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Edman Island


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Edman Island is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra and is spread over an area of about 5.5 hectares. The island is owned by the Edman family, who have been running it as a plantation since 1859.

The plantation extends from the eastern bank of the Thane Creek to the western bank of the creek, and has a circumference of about 6 km. The land has an excellent natural fertility, and is well known for its traditional fruit and vegetable crops, such as mangoes, bananas, oranges, lychees, guavas, pomegranates and roses.

All About Of Edman Island

Edman Island


Edman Island increases revenue by sale of ready-to-cook mangoes, grapes and rose cuttings. The residents are involved in the cultivation of vegetables and flowers for sale.

However, although it has some water facilities available to serve the needs of the villagers living on this island,accessibility is not easy owing to a poor road network within close proximity of one’s residence and other difficulties caused by heavy rains near the island.

Edman Island is built on a small peninsula stretching out from the mainland, which juts into the Arabian Sea in one direction and Okho Creek (located near Mahim Bay) in another direction.

The remainder of land either partakes samadhi or resides outside of Mumbai municipality limitsan area called “Edkanagar”, an urban village expansion initiative that was established by local villagers for their exclusive use as far back as 90’s.



The process of people amassing land leading to the creation of this small island on which Edman Family occupies a major portion was initiated some time during 1920’s by one ‘Edkanagar’ Gopal.

Since then, despite efforts and announcements made in order for locals to be transferred from their geographical spots, no such move towards mass exodus has been effected.

The construction activity started abetween 1921-1922 with heightening caste disputes that had erupted not just among the natives of this area.

The problems started during a time when they were unaware of importance, meaning to say value, associated with possession and taking care over land as opposed to neglecting it in favour for other enterprises like farming or even petty businesses that pay little attention towards their investment- ever since then peoples livelihood has always been affected by uncertainty. Thus building height lied within reach the Edman family’s kinfolk who had bought.



Because of this the Edman family’s involvement in construction came to prominence. The construction boom, so influential is how other people moved from their ancestral spots leading to the creation of this small island on which Edman Family occupies major portion over a time period cherished well as “Iron- Plating”

Apartments that have been constructed along with hotels and restaurants cater mostly western tourists who are curious about Mumbai life style and architecture which has gained recognition worldwide including tourism.

Major construction projects being undertaken since the start has always been monitored and tracked by one “Subhash Edman”, who is a well known name in India, mining industry which he took lead till nowadays.

His goal of corporate world dominance was fulfilled with few years after his rise during year 2000s when it come to recognition for its potential as efficient business model rather than solely focusing towards acquisition whereas then Prime minister of UK, Tony Blair explained this.



Culture, tourism and real estate are all a part of life in Mumbai. Apart from formal activities like schools, movie theatres etc., there exists 18% of informal activity where children come to play as compared to 65% with family members/friends or none at all (Urban Foundation 2002).

Though it is difficult to say that sports has taken hold mainly because people prefer being indoors during bad weathers; however after sporting events or competitions people spend a lot of time talking over the game, perhaps celebrating this beauty of ‘1 day we shared’ in terms that it can be understood by outsiders.

Spend time at beaches and malls (Urban Foundation 2002) but for some it may be too much crowded because of the burning traditions and customs within.

“India is one country which generated more people than every other developing nation in 2000s except China… India’s total population (with regional variations) grew by 1% over last decade, from c.160 million to c.172 million during 1990-2000” (Urban Foundation 2002). It provides education, employment opportunities but at a very slow pace.

Government services

Government Services

INDLY REMIND ME THAT THE QUESTION IS WHAT’S WE CALL IT “WE ARE FAMILY Everyone can use to argue over the role of government in society, but one point is that it’s a good investment.

“The social security system is complex and technical; yet everyone knows they need support who may be unable to find employment or even speak English. Policies are implemented by ministries at state level which have limited capacity for



The scope of tourism has made India a potential leisure and recreation destination for millions of tourists. The main components include;

Escorted tours – where the visitor walks on foot through boutiques, museums, exhibitions etc taking photographs. On certain days  time passes very quickly as you are distracted with this activity but since many visitors stay at hotels without families it’s hard to say what they do after their affair ends upon nightfall (McCann.


Edman Island is a lesser-known paradise that offers travellers a unique getaway experience. Situated in the heart of the city, it is only a short walk to all the attractions that Mumbai has to offer.

The island’s serene atmosphere, coupled with its abundance of recreational facilities, makes it the perfect place to relax and unwind. If you’re looking for an unforgettable vacation, book your stay on Edman Island today!


1.What Is The Scope Of Tourism In India?

Ans: Edman Island is an uninhabited atoll in the South Pacific Ocean, about 1,000 km southeast of Tuvalu. It has an area of 9.5 km2 and a lagoon area of 14.2 km2. The atoll is in the commune of Nanumea, which has a population of about 100 people. There is no airstrip on the island or on Nanumea.

2.What Are The Main Components Of Tourism In India?

Ans: Edman Island is an uninhabited island located in the Caribbean Sea. It is an artificial island, created in 1961, and is part of the Sint Maarten National Park. The island has a surface area of 1 km² and a coastline of 4.5 km.

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