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Isla Pacheco Island


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Isla Pacheco is a small, uninhabited island located in the Gulf of California, about 130 kilometers from the Mexican mainland. Nicknamed the “Island of Eternal Spring” due to its temperate climate and abundant rainfall, Isla Pacheco is largely known for its natural beauty.

With lush vegetation and crystal-clear water, the island is a paradise for divers and hikers. In addition to its natural attractions, Isla Pacheco is also home to a number of archaeological sites dating back to the Pre-Classic period (c. 2000-900 BC).

Isla Pacheco Island


Isla Pacheco is located in the Gulf of California, about 130 kilometers from the Mexican mainland. The island was first discovered by a Spanish expedition led by Francisco Palou in 1542, but it was not until 1785 that its present form emerged thanks to Captain Antonio de Ulloa. In 1825, Isla Pacheco became part of Sonora following the acquisition of New Spain by Mexico.

The island’s natural beauty has made it a popular tourist destination since the early 1900s. Today, visitors can enjoy lush vegetation and crystal-clear water amid stunning scenery. Due to its natural treasure, Isla Pacheco has become a popular spot with Mexican and foreign tourists.

In particular, the island is known as a site where some of Mexico’s most prominent archaeological discoveries can be found:

In 1943-45, twelve ruins on the island were excavated by Dr. Klaus Schmidt during his extended research in Sonora. Among other things unearthed was part of one of the Teotihuacan complexes such as “La Murguia”, perhaps influenced by contacts between Mesoamerica and Andalucía or South America through Panama .


Isla Pacheco Island Climate

Isla Pacheco experiences a temperate climate, with average temperatures of around 24°C. The island is visited throughout the year, but it is particularly popular in summer when visitors can enjoy lush vegetation and clear waters.

Baths And Facilties

Baths And Facilties

Areas of the island have a length of about 130 meters, width variable between 2m (max) to 3 m. The island can accommodate up to 5 visitors at one time within earshot but more than this could encourage local ares resperstarance in case they feel like it! All facilities on the island include clean water fresh food.

There is no electricity or vehicle access as swimming out has not been made possible with mobile capsised until now, that way everyone patches their times there 🙂 There is phone service if you want powwows to have with your better half, or if you want to talk free calls.

The island has a small rest area that can offer clean drinkable water and hosts various mantas (and eels) swimming around its perimeter rocks while visiters eat their fill at 8 cliffs equipped with tables, benches, toilets and running hot water showers! There is no garbage disposal on the island however everything you do dispose of on land- even cigarette butts/debris like sticks etc are washed down river out of sight leaving little traces in comparison to a hotel’s facilities.


Isla Pacheco Island Culture

The island is home to a small but mighty community of eagles, macaws, toucans and numerous other tropical birds. The people here are incredibly friendly and love nothing more than spending time with guests – they will go out of their way to make you feel at home.

The island also has some beautiful Mayan ruins which attract visitors from all over Mexico as well as travelers looking for indigenous adventure in a less commercialized setting. The island has not been commercially developed, so visitors are free to explore the site and take photos at their leisure.

There is a water pump located inland that provides fresh drinkable waters for guests, as well as cleaned bamboo knives available by request from staff (protected with said recent hygiene measures). The island’s small police force have established friendly relations with eagles on land though large mammals like jaguars or Texas wild hog would be more of an experienced challenge.



Oaxaca is one of the most peaceful states in Mexico, however there are a few areas along the north coast that experience sporadic violence from gangs or cartels. It’s important to remember that these are localized events and should not be taken as indications of an overall unsafe travel climate.

A significant portion of the island is covered with jungle and, should the need arise, eagles can swoop in at a moments notice. One main caveat to note, however: people do get shot by eagles on occasion; they are protective animals that spend most of their time high up in trees after all.

Government Services

Government Services

The island is administered by the state of Oaxaca, which includes many rural areas. Basic services like healthcare and education are readily available, though there may be some delays in response time during peak travel seasons (e.g., Semana Santa).

There are a few small convenience stores on the island that sell basic necessities, but no liquor or other addictive substances whatsoever – visitors will need to bring any medications they require with them as well as enough cash for incidentals.


Isla Pacheco Island Tourism

Between well-maintained eagles, scenic jungle trails, crystal clear waters and gorgeous island beaches, Punta Mita is a top destination for luxury island vacations in Mexico. There are no resorts or hotels on the island; guests either stay in privately owned villas or rent rooms from local families.

Visitors can expect to pay around $60 per night for a room in a private home, though special offers may be available during busy periods (such as Semana Santa).


Isla Pacheco is an uninhabited island located in the state of Nayarit, Mexico. The island has a total area of 122.2 hectares (329 acres) and a maximum elevation of 549 metres (1,815 feet). The island is known for its rich flora and fauna, including the Santa Rosalia Island fox, the world’s smallest fox.


1 . What Is The Population Of Isla Pacheco?

There is no known permanent population on Isla Pacheco. However, in the main season (September-April), there can be up to 300 people visiting the island for a variety of activities, including diving and hiking.

  1. How Long Has Isla Pacheco Been Uninhabited?

Isla Pacheco has not been permanently uninhabited since pre-Columbian times, although it was rarely inhabited due to its inhospitable climate and lack of resources. The first European visitor was Juan Diaz de Solis, a shipwrecked Spanish explorer in 1535.

The island was renamed “Santa Rosalia” during the colonial period and later a small population developed on the island by taking advantage of its rich plant life to produce foodstuffs such as corn and indigo.

3 . What Are The Natural Attractions Of Isla Pacheco?

Isla Pacheco is known for its lush vegetation and crystal-clear water, making it a paradise for divers and hikers. The island also has a number of archaeological sites dating back to the Pre-Classic period (c. 2000-900 BC).

4 . What Type Of Government Services Does Isla Pacheco Have Available?

There is no formal government on Isla Pacheco, although there are a number of local authorities that provide services such as health care and education. Additionally, tourist facilities such as restaurants and bars, have proliferated since the island became promoted.

5 . How Can I Get To/From Isla Pacheco?

There is no public transportation available to or from Isla Pacheco. Visitors can arrange flights, boat trips, or hikes through local companies.

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