t give us any real details about Cinderella, we have to assume her prince chose her. In fact, he was so attracted by “her magical spell” that rather than going out and finding someone who would fit his qualities better – which is what a normal person will do – he tried to overcome it with sheer willpower; ignoring all of civilisation’s codes.

2.How Do You Explain It on Your Own if You Don’t Agree With My Explanation?

Ans: Following what I said earlier, most of us would believe that the prince has a lot more common sense to choose someone whom we can imagine as his future wife. However, this movie is asking you how would it be if Cinderella did actually exist and she really was so indifferent or tough-minded at such an impressionable age.

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