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Edisto is an unincorporated town located on the banks of the Edisto River in Charleston County, South Carolina, United States. With a population of about 1,000, Edisto is one of the oldest towns in South Carolina and a tourist destination. The town is well-known for its annual Lowcountry Folk Festival, which attracts up to 25,000 visitors each year. The town was founded by English colonists in 1730.

Edisto Rocks


In 1730, Wannamaker and the other signers of the Edisto River Company were granted land in today’s Edisto town by King George II of England. The colony was aided greatly with support from Jacob Barnwell, a well-known African American plantation owner whose holdings included 2500 acres deep along Carolina’s lowcountry shores. Despite the influx of colonists, for almost 350 years (prior to European settlement) residents had lived in harmony with their surroundings as a Native American tribe known as Miojo or Musgutubbee.

During this time, Edisto was isolated from most of Charleston and surrounding counties by marshlands on either side of the river. The abundance of rivers and streams provided bountiful resources during pre-Colonial times at least through 1820.


The climate of Edisto is characterized as humid subtropical, with cool winters and hot summers. The annual mean temperature remains between 60-86 degrees Fahrenheit (16-30 Celsius).

Tourism economy

In recent years heretic festivals were established in the town to attract tourists infusing millions of dollars into this historic area which has many commerce businesses including: shops, jewelry stores, gift shops recreational venues and bed & breakfasts. Much of the economy of Edisto is dictated by tourism, as many tourists typically drive from Charleston or Columbia to spend a night in Edisto.

Economy and retailing

Edisto has 3 touristers businesses: grocery stores, drugstores/pharmacies, restaurants. Some other smaller businesses are antique shops (for example), a cafe called The Biscuit Shop & Wine Cellar , Dining and catering establishments; golf courses.


irage The main events are the annual Edisto Flit Celebrations in celebration of 4 days and nights celebrating both local heritage and Christian faith.

.Fun Facts about Edisto, South Carolina: The Village of Old Edisto supports a downtown area that is packed with historic Southern charm. “target=_blank”>Mission Statement Our vision for the entire community is to be a caring and inclusive place where all God’s gifts are celebrated through our arts, recreation and traditions while retaining the richness of its deep-rooted


onion-ringing, family values and South Carolina culture makes us one of the most desirable places for educators to choose.

Fun facts about Edisto: The word “Edisto” comes from an Indian word meaning “beach way.” Many Charlestonians believe that Captain Howell Mapstone built homes on a beach known as Indians Beach . We are in fact 4 miles away! Edisto was originally named Lower Town because back then it was a lower part of town. Eileen, our First Lady is known around the village as Jeannie and she has received several community awards.

Edisto hosts 2 very popular events: Edisto Flit Celebrations February 27 – March 3 from 7pm-2am at Old School Hall (during FLIT) The annual Southeastern International Reunion for all those who were automatically enrolled into college classes through high school and are aged.

Government Services

Over 30,000 Internationals attend along with locals.

Dining and catering establishments:   The Log Cabin Cafe , Historic Gander’s Landing Inn & Restaurant serving traditional “Old South” food over 4 generations of homemade cooking . Movie Theater Playhouse Grill – a burger place that has lots of space for families to eat at tables outside or booths inside also Kid’s Corner – which offers children large plates to share platters along with games Fun facts about Bradfield: The name “Bradfield” comes from a Scottish word meaning ‘rich meadow.’ Many Charlestonians believe that Captain James Cook built his first home in the village causing our island to be surrounded by lush farmland. One of Mayor Hibler’s peeves is when someone talks about Colin Bradgate as Caulkin even though he did not start out with family ties, but was simply a very successful businessman who people gave financial success due to.



Eileen, our mayor and first lady is known around the village as Jeannie. On sport properties: The Carolinian Yacht Club  – which has its private clubhouse dockside with a heated poolside whirlpool, along with beach access w/ lifeguards available during summer hours. Harvest Moon Organic Farm & Kitchen Petting Zoo – you can visit this off property business where there are always many animals to pet or even feed (bring your own gloves) and small events where volunteers teach young children about the farm or even take them for hay rides. It is open year-round including summer time shorter hours of operation but closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve as it serves a prize turkey that day.

We also have Sub Aqua Adventures  and Gillman’s – both located in nearby Isle of Palms – while they are smaller they offer more unique experiences like sea life products & aquariums.


Edisto is a beautiful place. With rolling green hills, crystal-clear water, and white sand beaches, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Carolina. But what you may not know is that this spot also has a rich history that dates back to the Revolutionary War. There’s a reason why Edisto is known as the Battle Ground of the Revolution – it played a significant role in the war effort. Now, for all you travelers looking for an adventure, here are five things to know about Edisto before you go!


What Is The Battle Ground Of The Revolution?

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Who Are Some Of The Famous People Associated With Edisto?

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How Is Edisto Known For Its Beautiful Scenery And Climate?

Edisto is a beautiful community, perhaps one of the most photographed and popular tourist destinations in South Carolina. Located on Edisto Island near Hilton Head Harbor, people travel from all over to stop at Edisto’s beach ; visit local galleries; take a romantic boat ride towards the ocean front Trail of Tears battlefield site or just picnic among its spectacular landscape with family members. Among some of our favorite areas are:

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