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Heywood Island


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Heywood Island is an uninhabited island located in the Southern Ocean near Tasmania, Australia. It is known for its harsh environment and lack of resources, which has made it one of the most inaccessible places on Earth.

The island is also home to the Heywood Island Research Station, a research facility operated by the Australian Antarctic Division. The station conducts scientific research into climate change, marine ecology, and marine geology.

Heywood Island

All About Of Heywood Island



Heywood Island was named after the Sydney surgeon Richard Hey wood (1779–1825) who discovered it in May 1820.

It was first visited by an Australian shore party from Macquarie Island in August 1907, Australia’s date of claim to Antarctica and its coastline is officially claimed under Brazilian sovereignty until 1957, although stated that this circumstance has no effect on Chilean Antarctic claims against Argentina.

The station currently consists of several buildings with room for 120 personnel living during summer months. Facilities include mess facilities with catering kitchen equipped equipment as well as sewage treatment plant serving all occupants within the base area near to station facilities.

Accommodation includes bunk-type bunks, crew sleeping quarters (supported with a metal skeleton frame deck), storage rooms and vehicle repair/maintenance shop area.

The research tent colony on Heywood Island consists of four domestic style tents as well as cargo shelter for the three motorised vehicles used to travel between Tasmania and Antarctica each year, and log house for use during winter months when ice conditions are best in order to avoid prolonged resupply flights from Hobart Australia were possible by light aircraft or helicopters once per season via Macquarie Island (Casa América ).

The mail delivery program will be terminated following the construction of a zero emission ground vehicle that can travel to Macquarie Island each year from Antarctica. The current land based programmes at Heywood were transferred to Perth, Australia in 2016 and are now delivered via international courier services.



The area lying between Cape Town and Macquarie Island enjoys a daily average temperature of 18.6°C with an annual thermal maximum out around -2.7°C, during the austral summer period (December to February).

According to Martin Bernárdez, who conducted research on Land II in 201352 this climatic zone corresponds approximately to mean monthly solar radiation but due high altitude conditions most snowfalls would have occurred above 2200 meters elevation46 as this is also where heavy permanent snows could be found according being derived from measurements made in November 2012 at Liverpool Range by NASA satellite sensors.

The climate of the area has been classified under humid subtropical (Köppen: Cfa). The distribution is described as “tropics almost semi-humid” due to the fact that from June 1991 until April 2000 Tasmania’s Enceladus ice dome extended further north than today and caused 30–40 m/year snowfall in this region9.



Macquarie Island is the most southern island of any continent still remaining with intact natural flora and fauna. Indeed, vegetation native to Macquarie Island itself has been found at 500 kilometers south located in a subAntarctic forest near Christchurch New Zealand and 120 kilometes west on Hauta Peninsula (Tristan da Cunha).

Separate studies have shown that South Georgia’s unique wildlife does not negotiate well with climate change53. It was very cold during previous interglacial stages up until roughly 125-135 thousand years ago which might explain why South Georgia animals stopped evolving and the climate changed at that time.

Similarly, the Falklands Islands can be seen as amongst one of main Antarctica’s cold ecological hotspots due to their occupation by penguins, seals and whales (i.e., cetaceans) which represent some of Antarctic continent’s rarest species54 while biologically less sensitive places such as Diego Ramírez/Nueva Island are also heavily frequented by tourists but do not provide sufficient resources for humans’ need8 despite being located in tourist-oriented areas12. In fact during summer season 2006 it was reported54:



The official ferry service runs year-round to the island with daily sailing times between 8:00am and 5:30pm. The last ferry departs from Goudier Bay at 4PM, while first departure is scheduled for 0745hrs12 (A few other ferries are planned as part of these routes but have not started yet).

A tourist charter operates a five day roundtrip cruise through the islands which stops on deck traffic permitting visitors to land and explore some areas otherwise unreachable by road or flightbus.

Hiking trails around Dames Ostende bay in Stanley region run during summer season. A second parking lot which unloads a small number of buses is located in Stanley town, at the port’s dock where passengers board two-hour cruises departing daily from July 24 to Sept 16 (0930hrs) and 315 days/year off & on depending on weather, tide and ice conditions.

Several long distance walks are also planned for 2007 such as a 1 day overnight hike between midnight June 20 – 21 through Kavos Islet Nature Reserve55 reached by jetfoil ferry arriving at 0045hrs next morning or hikers may opt for an adventurous 3 hour mil age across the ice to Heron Island Reach overnight camping in a tent.

Hikers might enjoy other treks such as semi rough 0.5-1 day pace with map and compass along nicely forested route including Stanley Bay.

 Orca Point or Nesting Harbour hiking trails to camp overnight at Nunatak viewpoint56 all beginning from Goudier Bay adjoining dock parking lot awaiting sunset sailing while paying full price tickets or take cheaper excursions taking different routes enroute where billed individually tours not exactly researched yet until confirmed this summer season. Alternatively visitors may opt for other guided hikes by competent native guides unaff.


Heywood Island is an uninhabited island in the Bass Strait, about 130km west of Tasmania, in the Australian state of Victoria. The island is part of the Phillip Island Group, and is part of the Norfolk Island group.

The island is managed by Parks Victoria as part of the Wellington-Darling National Park. It is named after Heywood Main, a convict who had a farm there in the mid-19th century.


1.What Is The Island’s History?

Heywood Island is a beautiful piece of land located in the middle of the Victoria Strait. It has long been rumoured to be one of the most haunted places on earth, and countless people have claimed to have seen and heard things there that don’t make sense.

Is Heywood Island really as haunted as they say? Or are these stories just legends? You be the judge!

2. What Are Some Of The Activities That Can Be Done On The Island?

Ans: Heywood Island is a private island located in the Bahamas, which belongs to American business magnate and entrepreneur Leslie Wexner.

The island has a total area of 365 acres and is situated about eight miles off the coast of Nassau. It is said to be one of the most exclusive places in the world, with a population of just 12 people who live there year-round.

 3. How Much Does It Cost To Visit The Island?

Ans: Heywood Island is an uninhabited island in the Bass Strait, about 130km west of Tasmania, in the Australian state of Victoria.

The island is part of the Phillip Island Group, and is part of the Norfolk Island group. The island is managed by Parks Victoria as part of the Wellington-Darling National Park. It is named after Heywood Main, a convict who had a farm there in the mid-19th century.

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