Hugo Storyline And Short Review



Hugo Storyline And Short Review


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Hugo, a popular movie to go viral, is mostly recognized by some of the best short chapters by acclaimed authors. Gone are the days when you read good quality books in the print. These days, readers go online and get themselves updated with the best contents for reading.

The birth of Hugo was an indication of this new trend. This narrative story has been adapted from an 1833 novel, and the plot revolves around a young child’s journey from left to right before his conception by an old bearded man.

All About Of Hugo Storyline And Short Review

Hugo Storyline And Short Review

Plot of the movie

The story is about a young boy Hugo, who lives with his family in Paris. The grown-ups are aware that this kid hasn’t any symmetric features and they think it’s weird to give their son the name “Hugo” after a literary writer of the Renaissance. They decide to call him Victor instead so as not to reveal what awaited them later on life.

When one day he turns four years old; all members of his family start doing their best to hide the fact that he had an unusual face and because of his strange behavior. But something catastrophic happens, when it is mentioned for public view…

Hugo (Alex Etel) – The lead character Hugo is a young boy who lives with his parents in Paris; Victor (Manuel Garci Aguilera )– A mysterious man from Portugal living at Paris becomes Hugo’s foster father and later on gives him the role as his grandson. Victor’s speech acquired different intonations and his voice changes completely when Hugo was 4 years old, he leaves the family to find someone who could handle this issue; Elisa (Carol Martínez de la Vega) – The mother of the main character and wife of Victor, she is a very busy person as well as taking care about her son Hugo.



Hugo’s adoption happens when Victor visits Elisa in order to prevent any further contacts with Hugo, and that is the point where things become dangerous. When Hugo returns back home everyone starts looking worried – maybe something bad happened to him! And they are right…

Hugo locks himself up in the bathroom; after a few m

inutes he opens the door but this time it “doesn’t” open anymore. He tries again and nothing changes at all, he is trapped in the bathroom with no way to escape. He tries something else but this time a wall blocks his path; Hugo realizes that until one of them dies nobody will survive, so he uses an iron rod and hit himself over the head… But then turns off at once as death: he used force on Victor’s grandson instead of killing him (?).

Cast and characters

Cast and Characters

Hugo is a 2012 American 3D computer-animated adventure film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It is directed by Martin Scorsese and produced by John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich, Ash Brannon, and Ralph Eggleston. The film tells the story of a child who finds a mysterious Hugo in his room and befriends him. Hugo is accidentally knocked off the wall of his house during a windstorm and ends up in.

Overall review

Hugo is a story of a little boy who has a very bad dream and wakes up to find that he has been transported to a strange world. He is left alone in this new world, with the ability to move about freely, but he is unable to communicate with the people around him. He meets his first friend who helps him understand the world he is in and together they travel on an adventure that will test their friendship.

Hugo is a story of a little boy who has a very bad dream and wakes up to find that he has been transported to a strange world. He is left alone in this new world, with the ability onto move about freely, but he unable communicate with the people around him.


Hugo is a nice characters and this film very easy to see. But the story of it not real good, because too much dream .

HUGO , 2014 (D: PHIL JACINTO) Overview [8-10] : I may have overplayed my hand here, as if there’s only one “review” that needs to be written on this movie — a review which can best sum up what your average viewer ought to go away feeling — but, when your reviewer has written entire passages on the “visual-buzz” quotient of a specific frame, that’s saying something … Somewhere in here is childhood innocence. When you look at HUGO , and convince yourself it captures (somehow?) precisely what children experience during their formative years before they reach social consciousness like this:


Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with a 91% rating. The film set a new standard for cinematic disorientation as it marked the highest-grossing animated feature of all time until Madagascar: Operation U.N.C.L.E beat its numbers in late 2015 and 2016, respectively — $1+ billion at current conversion rates would make that one particularly effective sequel if for no other reason than we really wouldn’t want a follow up to this movie .


Hugo is a popular science fiction novel written by Brian Aldiss. It was first published in 1976 and is part of the “Homo Universalis” series. The story takes place on an alien planet known as Trantor, which has been ruled by the mysterious “Trantorian Empire” for thousands of years. Hugo’s story revolves around three different groups of people; the “Omnius”, who are human-like robots, who have taken over the government and will stop at nothing to protect their empire; the “Thought Police”, who use surveillance technology to watch every citizen and prevent them from being influenced by thoughts or ideas that oppose their ways; and finally, a group of rebels who are trying to overthrow

Just How Good Was Hugo on Film?

We were very impressed once we watched the film. The short video is a welcome and bold addition to what has been an oddly secretive project”.

“A post apocalyptic tale of two brothers in which they fight to protect each other – and themselves as well, I thought. It’s set on a farm where you could believe that would work.”

Is This a Movie for Everyone to See?

Did you know that I have just written an article based on a blog post titled ‘Everyone’s favorite screen adaptation’. If you want to read the full post, this is where.

The same way that I can, so here we go. Â The film is being edited right now, and our first official screening in Los Angeles has just happened. We’ll most likely be appearing at Comic Con as well this year. And if all goes ok – probably a few more screenings after that! It’s an exciting time for us.”

If Hugo has constantly been re-read over the years, why haven’t we seen movies or TV series of it yet?

Will There Be a Sequel to This Film?

How was Hugo adapted into Into the Woods as Big Bad Wolf in Pinocchio and Jack in Treasure Island – animated feature film. A catchy song is included in the sound track.

There is no one answer to this question as everyone’s opinion may be different. However, from what we can tell, the Hugo Awards are an annual award ceremony that honors science fiction and fantasy authors and books.

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