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The Great Escape Movie Meaning and Ending Explanation




The Great Escape

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The Great Escape is a story of mystery and adventure featuring Prisoner of War’s in German POW camps. In the movie, set during World War II, a group of British prisoners break out from their camp and try to escape across the country. As part of their mission, they pose as a film crew for Allied propaganda for the purpose of forming a strong relationship with German civilians. However, when a new prisoner joins them, they decide to improvise and take matters into their own hands. This is how the Great Escape begins.

All About Of The Great Escape Movie Meaning and Ending Explanation

The Great Escape

What Is the Meaning of the Great Escape?

Although the movie is a true story, some have argued that it’s impossible for them to get away without help from people who are either in a position of power or civilians helping out. However, many people still think this could happen because there was no apparent reason why they should be able to escape. Despite arguments on both sides of this argument though, what really matters at this point isn’t whether you believe that something like the Great Escape does or not, it’s how you feel about the movie itself.

To tell this story, someone had to make it possible for people to watch such an incredible escape. With so many prisoners being killed during escapes in the past and no memory of movies actually taking place within these real-life events, I think that’s why The Great Escape came into existence at all because old war stories have always been popularly told through film. Plus with contemporary society so obsessed with showing the true victims of war and how history is usually made to be empowering to us, this movie was definitely meant for it’s time.

What Is the Ending of the Great Escape?

the Great Escape

At the end of the movie, it’s quite sad seeing all those inmates get caught. But by then, they couldn’t have known anything different since so many people had died trying to escape or waiting for their chance at freedom and ending up getting captured anyway. The Great Escape film captures this with a conclusion that speaks well in an anti-war tone. Plus when you really think about it, most people would probably like to forget a painful part of their lives like being imprisoned and choosing to escape into freedom. The film ends on a note that suggests hope for the future, as it shows how war should finally be over between countries.

Saving Private Ryan is also about prisoners of war who assemble in Normandy France after D-Day (during World War II) and try to escape back home. The film, like the others I’ve mentioned here, captures this story in a very powerful way but accomplished it by including many heart-wrenching scenes of soldiers killed during their attempt at freedom returning as ghosts and helping give us an idea that war isn’t necessarily glory or worth fighting for anymore.

I think it’s safe to assume that there are many people wondering why they should even try and stick with reading aloud when there is so much out there in the form of movies, television shows, videogames (if your a kid) , podcasts and more. I would definitely say this question deserves some serious thought if you’re not already into books yet because screen entertainment has been on an up up as.

Why Is the Ending of the Great Escape So Sad?

the Great Escape

As mentioned before, many people in The Great Escape like Richard Thomas (performed by James Garner) lose their lives fighting for freedom which is a sad reality. Plus I don’t recommend to watch this on an empty stomach because towards the end of the film you will probably want to cry and this movie doesn’t leave out those last few scenes that fit right into that category so be prepared!

Viva trilogy uses less realistic technology but focuses more on the human element.

The Viva trilogy tells three different stories but they all have one thing in common—the people involved want to kill and be killed by each other. The realistic fighting action scenes in these movies are agonizing or often imitate the feeling of real combat where wounds are very painful, blood is thicker than water (average 2 000–3 000 cc on a healthy adult), fear is present during hand-to-hand combat with many.

The ending of The Great Escape is so sad because they have to leave the camp and go back to England. It was very hard for them because they were happy in the camp. The movie is also sad because they have to escape. They had to run away from the camp and go back to England.

Blog Conclusion:

The Great Escape is a film based on the true story of the escape of 76 Allied prisoners of war from Stalag Luft III, a German POW camp during World War II. The story was written by George Sanders and directed by John Sturges. This movie depicts one of the most famous escape attempts in history.

It shows that even the most desperate and hopeless situations can be turned around through sheer willpower and courage. In an attempt to escape from a prison camp, 76 Allied airmen managed to break out of their cells on March 24, 1944 with minimal equipment, no outside help, no food or water and with only two days’ worth of bread rations left in their possession.


1.What Is the Movie the Great Escape Rated?

Ans: This is an “M” rating in the United States. It means that the film contains violence, profanity and other adult themes. International releases carry its rating of PG-13 for graphic language, nudity and moderate sexual content but no persistent gore or scenes where rugged outdoor action replaces factional sites. Best times to view this movie? February 5th to 7th – It’s based on an escape from a POW camp during World War II; The first week of March.

2.What Are Some of Its Critical Positive Points?

Ans: The Great Escape gets high ratings regarding plot, direction and acting – while performance-wise our favorite team ‘Fat’ George Barrow was criticized at times. The number one goal was to display a full act quicker than another movie before it did resulting into what many consider as historical accuracy which could seem unrealistic in other’s eyes (compare with ‘Bridge on the River Kwai’). However, some critics believe this movie was so realistic, it could be seen as “cheapening” the lives of real prisoners of war by snuffing out their heroism for our entertainment.

3.What Are Some Issues With the Great Escape?

Ans: Many would argue that most aspects were over-the-top (couldn’t George make up his mind if he wanted to play a double act or not?) and that there was a good chunk of filler compared to the ‘true’ story (compare with real life escapees who are more interested in playing cards than carry out a full plan).

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