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If you’re looking for a peaceful retreat and want to experience a little bit of everything, then Ekins Island is the place for you! This small uninhabited island located off the coast of Mauritius is perfect for nature lovers, as it offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean. The island also has plenty of activities to keep you entertained, such as swimming, birdwatching, hiking, and kayaking. If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of life and just relax in nature, Ekins Island is definitely the place for you!

Ekins Island


Ekins Island was first discovered by the French in 1638, but it wasn’t until 1929 that a British hydrographer named Cecil Milner rediscovered the island and claimed it for Britain. Since then, the island has been used as a military base and prison. In 1983, Ekins Island became an officially protected wildlife reserve and is now home to over 100 different species of birds.

Ekins Island is not just great for nature lovers, but it’s also one of the best places in Mauritius to be active! Along with enjoying breathtaking views while hiking through uncharted paths, there are plenty of challenges on Ekins Island that you can try and conquer. Kayaks and simple dinghies are available at the pier where you will find a jeepney service to help get around during your stay.


The climate on Ekins Island is tropical, with hot and humid weather year-round. Bring adequate clothing and rain gear to stay comfortable when it’s wet outside! Climate Average Temperature High: 21°C Low: 12°C Precipitation High: 600 mm Low: 400 mm Day Length 24 hrs Sea Loads N/A.


While Ekins Island is a nature reserve, it’s also home to a small British community that has been living on the island for many years. If you’re looking for some authentic Mauritian culture and food, be sure to check out the local restaurants and taverns!


The cuisine served in the local restaurants and pubs is a mixture of British, French, African and Indian influences. Typical dishes include curries (of course!), tagines made with pigeon or goat meat – delicious! Also popular are fish fries which traditionally feature lots of succulent potatoes baked into crispy banana leaves topped by an impeccable fillet grilled on Savoy cabbage charcoal.

You may notice sailors frequenting some restaurants for their constantly changing menu of fresh seafood dishes and their traditional “tout de suite” (keep it hot) by which they ask you to consume your meal immediately!


The island is dry and dry with wine being produced; most local restaurants serve a good muscatel. The only place that serves mixed drinks still serving alcohol after 10 pm is Antonio’s, but even there the “colored” beverages are mixed in ration bottles so not harmful.


Ekins Island is a British Overseas Territory located in the Indian Ocean. The island has a population of around 50 people and the main source of income comes from tourism which accounts for 95% of GDP.

The British government does keep an eye on political developments in Mauritius and regularly sends representatives to carry out patrolling, legal work, conciliation and liaison with other agencies as needed; however, Ekins Island remains firmly within the jurisdiction of Maurit ius as a British Overseas Territory.

Government Services

The British government does provide some limited services such as council tax collection, medical assistance and postal services. However, the majority of residents must purchase these basic needs from private businesses. “E.g.”

Hospitals are referred to as nursing homes and the staff who work in them have no authority over you if you do not live there, but any personnel at all will make every effort to assist patients with whatever minor issues they may have. Additionally, doctors can officially issue prescriptions for medication such as antibiotics; however a tuberculosis test must be taken first by appointment some immunity from arrest does exist in cases of preventative medicine or personal choice.

Ekins Island is more heavily influenced by French style governance and the standards of service from the Southern Mauritian authorities are regarded as far superior; a hospital open 24 hours, an ambulance to travel beyond town (residents have full insurance coverage), mobile milk bottles for children older than 4 years old would be considered exceptional in some parts of France/Mauritius – yet only one outlying island has residences equipped with such basic amenities.


The island is home to approximately 100 people and there are no permanent tourist facilities. Visitors either stay on the island or visit neighboring islands, depending on the type of tour they are undertaking. The only way for tourists to reach Ekins Island is by boat registered with Southern Mauritian authorities.

Private Dwellings

There exist a variety of private dwellings, from simple huts built from local materials to larger homes made of stone and wood.

E kins Island is homely and all of its residents go to great lengths, sometimes daily., to maintain their artwork.

There exist some serious unresolved murders on the island, most recently in 2010, a man was found dead under the water with his head bashed in by unknown means.


Residents rely on traditional methods of transport, such as walking or using canoes. There is no formal public transport system on the island.


Ekins Island is a small and secluded island located in the Zambezi River, just upstream of Victoria Falls. The island is uninhabited, and its sole purpose is to serve as a research station for studying the Zambezi’s waterfalls. The station was founded in 1922 by the British naturalist and explorer David Livingstone and has been operated by the Zambian government ever since. In 1995, the site became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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Is There Any Evidence That Ekins Island Works?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that Ekins Island has any effect on the Zambezi River or its waterfalls. However, the site is a popular tourist destination and many people believe that it has special powers.

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