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All About Of Gnome Island – What You Need To Know To Travel




Gnome Island

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The thriving metropolis of Gnome Island is a place where all your dreams can come true. Whether you’re looking for an elegant lifestyle, a prestigious career, or simply to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, this tropical paradise has everything you need.

From top-of-the-line restaurants to luxurious estates, Gnome Island has it all. But is it everything it seems? Read on to find out more about this enigmatic island and its hidden secrets!

All About Of Gnome Island

Gnome Island

Gnome Island – A Hidden Paradise with Everything You Need

Gnome Island - A Hidden Paradise with Everything You Need

Gnome Island is situated among the crystal clear waters of Maiar Lake. Its beautiful beaches, jungles and lush jungled hills are a breath-taking sight to behold. With its exciting nightlife, elegant restaurants with tropical cuisine and exotic island’s flora, you can truly feel like your dream has come true in this stunning place!

Gnome Island – A Special Friendship Between Two People

Gnome Island - A Special Friendship Between Two People

“Jilka Safomiya,” an adventurous hot day student from Paris was invited by a young Neopet known as “Ariel Trailer.” Ariel had been caught up in some shady affairs, wanted to come for a holiday so that she could slack off and rest.

As the days went by, Jilka found herself enchanted with Ariel’s beautiful nature. She spent every moment of her free time learning all about this mysterious island from the girl who wasn’t afraid of running into some dangerous places!

“Jilka looked out at the world around her as it washed gently past them.” “Although there was nothing unusual in sight beyond where they were flying”, you can feel something is looming. And then came something far more sinister than what anyone had imagined…”

The Intriguing History of Gnome Island

The Intriguing History of Gnome Island

Gnome island has a similar background to Neopia’s 20th century history. According to the story, during its early days Gnome Island was working for smugglers who used Maiar Lake as their hideout on this uninhabited island where they would move all of their illicit smuggling acts!

Many people were mysteriously disappeared here and since then there had been many unsolved cases that left the locals in deep shock.

When the Smuggler Resorts entered Seljuks’ list of top VIPs, it changed not only our lifestyle but also how we look at things; now even some Pirate Bays are on the list of world heritage sites.

This island is an outstanding example of how well Seljuks run their lands and these days, visitors to our island can be assured that even if there’s nothing interesting on this planet right now, you can rest your mind knowing that one day we will visit at least once in a lifetime!

This includes; only allowing lesser species entry into Neopia such as Bori or Manes & Ruki !! We’re still not sure why they don’t allow us into their Resorts but considering all those glorious things we got pillaged from them from.

The Incredible Lifestyle Available on Gnome Island

The incredible lifestyle available on Gnome Island

For the ‘lucky’ people who made it to Gnome island, besides luxurious resort trailers and a few villas from their riches acquired from unsavory acts… Neopia comes alive in ways you would’ve never imagined! The island boasts of its turtle reserved beaches as well as an abundant jungle residing on every hori-zoned area.

“Look at how they live here!”   We think we don’t take this island for granted enough; It seems that wherever this trail goes; there’s always some breathtaking scenery to see down below – no matter what path you take.” “From the looks of this island, it seems like a paradise for them.”

Our summary—We believe that anything may happen on or around any point of land in EoFF world. And we are here to prove our “certainty” by whatever means necessary! We all agreed as long as someone has the gall and/or desire to do so; They will eventually brave through their own risks & challenges they find along the way with Neopets anyway.

President Burns place: ‘Is there something you want us to do Boss?’ President Smuggler Resorts’ wealthy visitors started asking questions out.

The Many Ways to Enjoy Your Time on Gnome Island

The Many Ways to Enjoy Your Time on Gnome Island

From all of us who were lucky enough to make it there, we can say that Gnome island is one of the best places here.

The only reason why most do not want to go back are because they regret visiting or keeping their riches-beached treasures on this island; or simply get bored really fast with endless jungles you need to comb for coins in. So if you’re up for a little adventure (or just an exciting experience) be sure and visit Neopia’s own man eater reserve!

The island provides more than its fair share: marvelous beaches & jungle walks but also fun games & a breathtaking look-out of the island’s splendor. It is not an understatement to say that we “actually can’t wait” for this adventure!

The island will be available from 14th November 2010 10:15 am (EST) > until 31st December 2010 17::23 pm NST . So—are you brave enough in exploring another hidden land here? Come on now, what are you waiting for?!.

The Top Attractions On Gnome Island

The top attractions on Gnome Island

This is where all your travels to the island will lead you. You’ll be guided by a seemingly unsolvable maze and get lost in it if that’s what you desire of course! But wait, we have something even better for you; Gnome island has an amazing view too—the northern horizon.

How nice would it be to hear our famous “Rocky” song while seeing this stunning view? We’ve got one last thing left. Here is why: the REAL reason on how this castle was built up there – well see during or after your journey before then! Yep. And we’re not done yet

This is your first stop on the island if you arrive by ferry that takes you to Gnomeland Usul Island. If you choose this option, after turning up at Clowstream Harbor and entering “the north exit of port town”—the secret door behind Ice cream shop will be open for use (on end) when it may fit your adventurer needs best, we don’t want to spoil too much as what course they can follow along their own adventure.


That’s all we have for you. We hope this guide to adventure 4 has been of use and can be useful for any who wish to embark on a journey in adventuring new lands, but more importantly—loved the plot development of Neopia Central once again!

The island is only open from 14th November 2010 (10:15 am EST) > 31st December 2010 17::23 pm NST . Test your own bravery by visiting us there at your earliest convenience during our opening hours. As always, please share with others how far you are able go into completing lost areas here on

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