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Fuerteventura Island


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Fuerteventura Island, located in the Canaries, is one of the most popular destinations in Africa for travelers looking for a sandy beach, crystal clear waters and excellent weather all year round. With its well-maintained infrastructure and friendly locals, Fuerteventura is an easygoing island that is perfect for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The island’s diverse landscape includes lush forests, rugged mountain ranges and wide beaches that are perfect for swimming, sunbathing and windsurfing. Travelers can also enjoy activities such as cycling, diving, fishing and horseback riding.

Explore the Beauty of Fuerteventura: The Perfect Island Vacation

Fuerteventura Island


Fuerteventura is a volcanic island located in the eastern Atlantic Ocean off the coast of northwest Africa. The island has a long and varied history, which goes back to the Neolithic period. Fuerteventura is best known for its beaches and its role as a major tourist destination.

The island has been inhabited by humans for at least 8,000 years, and it was once the most populated place on the African continent. Fuerteventura’s most famous historical figure is Christopher Columbus, who visited the island in 1494 while searching for a new route to India.


Fuerteventura Island geography

Fuerteventura is an island located in the Canary Islands, off the coast of Western Africa. It has a population of around 30,000 people and covers an area of 10 square km. The island’s capital is Puerto del Rosario. Fuerteventura has a temperate climate, with a dry season from November to April and a wet season from May to October. The principal language is Spanish.



Fuerteventura Island is a volcanic archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean, just north of the Canary Islands. The islands are well known for their clear, turquoise waters and stunning coral reefs. The Fuerteventura ecosystem is home to over 400 plant species, as well as dozens of species of birds and reptiles. Some of the more notable animals found on Fuerteventura include the Hispaniolan fruit bat, the puma, and the Galapagos hawk.



The Fuerteventura population is around 30,000 people. The majority of the population are immigrants from Spain, with a smaller number of inhabitants originating from other parts of Europe or Latin America.

Culture and Religion

Culture and Religion

Fuerteventura is a volcanic island located in the Canary Islands, off the northwest coast of Africa. The population is around 34,000 people and the majority of Fuerteventura’s residents are of Canarian descent. The predominant religion is Christianity, with a sizable Muslim minority.

In terms of culture, Fuerteventura is known for its relaxed attitude and relaxed lifestyle. For example, there are no laws regulating alcohol consumption and there is a lack of formalities in most social interactions. Furthermore, the island enjoys lively nightlife with bars and clubs open until 4 am.


The predominant language on Fuerteventura is Spanish. However, there are a number of other languages spoken including Moroccan, Turkish, and English.


Fuerteventura is a popular tourist destination with over 1.5 million visitors each year. The main attractions on Fuerteventura include its stunning coral reefs, clear waters, and lush vegetation. Visitors can enjoy diving, surfing, snorkelling, birdwatching, and horseback riding in the surrounding countryside.

Hotels and Resorts List

The following is a list of hotels and resorts on Fuerteventura Island, Africa.

  1. Amanzimtoti Golf Club – This golf course is situated on the outskirts of the town of Amanzimtoti and offers breathtaking views of the ocean and the Bay of Biscay. The course was designed by legendary PGA professional Jack Nicklaus and offers both 18-hole and 6-hole courses for golfers of all levels of experience.
  2. Iberostar Grand Hotel – This luxury hotel is located in the town of San Bartolome and offers guests a wide range of facilities, including an excellent spa, a casino, a pool area, and more. The hotel also has its own private beach that can be reached by foot or by car.
  3. Holiday Inn Express – This budget-friendly hotel is located in the city of Teguise and offers guests a range of facilities, including an outdoor pool, a kids’ pool, a tennis court, and more. The hotel also has its own private beach that can be reached by foot or by car.
  4. Hacienda de la Virgen – This beautiful villa is situated on a hill overlooking the Bay of Biscay and features stunning views of the ocean and the Bayano Islands. The villa has 6 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom and air conditioning unit. There is also a fully equipped kitchenette with a dining area and terrace. The villa also has a Jacuzzi, an outdoor pool, and more.


There are plenty of attractions on Fuerteventura Island, Africa that visitors can enjoy. These include the famed Los Cristianos Beach, which is home to a number of nightclubs and bars, as well as some of the most iconic dive sites in all of Europe. The island also features beautiful forests and stunning mountain scenery. Visitors can explore these areas by bike or on foot.


Fuerteventura Island is well connected to the rest of Europe, thanks to a number of flights and ferries that depart from various Spanish cities. Visitors can also take a train or bus to get there.


There are a wide variety of restaurants and pubs on Fuerteventura Island, Africa that offer a range of cuisines. These include Deli bars with delicious sandwiches and salads, Franco-Spanish restaurants featuring paella and other traditional dishes, as well as Indian food joints.


Fuerteventura Island, Africa is an incredible destination that offers something for everyone. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery and stunning dive sites, as well as world-class bars and restaurants.


1.What Is The Currency Of Fuerteventura Island, Africa?

Ans: The currency of Fuerteventura Island, Africa is the Euro.

2.What Are The Official Languages Of Fuerteventura Island, Africa?

Ans: The official languages of Fuerteventura Island, Africa are Spanish and English.

3.Can I Bring My Pet With Me To Fuerteventura Island, Africa?

Ans: You are able to bring your pet with you to Fuerteventura Island, Africa if they are properly vaccinated and registered. However, please be aware that some areas of the island may not be suitable for pets.

4.What Is The Temperature Range On Fuerteventura Island, Africa?

Ans: The temperature range on Fuerteventura Island, Africa ranges from mild summers to cool winters.

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