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Providencia Island


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Hello, and thank you for your question! Providencia Island is a beautiful destination that is well worth a visit. It’s a small island located in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Venezuela, and it has a rich history that dates back to the early 1800s.

Today, Providencia is known for its natural beauty – including its stunning coastline, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant flora and fauna.

The island also has a number of interesting attractions, including some impressive historical sites. If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway with plenty to do, Providencia Island is definitely worth considering!

Providencia Island



Providencia Island is an uninhabited island in the southeastern Atlantic Ocean, located about 570 km (350 mi) west-southwest of Santiago, Chile.

The island was discovered by the Spanish navigator Alonso de Salazar Ibáñez in 1536 and named Isla de Los Providencia (Island of the Providences). The island was annexed by Chile in 1778.



Providencia Island is located in the eastern Caribbean Sea, north of San Andres and Providencia. It has an area of 6.1 km2 (2.4 sq mi). The landscape is rugged, with highlands that rise to 622 m (2,070 ft) above sea level and steep-sided valleys.

The eastern coast is steep and rocky, while the western coast is more gradual and sandy. The island has a few small coves, and its highest point is Mount Avila, at 1,811 m (6,098 ft).



Providencia is an exclusive island located in the south Atlantic Ocean, about halfway between Brazil and Argentina.

The island is made up of two main parts – the eastern part, which is mountainous and uninhabitable, and the western part, which is mostly flat and has a small population.

The eastern part of Providencia is where the wealthy reside. This includes celebrities, business people, and political figures.

The western part of the island is home to the majority of the population – professionals, scientists, and artists. There are also a few small communities located on the western side of the island.

The economy of Providencia is based largely on tourism. There are many luxury resorts and private estates on the island. Additionally, many businesses including banks and law firms are based in the capital city of Santiago de Chile.

Culture and Religion

Culture and Religion

Providencia Island is located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Chile. It is made up of two main islands – San Miguel and Providencia – and numerous smaller islets. The culture and religion of Providencia Island is heavily influenced by both Spanish and Chilean culture.

The Spanish cultural influence can be seen in the architecture, which is typically colonial style. Religion-wise, the island is predominantly Catholic, with a small Protestant population. There are also a handful of Muslim residents.

Overall, Providencia Island is a very religious and culturally rich place. Its inhabitants are generally polite and friendly and enjoy spending time with family and friends.



The official language of Providencia Island is Spanish. However, due to the large number of Chilean immigrants who have lived on the island for generations, there are also several dialects of Chilean spoken on the island.

These include Santiago Valley Spanish, Valparaiso Coastal Spanish, and Concepción Coast Standard Spanish.




Providencia Island is a stunning destination in the south Pacific Ocean that’s known for its clear waters, white-sand beaches, and lush rainforest.

It’s a popular tourist destination for those looking for a relaxing getaway and is also home to some of the best wineries in the country. Here are 5 things to know about tourism on Providencia Island:

  1. Tourism is one of the island’s main sources of income. In 2017, Providencia Island generated US$40 million in tourism revenue.
  2. The island is known for its luxury resorts and cottages. There are dozens of options for tourists, from luxurious five-star accommodations to simple lodgings overlooking the ocean.
  3. The island’s diverse landscape is an attraction in and of itself. There are several hiking trails that lead through the rainforest and down to the beach, as well as wine tours that take visitors to local vineyards.
  4. The island has plenty of activities to keep tourists entertained, including kayaking, fishing, golfing, and snorkeling.
  5. Providencia Island is a safe destination, with police presence on-site 24/7 to ensure safety and security for all guests.

Hotels and Resorts List

Hotels And Resorts List

Here you will find a list of hotels and resorts on Providencia Island, in South America.

  1. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel & Resort – Situated on Providencia Island, this luxurious hotel offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Rio de la Plata River. The property also offers a variety of leisure activities, such as tennis and golf, as well as an excellent spa.
  2. Hotel El Nido – El Nido is a luxury hotel located on Providencia Island, which was founded in 1968. The hotel has been praised for its stunning views of the ocean and for its excellent service.
  3. Casa Andina – Casa Andina is a luxurious villa located on Providencia Island, which offers guests stunning ocean views and access to a variety of amenities, including a spa and gym.
  4. The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club Providencia – This championship-level golf course was designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr., one of the world’s most renowned golf course architects. The course is situated on Providencia Island and offers breathtaking ocean views as well as plenty of opportunities for birdwatching and fishing.



Providencia Island is a small and uninhabited island located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea. It is a part of the country of Colombia, and it is connected to mainland Colombia by a bridge.

The island has no permanent residents and is used mainly for military purposes. There are regular flights between Providencia Island and Cartagena, Colombia, as well as between Cartagena and Bogota, Colombia.

Providencia Island is served by two airports – one for military purposes and the other for civilian use.



There are many different cuisines found on Providencia Island, South America. Some of the more popular ones include:

– Criollo (Colombian) food

– Brazilian food

– Venezuelan food

– Peruvian food

– Spanish food

– French food

– Italian food

Each of these cuisines has its own unique flavors and spices that make it stand out from the rest. It’s definitely worth trying out a few different restaurants to see which one you enjoy the most!


Providencia Island is definitely a place to visit if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway. The island boasts a wide variety of natural attractions, such as stunning beaches, lush rainforest, and exotic wildlife.

The best part is that there are plenty of activities to keep you busy all year round – from cycling and hiking to diving and snorkeling.

In addition, the locals are warm and welcoming, so you’ll feel right at home from the moment you arrive.


1. What is the currency of Providencia Island?

The currency of Providencia Island is the Chilean Peso (CLP).

2. Is there a visa required for entering Providencia Island?

No, a visa is not required for entering Providencia Island. However, visitors should be aware that the Chilean passport is the only valid passport for traveling to Providencia Island. Visitors also need to have a return ticket and proof of funds enough to cover their expenses for the duration of their stay.

3. What are the official languages of Providencia Island?

The official languages of Providencia Island are Spanish and Portuguese. However, English is also widely spoken and understood.

4. What is the climate like on Providencia Island?

The climate on Providencia Island is mild, with average temperatures ranging from 18 to 28 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Winters are generally mild, while summers can be quite hot and humid.


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