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Captain America has had a long and rich history in comics and film, with individual tropes and character traits to suit him for each adaptation. However, there were some similarities that were prevalent throughout all his outings. Captain America before his New Deal treatment was a man of action and thought, with diverse skillsets and allies.

But, one gets the impression that The Winter Soldier is asking the same questions: Who is he now? How did he become this man? What makes him tick? And what was he before? Let’s find out what you need to know in order to get the most out of this sequel.

Why Is Captain America: the Winter Soldier So Good?

Captain America

In short, it’s a very good action flick that doesn’t break much new ground (a bit like the first Guardians of the Galaxy), but is still entertaining from start to finish with some really great moments.The premise is not complicated and I will keep things simple by saying basically this movie picks up less than 6 months after The Avengers was released.

Why Is Captain America Called the Winter Soldier?

This was a mystery up until the credits rolled so most of it had to come from in story and background material. But, I will give you my interpretation as well since I’m very curious about this myself:While Tony Stark/Iron Man is called Ironman after being on his own for some time, Steve Rogers is still Captain America due to him having lost an arm. He can’t be any less strong.

Does the Winter Soldier Become Captain America?

That’s a little ambiguous. As I said previously, we don’t see what happens at the end of this movie so it will be easy to say no on that point (it doesn’t seem likely by any means). But, Steve Rogers does become an activist and even becomes different in some ways as he is more willing now to stand up against The Avengers.

Who Is the Villain in Captain America Winter Soldier?

That’s also a question that has been answered in retrospect. From this movie, it is easy to assume at least one of them ends up as the main villain for future movies with our favorite guy from 2012 becoming more and more of a fan favorite over time (you can tell he was part of my collection).

Why Does Sam Wilson Have Wings? Why Does the Falcon Have Wings?

Sam Wilson becomes The Falcon after being injured during battle against the Winter Soldiers, who he is a part of. This would make sense that by the end of this movie they are able to fly and do whatever else you want them to do as seen in their comic counterpart .So there we have it! Overall, Winter Solder was not what I expected at all going into the theater .

Which Avengers Movie Is the Best?

I would have to say Avengers 1: I loved the introduction, especially since Iron Man was already confirmed to be in that movie. The rest of the cast were completely new and had such great chemistry throughout post-credit scenes so it’s not surprising Marvel just continued down this route with a Bizzaros sequel for 2015 immediately after.

Is the Winter Soldier a Good Guy?

He started out as quite the antagonist from what we see in this movie . Sure, The Winter Solider wouldn’t say it was all terrorism and destroying modern America for his government but he’s shown to be at least willing to work with Steve which made him a very sympathetic villain. It also makes sense that within three years, he rounds up and becomes part of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Why Is Bucky Not the New Captain America?

Bucky asks to be taken in with him and become his successor, telling Steve that he’s been a bystander much of his career up until “November 8” but Cap states they’re both no longer classified as such thanks to their actions so they can’t replace one another. This sets the tone for the new Captain America movies which show Rogers becoming more an older man than ever before rather than Bucky who is shown being able to pass down .

Is Bucky’s Arm Vibranium?

Yes, in my opinion. The arm is seen at least twice: first appearing in the trailer which shows it to still be metal and then possibly shown again used with a gun as if this makes him metal since he’s holding his shoulderblade like Cap did so that’s what I’m basing my answer on .

Do Variations of Bucky Exist Outside of Winter Soldier?

Kind of , yeah actually but also no not really. In comics , Bucky exists in his own timeline which is actually called the “Bucky universe” wherein he’s kind of sidekick to other characters (such as Rhodes ) and later comes out as a villain , even getting a full blown reboot named Winter Soldier who has been around since long before TWS was made. There are three different spinoffs that explore one man who looks exactly like him but ironically don’t feature anyone resembling Captain America at all:

Will Chris Evans Return to Mcu?

No. Chris Evans has been on track to not return for at least another 4 years but if you’re hoping for a Happy Accident movie, it’ll likely never happen (unless their is one that actually makes sense). One of the worst movies in MCU history happens to star a character played by him and Crossbones was barely even necessary . It’s easy enough to understand why Cap wouldn’t go back in time since no Earth exists.

Who Is the New Black Panther?

The new Black Panther is played by Martin Harris and will debut in the 2018 film. He will likely be teamed up with Bucky’s son so that makes him T’Challa before Winter Soldier is done. Marvel haven’t said anything on the matter since they still haven’t named and debuted Ravagers or ended Edward Norton, but it probably happens at some point in 2020 .

Will This Film Update The Logan Timeline?

No, it’ll introduce a new timeline with some of our favorite characters but nothing from X-Men: Magneto (2000) or any other undisclosed Marvel universe story . Also just because there’s a mention to Uncle Ben doesn’t mean Fox owns him. I don’t even think Cap knows who he robbed for half

Who Is the Best Spider-man?

This is where there are high chances of alternate universes and you’ll see X-Men: Apocalypse actors playing Peter Parker or stars after he dies then die themselves. Really the only currently confirmed cast member is Tom Holland , but it will continue to play out if they bring him back because the MCU Spider-Man movie may heavily adapt .

What Is the Least Popular Marvel Movie?

Actually the choices are rather limited and is a close race between Avengers (2012) , The Incredible Hulk (2008 ) or Iron Man 2 . There really doesn’t need to be much controversy over which of these 3 it will end up being, but I personally pick 2013’s sequel.


I’m going off name alone as anything else is pushed aside by narrative factors. Thor Ragnarok probably ends in this spot There is the small problem of Disney wanting to reboot Guardians and Avengers, but that’s like asking which movie wouldn’t fail without characters from Spider-Man or Fantastic Four. Because Comic Book movies often take many ideas from other works it usually comes closest when these things are done well. These character matters for Infinity War as well since Thanos suffered abuse in previous editions of The Incredible Hulk (2008).

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