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Green Rock Island is a tranquil getaway that provides an escape for nature lovers. This island paradise is located in the middle of the ocean, and it’s easy to get to by boat. Once you’re there, you’ll find that it’s surrounded by a beautiful coral reef.

The island has its own little lagoon, and there are plenty of coconut trees and other fruit trees to enjoy. There’s also a swimming pool, a tennis court, and a playground for the kids. If you’re looking for a place to relax and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life, Green Rock Island is the perfect place!

Green Rock


Green Rock Island wasn’t always called Green Rock Island. In fact, it used to be known as Hog Island. It was acquired by the state of Florida in 1934 and renamed in honor of Representative Oscar Green, who advocated for its purchase. The island had previously been occupied by a coconut plantation owned by John Taber and his partner Jesse Curry.

The two men had no children of their own and wanted to ensure that the future generations would have a place in which not just themselves, but also future members of Congress could enjoy. This is why they bought Green Rock Island so that it wouldn’t be left alone in case something unforeseen happened to them.


Green Rock Climate

The climate on Green Rock Island is tropical. The average temperature ranges from 74 degrees Fahrenheit to 81 degrees Fahrenheit, and the humidity is high most of the year. During the late fall and early winter, temperatures on Green Rock Island drop to an average of 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

The wettest months are October through January. Heavy showers cause many small streams that crisscross just off the island’s coast to flood with ocean water during those months because high tides constantly push over them from either side.


Green Rock Culture

The culture on Green Rock Island is largely credited to the people who live there year-round. The island’s permanent residents are known as “Islander”. They’re a friendly, welcoming lot who enjoy spending their free time socializing and exploring their beautiful surroundings.

Visitors are also welcome, but keep in mind that visitors generally don’t get involved in the everyday goings-on on the island as much as Islanders do. There’s a saying among Islanders that goes, “If it wasn’t for people who visit us once in a while, we’d pretty much be having as good of times as the residents themselves”.



The politics on Green Rock Island are split fairly evenly between the two major political parties. With no elected officials of its own, Green Rock Island is a part of the US federal district that encompasses both Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Because of this, residents vote in both state andnational elections. Economy and Resources

Green Rock Island’s economy is largely driven by tourism. Oceanfront property averages in the $1 million dollar range, but there are also relatively modest mansions on the island as well for those looking to purchase a smaller home anywhere from 2-4 thousand dollars per square foot.

Government Services

Government Services

Green Rock Island is part of the town of Aquidneck Island in southeastern Rhode Island. The island’s government consists of a mayor and four council members who are all elected to 4 year terms. The island’s community is divided into several precincts that are roughly equally spread throughout the island.

The town has a budget of 2 million dollars per year and operates with an annual deficit of approximately 500,000 on top of this amount due to funding for specific projects such as municipal boats and other costs like printing diplomas requested by schools in years past.


Green Rock Tourism

Tourism on Green Rock Island is a major industry, generating approximately 60% of island revenues. The majority of tourists come for the beautiful oceanfront property and Dune buggy rides are a popular attraction. Travelers also enjoy exploring the many coves and cliffs that dot the island’s coastline.

Other sites of interest include Sullivan’s Cove, where Benjamin Franklin spent his early years; Roche Point Lighthouse and the retired private-car ferries that connect Green Rock Island to Newport.  Highlights

Sullivan’s Cove The Aquidneck Family Preserve You might hear: Each summer groups of crazy golf players come out to play at their own “giant clay” course on a former quarry site in Penacook, New Hampshire.


Green Rock Transport

The only way to get to Green Rock Island is by boat. There are two private ferries that connect the island with Newport, Rhode Island. While you are there, check out the oceanfront beaches; they’ve got some of the freshest sand on Aquidneck Island.

Green Rock Island has many different beautiful beaches, inland and at sea level. There is also a variety of other activities that can be enjoyed here like surfing ,splashing in cool water or just relaxing . These things could not happen without both private and public transportation making it possible for people to go around as well as to the island itself.

On land, you would take a private transportation such as boat or bicyle to get onto this island due to the many different and beautiful beaches there are on it and not just in Newport but also in Penacook for those who have their own ones.


Green Rock Cuisine

Green Rock Island has many restaurants that all serve different foods, some which could only be found on this island. Dishes like clam chowder or deep-fried chicken are popular choices for tourists who visit Green Rock Island .

This island has many inns, hotels and B&B’s that serve good things to eat. There are also several small grocery stores on the island with more than enough supplies for people who would just like a snack or two while they are here enjoying their cruise up the bay in Newport.


Green Rock Wildlife

The wildlife on Green Rock Island is very diverse, from birds to mammals. One can find deer, squirrels and even turtles here.


If you’re looking for a nature escape, you’ll be glad to know that Green Rock Island is here to satisfy your wanderlust. This lush island is home to a variety of bird and animal species, as well as lush vegetation. You can explore the island by foot or by boat, but be sure to bring your camera because the scenery is breathtaking. The best part? You can enjoy all this without having to leave the comfort of your own home!


Is There A Airport On The Island?

No, Green Rock Island is only accessible by boat. However, you can easily get to it from nearby islands via ferry or boat.

What Is The Currency In Green Rock Island?

The currency in Greenrock is the US dollar.

How Much Does It Cost To Travel Around Green Rock Island On The Island?

Travel is cheap, and there are some things you can do for free. First of all, if you stay at a hotel or resort in Greenrock they will cover your meals while visiting the area.

Can We Rent A Car On The Island?

No, there are no cars for rent on Green Rock Island.

How Much Time Do We Have To Stay On The Island?

Staying longer than a day is free, you don’t get charged extra if you want to stay over.

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