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Exmouth Island


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Exmouth Island is a small and remote island in Western Australia. It is situated about 2,100 kilometres south of Perth and about equal distances northeast of Broome. The island is about 20 kilometers long by 10 kilometres wide and has a population of just over 100 people. The climate is temperate, with an average annual rainfall of 811 millimetres.

Exmouth Island


Exmouth Island was first sighted by Europeans in 1616 when Spanish explorer Abel Tasman sailed past. The island was then claimed by the Dutch East India Company and named “Nieuw Zeelandt”, or New Zealand. It was not until 1770 that an English navigator, Captain James Cook, charted the east coast of Australia as he sailed along Pieria Strait on his way to investigate reports of a possible southern continent. On 6 May 1770 it was observed by the astronomer and surveyor of the island botanist, Robert Brown. 

The port-side view recorded in Cook’s manuscript “Journal” shows his brother Joseph (wrongly called James) lying at anchor nearby with a small boat. Cook writers:

Amongst these is an Island not far from us…which has several houses upon it; where I saw from 20 to 30 people seclude as I, from the rest of their people and a very long canoe…which I suppose to be for trading; these houses are made with round reeds.

The first settler on the island was John Martin, who arrived in 1838 (there is some confusion as he actually settled at Numbaa Island).

Nineteen years later William Perry settled his schooner “Sea Bird” onto Exmouth Reef approximately 40 kilometers north-east of present-day Exmouth and the major trading town that grew up on the southern tip of Western Australia became known as “Perry’s Landing”. He set out a stock route between Fremantle and his new home with native sheep grazing before he was driven off by Aborigines. 

The second settlement at Perrys Landing began in 1866 when John Stewart operated a pearling lugger named “Clarina” into Royal Station (previously called Invergarry ). Perry’s Landing was originally a settlement constructed on Exmouth Reef in the same area of Western Australia as present-day famous pearling port Carnarvon.

Climate of Exmouth Island


The climate of Exmouth Island is oceanic, with significant influences from the moderating influence of the Indian Ocean. The mean annual rainfall on Exmouth is approximately 465 mm and there are frequent thunderstorms. The temperature range throughout the year is large, averaging 22 °C in winter and 29 °C in summer.

The mean sea temperature throughout the year is . In very severe winter weather, Exmouth Island can experience a temperature drop of to around due to large scale oceanic cooling. Summers are typically somewhat cooler than other parts of Australia but infrequent bush fires also heat up reservoirs in which Exmouth receives its supply water.

The entire island was declared as an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) pursuant to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change File Number 100 2 (1978).

The Exclusive Economic Zone extends 200 nautical miles off the coast for each of Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Exmouth Island is a part of Committee Tentative List B which includes Nunavut and French Frigate Shoals in American Samoa; Bouvet Island, Peter I Island and Saint Kilda East in Norway, Svalbard archipelago on Behring Sea shelf north-east from Novaya Zem Alda and via the Jan Mayen undersea ridge east from Novaya Zemalda, approximately 138 nautical miles south-east of Longyearbyen in Svalbard.

The area just north and west of Exmouth remains occupied by a viable rat population that must be dealt with on an annual basis in order to ensure continued protection for native flora animals including monitor lizards, penguins, and flying foxes as well as endangered species.


The culture of Exmouth Island is diverse and includes both Australian Aboriginal and British settlers. The island has a number of reputed wineries including Yalumba, Penfolds, Ravensworth Estate as well as the locally brewed Ship Inn Ale. The annual Pigman’s Festival celebrates the agricultural industry in which pigs play an important role. One of the most popular tourist destinations on Exmouth is stilt fishing where visitors can view dolphins playing in the waters offshore.



In the Australian federal election, 2013 the Labor Party won Exmouth with a majority of two votes. The Liberal National Party has held the seat since its creation at the 1974 general election. The Liberal member was Malcolm Abbott, the brother of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. The Labor Party’s candidate in 2013 was David Patching and he unseated Ian Macdonald with a swing of 9.9%.

Government services

Government Services

The Exmouth Island regional council provides a range of general services such as waste management, water and sewerage, tourism promotion and policing. The council is based in the regional town of Exmouth.


Exmouth Island Tourism

Exmouth Island is a popular tourist destination due to its pleasant climate, attractive scenery, and geographic location near the Antarctic Peninsula. The island has several restaurants and cafes as well as accommodation facilities ranging from budget motels to five-star resorts.

There are also a number of walkable paths that allow visitors to explore the natural habitats of wildlife including seals and penguins. Tour operators offer excursions for residents and tourists alike that include visits to wineries, historic towns, and historic sites.


Exmouth Island Transport

The main mode of transport on Exmouth Island is by road. The island has two settlements, one on the north coast and the other on the south coast. There is also a helipad located in the northwest part of town that can be used for emergency medical evacuations.

The ferry service connects Exmouth with Perth, Western Australia several times per day.


Exmouth Island Cuisine

Exmouth Islanders are known for their seafood cuisine, which is flavorsome and varied. Popular dishes include barbecued salmon, calamari rings, mussels cooked in garlic and tomato sauce, scallops with a ginger-sesame paste dessert, and Australian steak sauteed with mushrooms.


Exmouth Island has it all; stunning coastline, crystal clear waters, lush rainforest, and rolling hills. The island is an ideal place to relax and unwind, and it’s no wonder why so many people choose to call it their home. In this blog post, we will discuss the island’s demographics, climate, and history. We will also provide a guide on what to expect while visiting Exmouth Island. So, if you’re looking for an escape from the city, or just want to get a little closer to nature, be sure to add Exmouth Island to your travel list!


What Islands Are Off Exmouth?

There are a number of uninhabited islands off the coast of Exmouth. These include Green Island, which is known for its black sand beaches and dramatic cliffs, Eagle Island, which offers stunning views of the ocean from its top plateau, and Gable Island, home to a penguin rookery.

What Happened to Jim and Kim on Wilderness Island?

The popular Australian children’s television show, Jim and Kim, was filmed on Exmouth Island.

Did Wilderness Island Get Sold?

No, wilderness island was not sold.

Who Owns Direction Island?

Direction island is privately owned.

Is It Worth a Visit to Ningaloo Coast, Australia? 

Ningaloo Coast is a stunning location, but whether or not it’s worth a visit depends on your interests. If you’re looking for coastal scenery and calm waters, Ningaloo Coast will definitely deserve your attention. However, if you’re interested in activities such as diving or surfing, the area may not be the best option for you.

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