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Esk Island is a small, uninhabited island located in the Arctic Ocean. It is situated in the Canadian province of Nunavut, north-east of the capital city of Iqaluit. The island is privately owned by Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated.

Esk Island


The island was first sighted by Europeans on 7 July 1819 by the English explorer John Ross. In November 1920, a party from the Canadian National Railway expedition discovered coal and iron ore deposits on Esk Island which led to its development as a mining settlement in 1922. By 1926, Esk Island had become a base for prospecting for diamonds in the Moray Firth area of eastern Canada.

In 1930, an American mineralogist named Maurice Maxwell incited a land claim on behalf of his clients. Their mineral claims, including Esk Island and parts of Grise Fjord on Victoria Island were severely interfered with by the Crown-owned British North America Gold (BNA) Company in 1938 and 1959 forcing the owners to seek leave from Canada’s legislature for an independent claim.


Esk Island Climate

Esk Island has a polar desert climate, with long cold winters and short warm summers. The average temperature in January is −25°C, while the average temperature in July is 21°C. Natives

Esk Island is uninhabited. The native language of Esk Islands population was Aleqa, a dialect of Inuktitut, until traditional colonization ended in the mid-1960s. There were two populations on the island: one community lived at Sallittaakassibvik (Sallittoachan), and another lived on Kuntulikat (Kunlikiagat’).

People from both communities were Inuit, though most of the former Sallittoq people had moved to Grise Fiord. Those who stayed on Esk Island were not permitted by the government or their community leaders to teach those from Grise Fiorde a traditional skill without permission from society officials (Inuvialuit Culture).


Esk Islanders are known for their traditional art and beadwork. They also create pottery, carvings, and a wide variety of other artifacts. Esk Island is one of the few places where traditional Inuit arts can still be seen in practice. The island has three distinct seasons: winter, spring, and summer . It is common for Esk Islanders to hunt caribou and seals, but nowadays they mainly fish in the area’s numerous rivers.


Esk Islanders are registered as citizens of Canada, although they reside on an unceded territory. They have long maintained close ties with their Grise Fiord relatives and participate in a number of traditional ceremonies and festivals on the mainland. The Esk Island Inuit community has lobbied for self-government, but this has not yet been granted by Canadian authorities.

Government Services

Esk Islanders have their own health care system, schools, and police force. They are also permitted to operate their own businesses and maintain some control over economic activity on the island. Community Organization

The Esk Island Inuit Association is the collective voice of all inhabitants, and ensures an effective consultation process with government. The creation through this body continues a system whereby chiefly authority was maintained on an individual by personal relationship and family favoritism, which had been common at Esk from time immemorial (Inuvialuit Culture).


Esk Island is home to the Inuit Heritage Centre, which offers a glimpse into Esk Island’s history and culture. The island’s attractions have led to a proliferation of tourist services, which has had some negative effects on traditional lifestyles and practices (Inuvialuit Culture).

The health center was inaugurated in 2014. Since then, veterinarians have committed to a minimum of 1000 hospital visits per year to the town’s sole veterinarian by offering free over-the-phone services and treating them for up to $500 at their clinic.


Esk Island is accessible only by boat, and there is no regular air service. The Esk Island Inuit community has lobbied for a road to be built through the island’s interior in order to provide easier access for tourists, but this proposal has yet to be accepted by Canadian authorities. Government services

The government and the community collaborates at a local level with regards to health and education. There are still some loose ends of responsibility that arise between the two, such as Esk’s sole veterinarian who is welcome do service for Esk Island on over-the-phone or by arranging for expensive emergency highlands transport (Inuvialuit Culture). Government services include EIA office staff providing advice on business, finance and municipal codes.


Esk Island cuisine is based on caribou, seal, walrus and fish. The local staple is “qajaq”, a thick mixture of flour, salt pork and blubber that is fried or baked. Another popular dish is “sviiruk”, an eel stew made with potatoes and Greenlandic Exploration Fund (“GEF”) marine oil. Esk Island fowler’s eggs are also very popular in the community, though they contain a small number of worms.

Well established communities: To be set up another settlement on Big Dog and Hudson Islands with full modern facilities to include Air service Alaskan coast from Seattle Explored only by Norwegians before arrival of Esk Islanders Traditionally food was fishing Caribou.


The wildlife of Esk Island includes caribou, seal, walrus, and fish. The caribou are fairly common, and the Inuit use them for their meat. The skin of a caribou can be used as a cargo-drying sledge to carry home food supplies or kuak (clothing). Walrus that associate with the ice near land usually live within 5 km from shore on flat water. Esk Islanders also hunt ringed seals and bearded seal , which they utilize during springtime in order to provide food for their families.

Beginning in the late 1800s, trade was developed between Esk Island and Moscow as far north as Pribilof Islands. In later years Esk Islanders became familiar with American loggers during their search for gold on nearby Chichagof islands.

The Russians sent traders to do business in Nome’s trading posts, but left its actual administration to local Aleuts of Stolbovaya settlement near Cape Neogrande . Alaskan Company fishing station “Mississippi Sound Company” never considered attacks on Esk Island and after it was demilitarized in 1933, the majority of its property became private land.


Esk Island is a small island located in the eastern coast of India. It is easily accessible by ferry from Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal. The island has a rich culture and heritage and is known for its natural beauty and environment. It is also a popular tourist destination.


  1. What Are The Main Industries On Esk Island?

The main industries on Esk island include fishing and tourism.

  1. Are There Any Universities Or Colleges On The Island?

There is no university or college located on the island, but there are a few secondary schools that offer education to students aged 12-18 years old.

  1. Are There Any Tourist Attractions On The Island?

There is a small museum on the island that holds artifacts from Esk Island as well as other resources depicting locals’ lifestyles.

  1. What Are The Main Religions Practiced On The Island? Which Group Of People Have Traditionally Occupied It?

The major religion has been Christianity for many years now, and this continues to be reflected in its culture and lifestyle today. There was also continuous settlement by Muslims before 1947 when India gained independence from British rule at which time all non- Hindus were required to leave the island.

  1. What Is The Economic Climate On Esk Island?

In recent years, business operations have shifted as there has been an increase in tourism and fishery in addition to natural resources such as resins for traditional handicrafts used by local residents.

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