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Hermit Island


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Surrounded by an impressive array of wildlife, Hermit Island is an oasis of peace and serenity. This uninhabited island off the coast of Puerto Rico is home to more than 450 plant species, 400 animal species, as well as over 150 bird species.

It’s also a breeding ground for many endangered species, such as the American crocodile and the Puerto Rican parrot. It’s no wonder then that this remote island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But what lies behind its tranquil facade? Read on to find out more about this mysterious place!

All About Of Hermit Island

Hermit Island



Hermit Island was settled by the African slaves who first populated Puerto Rico. Over time, they were replaced with more European immigrants.

In 1812 one such family even built a church on the island while others began building houses and farms to support their livelihoods during mosquito-infested summers, according them year round shelter from blistering equatorial sun and rain storms.

A few other properties were constructed in separate phases over time which slowly increased until Hermit became just another piece of land inhabited only by native plants except for military bases stationed in this area after WWII that used it as a place where explosives could be stored and tested.

Today the island is accessible only by boat or via a 6-mile hike through lush vegetation on land security prohibited to outsiders. The same rules apply here – no beach, picnic tables, restrooms or other amenities for visitors are allowed!

Hermit Island has always been off limits because of its remote location along that stretch of Caribbean coastline as well as its wildlife refuge status due to being near nesting sites such as San Juan Pueblo (Carolina Parakeet) which housed 161 birds in 2010 and St. Catherine’s Monastery (Cockatiel).

This even extends to those who live here, as people are not citizens of Puerto Rico and therefore do not legally have the right to access this land. I’ll let you decide what island really is more populated: Hermit Island or San Juan Pueblo!

The purpose for these restrictions is unknown surfaced during an expedition in 2007. To paraphrase, Emmett Cooley states that :

“Joint U.S.-Puerto Rican military bases located along this area’s coastline serve a multitude of functions ranging from storing munitions while under quarantine after testing, training ammunition sentry duty troops on.



They were also used to train and practice antiterrorism techniques designed for use against the next potential communist threat looming over America and which included kamikaze tactics.”

We know Puerto Rican Army still does live-fire exercises in this area. It’s rumored U.S. Navy SEALs conduct training here on Hermit Island as well!

I doubt it, but that would explain why Military personnel are always seen walking around wearing tactical gear all day long checking things out or digging trenches at their edge along palm trees breaking up coral into jagged pieces with saws until they form a concrete type of material.

The significance of the island’s pristine state and its wildlife is that it houses endangered birds such as the right-whiskered parakeet (Euplectes Ortygospila) a sexually dimorphic type of bird which you have to look very closely at, just like looking into someone else’s window while they’re having sex!

Incidentally, this was in lieu with many regular U.S.-Puerto Rico military training exercises held here by Navy SEALs , according to Cooley who wrote: “Sadly without restriction or oversight from environmental regulation agencies.”.



Hermit island is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Located in the middle of the clear and turquoise waters, it’s a place where you can disconnect from the stresses of daily life. If you’re looking for a retreat to rejuvenate your spirit, Hermit Island is the perfect island for you!



Hermit Island is a small uninhabited island located in the middle of the Arabian Gulf, about 190 kilometres west of Dhahran and about 10 kilometres north of Bahrain.

The island is about 8.5 kilometres long and 1.5 kilometres wide, and its total area is about 6 hectares. It has a coral reef around it, which makes it an attractive destination for divers.

The island was chosen because it has a very stable environment. It has been relatively untouched by humans, and it has a diverse environment that is perfect for research.

The Santa Elena Earthquake occurred on September 8, 2004 due to the extension of a fault from nearby El Valle. The occurrence was found out by sniffer dogs which were sent in for rescue and recovery efforts.

Areas that are designated as “no go zones” include any areas where large military exercises were being held prior to the December 2004 Tsunami Exercise (Operation Vigilant Sentry or OVSE) including Hermit Island’s V-shaped harbor entrance and across into Maysaloon Bight near southwest corner of island; however – these special “exercises” have stopped .

Although they aren’t man-made, there are no services on the island aside from its nature trails. There is only electricity available by generators and a water purification supply (tap sustainable rainwater collected daily). Each visitor to hermit beach gets two passes which allow access during daylight hours with total restriction at night time in “no go zones”.

The speed restrictions for vehicles including jeeps and golf carts is 10 km/hr or less . Emergency services such as the Marella Royal Hospital that support the Saudi Army’s Amphibian Defense Unit have been given priority within Hermit Island area.



quil conditions, pristine waters and the availability of fresh water and natural vegetation is reinforced by rumors about what may happen on Hermit Island if there was a real emergency.

The island was originally known as Maysaloon Bight but after the Al-Mendhamah incident it referred to Santa Elena instead. It lies within Bahrain’s territorial waters, 13 miles from its mainland city of Manama.

Hermit Island is predominantly a natural tourism destination. An Ecosanctuary for various species of birds and many types, the Hermit group offers visitors with opportunities to uncover plenty of unusual wildlife during their visit extending from 1-2 hours. The sights on Hermet include:

A giant tortoise can be observed by the shoreline where you will also find some small marine life such as seahorse, prawns and crabs among others fish too all in peace because they are held there safely so that they never get moved around or zapped outta here which means no fear in feeding them.


Now with the island being one of last remaining expanse on water in Bahrain is for all intents and purposes, you are at point-blank range from no less than 25 square miles (65 km²) whilst still only holding a mere 5% of the nation’s natural resources which further demonstrates its small footprint within an overpopulated country.

The whole process to gain access involves applying online before travelling there by appointment. Each time more extensive training sessions have been held and practices such as working out scientific accurate assessments regarding each visitor’s needs.

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