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Faq Of The Movie Kiki's Delivery Service


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There are many movies, made for children and young adults. And although some are truly great, we can not always enjoy them because of the restrictions that exist in our country. In Kiki’s Delivery Service we hope to show you how these restrictions can be removed to make the movie even more enjoyable for all of us.

This is a collection of FAQs on the movie Kiki’s Delivery Service. It also includes an explanation of the ending, which some people find very upsetting.

Faq Of The Movie Kiki's Delivery Service

1. Why Did Gigi Stop Talking to Kiki?

At the end of the movie, Gigi’s father has passed away and she is very sad. She doesn’t want to talk to Kiki anymore because she feels that her friendship was a crutch for her.

The movie introduces a young girl, Kiki (played by Rie Miyazawa), who lives in an old apartment on the third floor of a building with her mother. She is suddenly visited and haunted by spirits when she tries to fly out of her apartment window.

The story of Kiki’s Delivery Service, based on the internationally popular children’s book by Eiko Kadono, is set in lon-g agoeo on a small island off japan

2. What Is the Meaning of the Ending?

Some people find the ending upsetting because it suggests that there is no hope for humans. Kiki ultimately reinstates communication with everyone she has lost and reconciles with her family and friends – showing that even in difficult times, love can prevail.

The end of the movie shows Kiki flying back to her old home on the third floor of a building. After she arrives, she sees that it has now been converted into an apartment complex. She touches down in front of her old window and delivers a package to someone inside – thus concluding the film.

3. Is the Movie Appropriate for Younger Viewers?

The movie is rated G for general audiences and should be suitable for children aged 8+ who are able to handle tear-jerking scenes. It does contain some violence, but it is not overly graphic or R-rated.

The witch from Kiki’s Delivery Service (1969) is a fun and whimsical character. She learns to control her magical powers and leads her friends in doing many good deeds for their town, even though she has no desire to do so.The movie is based on the book written by Diana Wynne Jones.

4. Is the Ending Happy or Sad?

In the end, Kiki leaves to start her own delivery service and promises Gigi that she will write to her every day. Some people find the ending very upsetting because Kiki has to leave Paris and never see Gigi again.

However, in Japan the movie was shown with an alternative ending where Kiki and Yoshi stay friends after she moves away. It says your name is Kiki, but on the picture Gigi looks older.

Kiki’s age changes throughout the movie; she almost never looks her real age of six (which is how old I was when it came out).

5. Why Did Kiki Lose Her Powers in Kiki’s Delivery Service?

Hiroaki Osawa (aka Kiki’s inspiration) stated that the movie is based on her own feeling of losing her powers after moving to a new town. Therefore in order for Kiki not lose all memories, she writes everything down and puts notes around Paris which can be used as waypoints or mementos of life experiences with local characters.

Later in epilogue we see what happened to them while they wish each other goodbye and it is implied that Kiki and Yoshi still keep in touch.

6. How Many Speaking Parts Are There?

There are around 50 speaking parts in total, with a few more if you include flashbacks and appearances by non-speaking animals or objects. Kiki is a young witch who lives in the village of Mitakihara, which has been plagued by ursula for years.

To find out what really causes ursula to appear at this time and place every year, she must use her powers to travel from country to country on an exciting quest through various roles—as a teacher (where she saves herself and tombo), as an artist (where ursula is painted), as a sailor girl (with fleeting memories of past lives), and finally as a witch (which she has been preparing for all her life).

7. Did Kiki Return the Broom?

The final card we get in the original ending is Kiki waving to those who were watching ursula’s disappearance, then Miss Takagi hands her a broom and says “I want you to take that… it seems like something really important has happened.”

This goes down when she comes back for Iwatani (who also appears), where he tells her about this moment. They play cards as they talk about how his brain decided on this and she eventually agrees to keep the broom, telling Iwatani not to tell anyone about it.

8. Does Kiki Love Tombo?

In the last card where she returns, Kiki tells Iwatani that “Even when I’m sad, Tombo consoles me. He is my salvation.” This is shown in her confession scenes with him as they gaze at each other lovingly while playing cards and we also get to see their first kiss.

He’s 17/18 (around 2nd year of high school) and has been best friends with our main protagonist Shik amaru for about 7 years now, which is hinted to have started when they were younger around 4th year of elementary school.

9. Who Is the Best Female Character in a Movie Ever?

Kiki’s character is perhaps one of the most controversial and critcally acclaimed in modern anime. While she was promoted as a quiet girl who just happens to fall onto Iwatani – instead any real conflict (a praise from critics) it seemed that all her motivations were based on lust rather than goals.

However, no criticism comes for Tombo which stands out more due his other traits making him initially seem like little more than our protagonist’s poor excuse for a best friend.

10. Whats the Meaning of Kiki’s Delivery Service?

The meaning behind Kiki’s Delivery Service is up for interpretation. While it could be seen as a coming-of-age story, it also has elements of fantasy and magic which may suggest some sort ofhidden message.

For example, the protagonist Shikamaru is often depicted as someone who struggles with finding his place in life – an image that closely parallels Kiki herself. Meanwhile, the way she addresses her customers.

11. What Is Kiki’s Special Power?

There is no doubt that Kiki has a special power – she can fly. There are many variations to this theory whether it was created when Shichika didn’t retrace the gem for her but instead left it in there because he thought of the idea himself or if its something entirely different in nature.

The question now becomes what exactly that ability actually is, from an objective perspective how much do we see anyone able to perform such stunts

12. Who Is the Best Female Character in a Movie Ever?

This question really depends on the individual opinion but here are a few options: Kiki from ‘Kiki’s delivery Service’ (she has to be in this one), Mai Valentine – Resident Evil film series, Alice of Tim Burton’s 18th movie ‘The wonder years’, Princess Bubblegum Marshmellow PIeaterton – Adventure Time. You have no idea how truly brilliant Bechdel Test is for proving that these characters are female representations.

13. What Is the Bechdel Test?

The Bechdel test is a simple way of measuring the extent to which two female characters in a work of fiction speak to each other about something other than men. Basically, it requires that both female characters have at least one conversation where they talk about anything other than a man.

As a studio ghibli movie, “kiki’s delivery service” is easily recognised by its uniquely ghibli-esque drawings. kikis features traditional ghibli characters such as the little red riding hood and the scarecrow. it also includes typical studio ghibli elements like imaginative towns filled with weird tales of magic witches flying around on broomsticks.

14. What Is the Significance of Women’s Representation in Film?

Regardless, this is still an interesting analysis that we wanted to share! Hong Kong Cinema and Japanese Themes, Influences & References on the Animated Movie “Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind”.

Thirdly,it can help to motivate young girls to pursue a career in film or television – an industry that is notoriously difficult to break into.

Last but not least, films with strong female protagonists tend to be much more enjoyable and entertaining overall.

15. What Is the Best Anime of All Time?

“Eroge”. an anime that can either be viewed as a michael crichton-like “thriller with robots”, or a very odd hentai series about cross dressing men. both are highly enjoyable, and it’s difficult to choose between them on any level of preference except for maybe kanji arc (the first one). you could stack up lina in the lion king against kirsten dunst but i feel like the anime world is just that much more varied and interesting.

A bakery owned by kiki where she delivers magic goods for the owner, a witch doctor and his wife (who is expecting their second child).

16. What Do You Think About the Current State of Anime?

There are a number of factors to consider when assessing the state of anime – including its popularity, diversity and popularity among different age groups.

Overall, I believe that it’s doing quite well overall – with continued growth in both its viewership numbers and repertoire of genres. There are still some areas where it can improve, of course – but I believe that it has the potential to become even more popular and influential over time.

Anime as an art form is growing more and more popular every day – with viewers both young and old eager to explore the diverse world of anime..

17. Can Kiki Hear Jiji Again?

No, Kiki never regained contact with Jiji after their last encounter. It’s possible that they lost touch due to the large distance between them, or perhaps Jiji no longer exists in the same form as before.

Kiki is an animated stop motion feature film based on the book Kiki’s Delivery Service by Eiko Kadono. The DVD release was released in Japan August 26, 2002 and it has since been released in Europe and other parts of Asia as well.

Heroes aren’t made overnight. No one is born with talents, it takes years of practice to learn how to be a hero.

18. What Breed of Cat Is Jiji?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Due to the manga and animated series’ diverse representation of different types of cats, it’s difficult to say definitively which kind of cat Jiji is.

However, some general elements that may hint in his cat-hood are that he is a mischief maker who enjoys lounging around or chasing small animals, and that he possesses a unique personality. If you’re looking for a definitive answer, it’s best to consult with the source material.

19. What’s Jiji’s Favorite Food?

There is no definitive answer to this question either. As with all of the characters in Kiki, Jiji has a wide variety of preferences and interests which change from moment to moment.

Some possibilities include catnip, mice, tuna fish (with mayonnaise), and strawberries (moistened with berry juice).

20. What’s Jiji’s Favorite Activity?

Again, this is a question with no definitive answer. Like all of the characters in Kiki, Jiji enjoys many different activities and hobbies which change from moment to moment. Some possibilities include playing tag or hide-and-seek, sleeping on warm sunbeams, watching TV or cartoons, and snuggling up next to someone special.

The animated film Kiki’s Delivery Service is one of the most beloved films of Miyazaki and it is a must-see for both young children as well as adults. The story revolves around a young girl named Kiki who decides to leave her father in Tokyo .

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