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Cayman Island


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Cayman Islands is a well-known tax haven that attracts high-net-worth individuals and businesses from all over the world.

With an efficient, confidential, and cost-effective financial system, Cayman Islands offers a plethora of services to its residents and investors.

From trust services to legal advice, the Cayman Islands government makes it easy for you to find everything you need. Let us help you get to know this jurisdiction better by outlining its key features and what they can offer you.

Cayman Island

All About Of Cayman Island



The Cayman Islands were first inhabited by the indigenous Arawak people. The islands were discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and Initially claimed for Spain, they eventually passed to the British Crown in 1763.

After years of political instability, a governing Assembly was established in 1833 and the islands became a Sovereign Territory of the United Kingdom on 1 January 1968.

Cayman Islands has been ranked as one of the world’s best tax havens numerous times and continues to be popular with high-net-worth individuals and businesses from all over the world.

Dahbi International Airport serves as its primary airport and Grand Cayman is the main island.

Shopping in The Caymans can be a bit expensive though, so do research to make sure you are getting the best price for everything if shopping there.



The Cayman Islands have a tropical climate with a mostly humid atmosphere. Temperatures range from the low 30sF winter maximum to the mid 90sF summer high.

The islands get around 60 inches of rain annually, most of which falls during the June-August hurricane season. Despite this heavy precipitation, annual humidity averages only 58%.

Dress Code

Dress Code

The general dress code for both men and women is relatively casual attire such as shorts and sandals while visitors are advised not to wear clothing that could conceal tattoos or body piercings in public places due to cultural sensitivities.

Visitors should avoid any attire that may attract unwanted attention or reveal body piercings under tattoos.

You can also lay the rules for dress there as it does not refer to longer t-shirts and other formals, rather just be aware of what others do wear in public.

Flora & Fauna

Flora & Fauna

Dolphins swim freely around Grand Cayman from June through September but at a reduced rate during this time to conserve them so guests are advised take care if swimming near feeding dolphins because they might bite at skin surfaces accidentally whilst feeding themselves unless you leave some space between yourself and the dolphin.

There is a beautiful beach on Grand Cayman called Pirates Cove Beach and another on Little Cayman simply called the Chalk Pits where a colony of local pelicans live, which are just fantastic to observe.

They have an amazing ability to dive under rocks (and you!) while looking for food at night so it is not likely they will bite but always check with your leader if swimming in places like these during times when dolphins may be around as this could obviously cause issues otherwise.



The general cultural norm in Cayman is to be very relaxed and laid back. Visitors are advised not to go out of their way to impose their own culture upon Caymanians but rather enjoy the eclectic mix that makes up island life.

Smoking tobacco is generally only done outdoors and during designated smoking areas, such as bars or casinos, and visitors should be aware that they may not be welcome if they smoke in these places.



Cayman is a British Overseas Territory and as such, while it retains its own legal system and government, Caymanians are subject to the laws of the United Kingdom.

Visitors are advised to be aware of local customs in order to avoid any potential problems.

Government Services

Government Services

Cayman is a self-governing British Overseas Territory and services are not available on the islands through the government.

Visitors should contact their travel insurance company or embassy for advice on obtaining medical assistance or arranging other government services.



Cayman is a popular holiday destination and there is always plenty of opportunity to find great deals on flights and hotels.

Visitors are advised to visit the official website for up-to-date information on current prices and availability. Carving shops, turtle farms and the likes are common sights to see along Cayman’s beaches.

Cayman is also a popular place for scuba diving enthusiasts with breathtaking coral reefs providing an abundant amount of marine life to be seen by both novice as well as more experienced divers alike.

There is plenty of opportunities for excellent snorkelling throughout the island wherever visitors prefer longer or shorter swim times in between their dives (there are numerous dive packages available that can help conserve on costs).


Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory located in the eastern Caribbean Sea. It has a land area of 103.3 square kilometers and a population of 11,500.

The government of the Cayman Islands is a parliamentary democracy with Chief Minister as the head of government. The official currency is the US dollar and the official language is English.


1.What Is The Economy Of Cayman Islands?

Ans: The GDP of Cayman Islands was $2,374 million in 2016. The major sectors are agriculture and tourism. Major exports include financial services, petroleum products, and foodstuffs.

Importantly, the Cayman Islands has a strong reputation for providing a safe and efficient banking system as well as adequate legal protection for business interests.

2.How Large Is The Population Of Cayman Islands?

Ans: The population density is just over 11 people per square kilometer which means that it’s quite densely populated when compared to other countries in the region. In addition, there’s an average life expectancy of 81 years.

3.What Is The Official Currency In Cayman Islands?

Ans: The major currencies are US dollar and pound sterling which are both used by residents and tourists alike,. For investment needs, you will use American dollars or Euros.

These two currencies can be exchanged at any local bank branch against other national legal tender (mainly British pound) upon request to the central banks’ foreign exchange officer

4.How Much Has A 2 Bedroom Apartment Cost In Cayman Islands?

Ans: According to Numbeo cost calculator as of January 3rd 2017 prices ranged from $580 -850 a month and per square meter price was between $38 to 136. The majority of apartments range from 930sqft-1136sqft

5.What Time Is Daylight In Cayman Islands?

Ans: Daylight duration change throughout the year, Day length changes by as much 1 hour or 3 hours during summer depending on date so it doesn’t really do anyone any good to compare one day with another because you are comparing different dates and thus making things worse for everyone.

Daylight Hours vary according to first few weeks season: First 4th week since last Summer Solstice (June 20; Last full day of Summer Solstice on summer solstice) -8 hours Last 2nd week after Mid-Summer (July 27; equinox time around 23:13 UTC). +1 hour Same case for the Northern hemisphere.

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