Citizen Kane- Frequently asked Questions



Citizen Kane- Frequently asked Questions


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Citizen Kane is a 1941 American film directed, produced, and written by Orson Welles. It stars Welles as Charles Foster Kane, an American newspaper magnate. The film is loosely based on the life of William Randolph Hearst.

The year was 1941. It was the dawn of a new era for movies. There have been some amazing films that came out in the past few years, but it was not until this year that a film truly changed the way we see movies. It was Citizen Kane, and it helped to shape the future of cinema.



Citizen Kane- Frequently asked Questions

Why Was Citizen Kane So Controversial?

One of the things that made Citizen Kane so controversial was its style. It is heavily influenced by Expressionism, and it is not typical for Hollywood at that time. Many people thought it was too experimental, and they did not understand how to react to it.

Another thing that made Citizen Kane controversial was its message. Many people did not like the way it portrayed American society and how it was changing. They thought it was negative and unrealistic.

Did Orson Welles Really Direct All of the Scenes in Citizen Kane?

Yes, he did actually direct all of the scenes in Citizen Kane himself. It is one of his most famous films, and for a good reason – it is a brilliantly executed piece of cinema.

What Was the Significance of Citizen Kane’s Use of Sound?

One thing that made Citizen Kane so special is its use of sound. It used groundbreaking techniques such as shadowing and cutting to create an incredibly immersive experience for its viewers. This helped to set a new standard for movies, and it has been copied many times over since then.

Was Citizen Kane Actually an Accurate Depiction of Charles Foster Kane?

There is some debate over whether or not Citizen Kane truly depicts Charles Foster Kane accurately. Some people say that it is heavily embellished, while others argue that it is an accurate portrayal of the man himself.

However, most people would agree that it is a very compelling and well-made film nonetheless.

What Does Rosebud Symbolize?

There is no one definitive answer to this question, as it symbolizes something different for each person. However, some people believe that Rosebud may represent Charles Foster Kane’s dreams and aspirations – or even his childhood memories. At the same time, others believe that it could be interpreted as Kane’s ultimate failed opportunity.

Did Orson Welles Originally Want to Release Citizen Kane for a General Audience?

No, he did not originally intend for Citizen Kane to be released for a general audience. It was initially intended as a piece of art only – and, as such, it is often viewed that way by enthusiasts and film historians alike.

What Are Some of the Defining Characteristics of Orson Welles’ Style?

Some of the defining characteristics of Orson Welles’ style include his use of shadowing and cutting, as well as his unique voice accentuating certain words. These techniques help to create an incredibly immersive experience for viewers, which is what makes him so special.

Is Citizen Kane Based on a True Story?

There is no definitive answer to this question. While parts of the story are based on real-life events, it is largely fabricated and embellished for the sake of entertainment. However, some people think that the film is based on a real-life figure named Charles Foster Kane, who actually existed and was a powerful businessman in the early 20th century.

Why Is Citizen Kane So Renowned?

There are many reasons why Citizen Kane is so revered. Firstly, it is a very compelling and well-made film nonetheless. Secondly, its unique visual style and storytelling abilities make it truly unforgettable. Finally, its status as one of the most influential films in cinematic history makes it an important part of cinema history.

Why Was Citizen Kane Taken From His Mother?

Some people think that Orson Welles’ mother may have been unhappy with the way the film was turning out and decided to remove it from her son’s custody. Others believe that she simply wanted him to focus more on his work and less on promoting Citizen Kane.

Was Citizen Kane a Hit?

Yes, Citizen Kane was a big hit when it was released in 1941. It went on to win several Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director for Orson Welles. But commercially, Citizen Kane has had a bit of a rocky history. While it still remains popular among film buffs, its overall box office totals are not quite as impressive as those of some of its contemporaries.

What Is the Twist in Citizen Kane?

The twist in Citizen Kane is that it is actually a film about an unscrupulous businessman named Charles Foster Kane who dies accidentally and leaves behind a vast fortune for his three illegitimate children. This revelation comes as a complete shock to everyone who knew him previously, including the characters in the movie themselves.

What Is the Tone of Citizen Kane?

The tone of Citizen Kane ranges from dark and brooding to light and humorous. But overall, it is a film that explores the human condition in-depth, often using grim images and themes to do so.

What Does the Snow Globe Mean in Citizen Kane?

The snow globe is a key symbol in Citizen Kane. It represents both Charles Foster Kane’s wealth and his status as a patriarch figure within the family. It may also mean that he is a cold and uncaring person.

Where Was Xanadu in Citizen Kane?

Xanadu is a fictional place that features prominently in Citizen Kane. It is a luxurious estate owned by Charles Foster Kane, and it serves as the setting for several important scenes in the movie. Some people believe that the name refers to a real-world location in Asia, but this has never been confirmed.

Who Was Susan Alexander Based on?

Susan Alexander is based on the real-life actress Selma Lagerlof. In the movie, Susan is a beautiful and successful actress who is married to Foster Kane but has an affair with his friend, John Barrymore.

Why Was Citizen Kane Shot in Black and White?

Citizen Kane was shot in black and white to give it a more dramatic and atmospheric feel. This style is often used to create mysterious or shadowy scenes, which is perfect for the story of Charles Foster Kane. Besides, black and white photography is cheaper and easier to produce than color footage.

What Is Considered the Best Movie Ever Made?

There is no single “best movie ever made,” and everyone has their own favorite film. However, many people believe that Citizen Kane is one of the finest examples of cinema ever created. It is a dark and mysterious story that will captivate viewers from beginning to end.

The reason behind their claim is that the film is full of powerful and memorable scenes that leave a lasting impression. From the opening scene, in which Kane reveals his true identity to the family, to the shocking final moments, Citizen Kane is a must-watch for any movie lover.

What Kind of Lighting Is Used in Citizen Kane?

Most of the lighting in Citizen Kane is natural light. This means that the scenes were filmed without any artificial illumination, which gives them a more realistic feel. In some cases, such as the scene in which Kane reveals his identity to his wife and son, supplemental lighting was used to create the desired effect.

What Were Some of the Challenges Faced While Making Citizen Kane?

The main challenges faced while filming Citizen Kane were the production costs and the limited availability of equipment. At the time, black and white photography was more expensive than color footage, so it was important to use as many of this type of shots as possible in order to save on costs. Additionally, special effects technology at this point in time was not very advanced, so many scenes had to be executed in a makeshift manner.

Why Did Susan Leave Kane?

There is no clear answer as to why Susan leaves Kane early in the film. Some believe that she may have been disillusioned by his true nature, while others suggest that she may have had other commitments which prevented her from staying with him. Whatever the reason, it ultimately results in Kane becoming a much more solitary figure.

Why Did Kane Marry Susan?

Kane marries Susan largely out of necessity. At the time, he is penniless and without any prospects for a decent livelihood. He does not love her physically, but she provides him with a solid home and children. Over time, however, Kane comes to care for Susan as well as she cares for him.

What Is Kane’s Relationship With George?

Kane has a complicated relationship with his brother-in-law George. On the one hand, he idolizes and looks up to him much like he does Susan. He also regards George as a friend and confidant, which is evident in the way that they share scenes together. However, there are occasions when Kane expresses his jealousy of George’s success and prominence within society.

What Is the Significance of Mary?

Mary serves as a foil for Kane. Whereas Susan represents stability and reliability, Mary is the opposite – she is wild, irresponsible and often enjoys drinking and partying. This contrast ultimately leads to their separation.

Who Owns Rosebud Sled?

Kane does not technically own Rosebud sled, as it was originally owned by his father. However, after he loses it in a card game, he is forced to repossess it from George.

What Is the Significance of the Snow Demon?

The snow demon represents Kane’s innate evil and violence. It first appears when Kane severely beats Susan for refusing to make love to him.

Why Was Citizen Kane a Failure?

Citizen Kane was a commercial failure upon its release. Many believed that the film was incomprehensible and unfathomable, while others felt that it was over-the-top and excessively theatrical. Ultimately, it was the negative publicity that doomed Citizen Kane. In the years following its release, many journalists and critics lambasted it, ultimately dooming its chances of success.

What Happens to Rosebud at the End of Citizen Kane?

Rosebud sled is destroyed in a fire that Kane starts to burn down his mother’s house. This represents the loss of his innocence, which was torn away from him when he lost Rosebud.

What Is the Significance of the Title Citizen Kane?

The title refers to a type of American citizen who has been afforded certain rights and freedoms. In particular, it is used to refer to individuals such as politicians and celebrities. An alternate meaning of the title may indicate that the main character, Kane, is a victim of society.

What Is the Last Shot of Citizen Kane?

The last shot of Citizen Kane is the burning down of Susan’s house, which represents the loss of Kane’s innocence. It also means that Kane is no longer able to protect or shield those he loves from harm.

Why Does Citizen Kane Collect Statues?

Kane collects statues as a way to commemorate and immortalize the people he has killed. He represents them by putting their likenesses into physical form, which allows him to hold on to some sense of control and dominance over them.

What Does Kane Find When He Is Smashing Susan’s Room?

Kane finds a necklace with a key inside of it. This key represents the power that Kane has over her, as he is able to control her through this object. In addition, the key also symbolizes his ability to open any door he desires.

What Techniques of Spectacle or Cinematography Are Used in Citizen Kane?

The use of deep focus and long shots are used to create an overwhelming sense of visual spectacle. These techniques help to emphasize the artificiality and theatricality of the film’s setting. In addition, the use of color and light is used to create an emotional impact.

Where Did Charles Foster Kane Live?

Charles Foster Kane lived in a large mansion on Fifth Avenue. The setting of the film is based partially on this location. The mansion was also used as the location for the film’s climax.

Is Xanadu a Real Place?

No, Xanadu is not a real place. It is instead a fictional place that was created by the character Kane for the purpose of symbolizing his wealth and power.

Is There a Lot of Camera Movement in Citizen Kane?

Yes, there is a lot of camera movement in Citizen Kane. This is used to create an overwhelming sense of visual spectacle. It also helps to emphasize the artificiality and theatricality of the film’s setting.

What Famous Figure Was Charles Foster Kane Likely Based on?

Charles Foster Kane is likely based on the real-life American financier, Charles Ponzi. Both men were known for their shady business practices and use of extravagant luxury items as symbols of their wealth.

What Is the Meaning of Rosebud?

Rosebud is a symbolic item that represents the innocence that Kane lost when he killed Susan. It also signifies his attachment to her and his desire to keep her memory alive.


Citizen Kane is a landmark film that features incredible visual effects and cinematography. These techniques help to create an overwhelming sense of spectacle and emotion in the movie set. In addition, the use of deep focus and long shots helps to emphasize the artificiality of the film’s setting.

Besides, the acting in this film is also excellent, which helps to create a compelling narrative. So, if you haven’t watched the classic Citizen Kane yet, be sure to do so soon! Hope our article was enough to answer all of your burning questions related to Citizen Kane. If you have any additional queries, please leave a comment.

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