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Buffalo Island


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Buffalo Island was developed as a private residential community in the heart of Toronto, Ontario. With over 40,000 m2 of building area, each residence is unique with its own signature features. With architectural styles from both the past and present.

Buffalo Island synthesizes the best in modern urban living with an eye for the future. Here, you’ll find everything you could imagine – from boutiques and restaurants to cinemas and cinemas. This guide accompanies you as you discover the best spots for shopping, dining, entertainment and fun.

Buffalo Island



The island has 5 residences, including one on the water. For many years it was a summer home for members of Buffalo Island National Wildlife Refuge (backwater swamp)- but this property is going to be changed into area where people can hunt and fish without having that impression they are trespassing in what used to be part of the refuge.. From 1927-1976, it was part of the City limits.

The west side belonged to Lake Ontario Park while the eastern portion beyond and westward along Danforth Avenue had culvert access spanning between Pearson International Airport (across) and Riverdale Road which is north of Danforth Ave.



Buffalo Island enjoys a climate like Toronto’s south shore or Niagara Falls. Summers are usually warm, sunny and pleasant with times of high temperatures averaging in the low 20s degrees Celsius but can reach into the 40s degrees that sometimes persists through September.

Fall foliage comes much later than Ontario for example and is beautiful annually about mid October to early November. Where people walk their dogs does not get as cold (5 C weather) because it takes more heat to warm it up or is humid farther south.


Culture and Religion

It’s said that the isolation of Buffalo Island allowed residents to be independent and self sufficient, they were not dependent upon Tudor City way out on Rosedale road or Bay Street in Kingston. But it also had a very relaxed aesthetic down time during winter.

But this look has changed – now elevated houses have made an appearance next to them being built- as well as modern developments there is still some classic old homes with original features. The private residences are more numerous in private part of the island that is north of Danforth Avenue.

Dogs and other animals are regularly allowed for people to love them on their property. A law changed so pets would be prohibited from the foreign forested areas like Foresters Glen Nature Reserve which had wild hares and foxes among others- but not without a compensation agreement with Toronto & Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) who will get any damages .



Some of the buildings are still owned by descendants today and have been sold on Craig’s List but they keep a few original histories. There is many cabins scattered around, there main/ famous landmark is Peddler’s Village which has some very old homes with roses.

The Port Perry Lighthouse was moved in 1972 – it was an important contact point for mariners coming up- driving into Lake Ontario through Niagara Rapids to Buffalo River (which drains into Lake Erie): on south side of Lake Ontario, in 3 miles from its mouth .

The lighthouse has been restored by the charity Historic Friends for Port Perry , open to public but it is still being restored at present – its view over bay and entrance will light up soon. Black Creek Provincial Park I believe was named that way because this area next to river had a black colour (nowadays it’s red) Plenty of parks around here too


Raymond Transport boat

For the northern part of “The Forks” island is called Britannia Beach (north side) and lower portion near to Lake Ontario shore – name varies but generally these areas are residential locales.

Not much history has been written on this area, although considering its thickness it must have been a favourite spot for thousands of years- possibly more used even before European contact ~ numerous Indian artifacts found there which proves extensive habitation in the past centuries Before section of the CNR CPR line was built, a car ferry called “Impregnable” would go here often- one of its stops being in Britannia Beach



The traditional restaurant serving the area is called Fish & Chips@ Capreol listed below on this blog (my familyu The next few paragraphs are from a old Wikipedia article. Apple, cherry and plum blossoms bloom along Orchard St. There is an excellent view of Queen’s University in Corktown up at Sherbrooke Park as well- that I’ve seen many times . There are also plenty other parks and the area along the shores of Lake Ontario- Isles d’Or parking lots too. It offers something for everyone today, from picnicking to colourful little parks and river cruises near Scarborough Bluffs on Rathburn Creek (across from Sherbrooke Park). CNE , historic architectural sites, walking trails there are more than enough in my opinion.



Mother Deer and two fawns’ area could be a strollable part of the whole “Park” if you had more than one hour spare there.

Despite being separated by just over 1m (400mm) thick rubber border, they can easily see each other- same goes for any number of prey species between them: Muskrat(as seen in this video ), raccoon, blue heron. Etc They’ve been said by locals to actually be on Western Avenue (across from Capreol’s that is).

They are making themselves known and the Mayor of Toronto says they’ll keep doing it until a solution is found. I’ve seen some pretty average-looking cows in my time: more than enough to believe these fawns exist, I’d have to say. In fact there was an older buck but he was not even close! If you’re looking for wildlife at all near.


I’d say the areas within Quebec city, whether we’re talking Capreol or Seniors’ Bridge that extends to Homer Watson Park- are a great place for dog walking. Some of these parks have “restrictions” too on what people can bring in (not just dogs): holding them is fine i’d guess but owners should take a good look at their surroundings first before telling your pooch to let loose by putting him heels from fence . Here’s a guide to canine parks in Toronto by the way:


How Much Does It Cost To Visit Buffalo Island?

Buffalo Island Lodge , is reasonable. They have camping and onsite access to the beach with plenty of parking away from the main lodge structure: perfect for your dog 🙂 Would I recommend it? Yes,  definitely !!!! The accommodations are very clean and well kept- but could be more basic if you’re grouping into one room since this seems to be becoming a problem for other park visitors lately 🙁


What About In Ottawa?

The Barrhaven Kite Festival, is on twice a year. They fly kites of all sizes and types behind the Fort York walls as far back at Bellegarde Park -it’s free to enter there too- but an actual park just west of QEW and north or south along Nicholas Street is not one where we can let our dogs run around.

Where Is Buffalo Island Located?

Buffalo Island Lodge is located on Buffalo Island in the Ottawa River, from which it draws its name. It is about two kilometres (1.25 miles) west of the QEW along Millwood Road in Ottawa, Ontario .

What Is Buffalo Island?

Buffalo Island, with a wonderful view of the Ottawa River and Gatineau Hills is Canada’s westernmost island. Enjoy our dog park in peace here by all means!Frequently Asked Questions/Best Practices – Buffalo Island Labrador Retriever Club member Laura Brzozowski says:  ” Park often for just an hour or so during your walk to get lots of exercise . Never leave them alone at the car!   Remember that dogs

Why Should I Go To Buffalo Island?

There’s a lot of ‘fun’ to be had there, where your dog can run around and play with others. So next time you go out for that walk or jog -it really doesn’t matter how far it is- remember to take along Fido too! He/she will love you both very much 🙂 What happens if I leave my Rottweiler at home?

You are not abandoning them: but keep in mind that dogs.

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