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Eagle Island


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ocated in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, Eagle Island is a small island of the same name which is part of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Additionally, it is also one of the two uninhabited islands in the British Virgin Islands. The island is most famous for its natural beauty, with lush rainforests, crystal-clear waters, white-sand beaches, and an abundance of wildlife.

Eagle Island


Eagle Island was first sighted by Europeans in 1503, but it wasn’t until 1733 that the island was permanently settled. Over the years, it has been primarily used for cattle ranching and agriculture, though tourism has emerged as a major industry in recent years. The most populated points on the island include Agay, Lake Surprise and Deer Park.

Eagle Island first gained notoriety in 1872 when it became known as a site of rum-running during prohibition era America. Traffic reached its peak there at this time with around 5 million cases produced and deporitied each year by multiple trading companies before all alcohol was banned after 1934. However, because it is so remote from any main thoroughfare or population.


The climate on Eagle Island is tropical with a dry season from December to May and a wet season from June to November. The average temperature is around 84 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. The island has three wells for its 600 residents. Depending on current rainfall and where the well is located; potable water can be pumped from as little as 15 feet below sea level, to up to 150 ft above. The old reservoir of Lake Surprise still produces excellent quality drinking water day with filtered pump-outs every 30 days.


The predominant religion on the island is Christianity. However, traditional beliefs and practices such as voodoo still play a significant role in local life. There are also several small Muslim communities scattered around the island. The main language spoken on the island is English, though Spanish is also widely understood due to its colonial history. Top attractions

Housing available are located in the Deer Park and Agape Community. From Ranch-style dwellings, to modular homes they all provide a rich environment for those wishing to settle or vacation on Eagle Island.


Although Eagle Island is not part of the US Virgin Islands, it is a self-governing territory under British law. As such, its government and politics are closely tied to those of the British Virgin Islands. Its government helmed by a Premier and Cabinet comprising an appointed Governor, ex officio Lieutenant-Governor and Attorney General. The local legislature is the House of Assembly which consists of 12 Senators with two being chosen at each regular election; all 11 are elected on geographical lines and six represent multiple wards in one district while four represent only one ward. Prevalence

50% White non-Hispanic (2010) Education Basic education hours 10:15.

Government Services

The government provides a limited range of social services including ambulance service, water and electricity. There is also an airport on the island which receives regular flights from Saint Thomas. Culture Selective stores offering a variety of casual and formal attire. Some local restaurants offer typical island fare, such as conch (or “conch fritters”), seafood, cocobolo wood, rum punches and similar Caribbean cuisine selections. Others serve more international or American choices; nevertheless all places provide sufficient snacks while visiting the island.



Eagle Island offers a unique opportunity to relax and enjoy the tropical paradise atmosphere while exploring its rich culture and natural splendors. The island’s idyllic setting, combined with an array of activities -such as whale watching, scuba diving, swimming in crystal clear waters or simply taking in the lush scenery – makes Eagle Island one of the most popular tourist destinations on Tortola.



The Tortola ferry service operates between Virgin Gorda and Saint Thomas. There is also a small local airstrip on the island with regular flights connecting it to Saint Thomas. There are stores and restaurants as well as hotels. Clothing and Adornment

All women wear clothing in the colors used on St. Thomas (reds, greens). On the island one can buy “Bitter End” locally made local clothes including lightweight safari suits—gathered at hip or wrist with a low waist complete with bell bottom flare – based loosely upon outfits worn during World War II by American Marines after whom they were named; denim shirts; black slacks.



The cuisine is made up of local meats, vegetables and fruits. Fish is a main staple, with dishes such as conch fritters and shellfish soup being favorites. Local rum punches are popular beverages. Other choices include conch-studded turtle flautas and Caribbean fried chicken.


The island history includes a rich blend of cultures uniquely different from each other’s. Waves upon waves of settlers came to the island with their unique customs, languages, religions and culinary traditions—such as Mandingo warrior bands who settled here during the 17th century before being ejected by Columbus; Caribo Indians who arrived via Bermuda along trade routes between Europe.



The Tortola branch of the World Wildlife Fund is headquartered on the island. The main attractions are its rich birdlife, including hawks, parrots and toucans; coral reefs; and diverse flora and fauna. Its diving and snorkeling sites are considered some of the best in the Caribbean. The island’s largest predators, such as lions and snakes, have left on their own accord to more developed areas where they face few natural threats.

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Eagle Island is a breathtaking and pristine island located in the Bahamas. It is perfect for those who want a natural getaway with plenty of activities to keep them busy. The best part about Eagle Island is that it’s completely accessible by boat and offers a myriad of activities for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day trip, a full-blown vacation, or somewhere to base yourself while you explore the surrounding area, Eagle Island has something for everyone.


What Are The Main Attractions On Eagle Island?

The main attractions on Eagle Island include its rich birdlife, coral reefs, and diverse flora and fauna. Also note that this island is home to a significant amount of the world’s western greyscale coral (unusual for Caribbean waters).

How Do I Get To Eagle Island?

You can easily access and enjoy all services provided by Eagle Island. However, it should be noted there are many areas throughout the country in which immigration control on tour goers is strict. Therefore, we recommend that you check with your travel provider on the Customs procedures surrounding Eagle Island.

Why Is This Trip Better Than Others?

I’ve traveled to similar destinations many times before!

The reason why we suggest Eagle Island as a perfect getaway destination, as opposed to other Caribbean islands, is because it has remained unchanged through time and can be considered one of the most pristine (unspoiled) island destinations in North America for those who seek tranqu ility. The waters are crystal clear and the island is surrounded by pristine white sand beaches, great for a swim or to relax on after a long day of adventure.

For those who want to create their own adventures there’s plenty of activities provided by Eagle Island that you can choose from including hiking (some beautiful trails through untouched Bahaman forests), kayaking, snorkeling in coral reefs, exploration with glass bottom boats/scuba diving etc.. Your holiday will be made better if you bring a friend to go on individual adventures with!

If I Stay Here For Three Days, What Should I Do?

You can easily enjoy all the services and activities provided by Eagle Island if you stay for only three days, but I suggest that you extend your stay to explore more of this beautiful country. There are many attractions close by that are perfect for a day trip (such as crystal clear waters in the Bahamas Virgin Islands or white sand beaches on Eleuthera). If scuba diving is your interest, why not book a guided snorkel tour and see some underwater coral reefs and many different species of fish? Why not book a flight to Cuba or Aruba too (and take the opportunity to see both at the same time)?!

Can I Use My Own Transportation?

Eagle Island does provide transportation from their airport to the resort and back. If you don’t have your own vehicle, they will drive you to some of the local attractions as well (such as a beach, which are only a short distance away) but I do recommend that even with these arrangements there is absolutely no reason why you cannot use public transportations.



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