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Corner Island


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For as long as humans have inhabited this planet, they have sought ways to connect with one another. Whether it was through trade, warfare, or marriage, humans have always needed ways to bridge the gaps between them.

But, with the invention of the internet, those gaps have only become wider. Suddenly, people from all corners of the earth could be in touch with each other in a way that never before was possible.

And, while this technological marvel has done wonders for humanity, it has also created new problems.


Corner Island



Corner Island is one of the smaller islands that make up the archipelago known as The Bahamas. It is located in the northernmost region of The Bahama Islands, just east of Great Abaco Island and southwest of Long Island.

The island consists primarily of low-lying limestone hills and has a population of about 100 people who live on either side Cain Corner or Frenchman’s Cay. There are no roads on the island and access is only possible by sailboat or water taxi.



The climate on Corner Island is tropical with a rainy season from late May to early October and an dry season from November to April.

The temperature range is very warm, averaging about 79 degrees Fahrenheit all year long. The island came under the joint Bahamian sovereignty of Great Britain and The United States when, in a deal made during colonial times, both countries shared responsibility for its defense from 1670 on.



The people of Corner Island are descendants of the aboriginal Taino population. Today, they speak English as their primary language and practice Christianity, although there is a small population of Muslims who live on the island.

The cultural traditions of the islanders include fishing and sailing, as well as traditional Bahamian dances such as calypso music and conch blowing. The people of Corner Island eat a traditional diet that includes chicken, rice, and jerked pork. Cornmeal is their main carbohydrate.

In the past decade or so there has been an increasing number of restaurants on the island selling western-style food but most still serve local favourites like conch chowder and patty pies as well as native dishes such as fish soup (peel’ou)



and conch fritters. The island has long played an important role in U.S.-Bahamian politics and was the site of a 1972 rebellion against the U.S. naval base, which was later closed down after riots broke out involving both Bahamian locals and security forces from nearby Nassau (This is widely seen as one of several widening cracks forming between more conservative/traditionalist sections to both countries’ ruling elites that over time may create some opening for much -needed third-way political reform).

Government Services

Government services

The only government services available to residents of Corner Island are health care and education. There is no postal service on the island, mail must be transported by air or sea. Patrolled beaches are maintained by the Environmental Protection Agency.



Tourism on Corner Island has been growing in recent years as more people become aware of the island’s unique culture and natural environment. There are now a number of restaurants, hotel rooms, private cottages and golf courses that cater to tourists.



There is no public transportation on the island. Visitors must arrange for transportation from either Nassau or Freeport. A four-seater passenger plane with a single pilot flies to the island daily from Nassau.

Fishing and aquaculture Fishing Strictly banned. Shipwrecks have been found that date back to WWII making the waters of this beautiful deep water inlet highly polluted from past shipping operations including dumping toxic materials into it, before its natural pollution control system built over 200 years ago.

The Bahamas Environmental Institute estimates there are about 588 such wrecks around the island, most of which are unreported and unattended making future destruction by dynamiting an option given their close proximity to passing vessels.



The Bahamas has a long history of Bahamian cuisine, which is based on the fruits and vegetables indigenous to the island. Characteristic dishes include beef jerk pie, conch chowder, pigeon peas and rice, saltfish soup and curried goat. The country’s trademark dish is the national fish, kingfish.

Bahamian cuisine relies heavily on staples such as rice and peas which contain a number of Vitamin B1 (thiamine) vitamins along with other naturally occurring antioxidants that help reduce death from causes including heart disease and cancer.



The natural environment is also a big part of Bahamian culture. The country has been called the “Island Paradise” for good reason and contains more than 700 miles of unspoiled coastline, lush rainforests, pristine coral reefs and 178 uninhabited islands.

Bahamians have long viewed their natural environment as a part of their culture, with the time and place for many events being imbued in to be held on specific dates.

There are eight officially protected areas representing 32% of the country’s land area that can only be visited by residents who live on or through its borders. These include:

  • Abaco National Park – Coral reef ecosystem (568 ha) which is considered 100% intact and one of the few in all of Florida
  • Andros Island Cliffs National Park – Long extents along Andros’ seacoast, this park encompasses 550 acres on Burnt Cay and North West Islands (its boundary is shared with Great Inagua Cays)
  • Catlins Forest / Lower Silurian Reef Marine Zone Conservation Area – One of only three seaside national geological parks in all world; home to much endangered and rare flora and fauna (390 ha)


When you think of a tropical paradise, Corner Island probably doesn’t come to mind. But this small, uninhabited island in the Eastern Caribbean is actually a fascinating destination that has something for everyone.

With white-sand beaches and crystal-clear water, this island has it all – from secluded beaches to lively nightlife. If you’re looking for an isolated getaway with a perfect blend of tranquility and excitement, Corner Island is the perfect place for you!


Is There Internet On Corner Island?

Yes, there is internet service on Corner Island. However, it is not always reliable so be sure to bring your own device if you plan on using the internet a lot.

Can I Bring My Pet Dog Or Cat To Corner Island?

Yes, you can! However, since the local animal population includes raccoons and bats , keep your windows and doors locked at all times. Also remember that dogs are not allowed in any hotels on this island so be sure to leave Fido back home if he refuses to go without you. There is a special area set aside for them at our resort.

Do I Have To Book A Part Of My Trip At Our Resort?

No, you can stay anywhere on Corner Island. Just make sure to let the hotel staff know so that they’re aware if there are any pets or minors staying with you as well as your accommodation preferences (speed in and out for check-in) during checkout.

What Happens When It Rains?

Even though this island is supposed to be paradise, sometimes life does get wet here! It ‘s not the end of the world since all rooms are equipped with air-conditioning and fans.

Can I Rent Scooters Or Bikes On Corner Island?

Nowadays most resorts on Corner Island provide bicycles along with their offering so no, you can’t rent scooters or bikes. However, if you’d like to try one for a day ride around the island I’m sure it’ll be great fun!

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