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Welcome to Ile aux Aigrettes Island – a charming getaway that offers a tranquil environment perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. Situated in the heart of Lake Geneva, this small island is perfect for those who are looking for a peaceful escape.

Surrounded by water on all sides and boasting stunning views, Ile aux Aigrettes Island is a perfect place to spend a day or two, explore the local villages, or take a refreshing swim.

Ile aux Aigrettes Island


Ile aux Aigrettes Island is a small, privately owned island located in the heart of Lake Geneva. The island was purchased by Marie and Michel de Rothschild in 1924, and has been their residence ever since. In 1973, the island became a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its unique architecture and landscape – which includes 1200 hectares of forested slopes and rolling hills. Accommodation

Ile aux Aigrettes Island offers an array of accommodation options for those wishing to explore this gorgeous island. The resort at the main Ostend harbour – owned by the Royal Monceau hotel group – has been in operation since 1985 and can accommodate 910 guests. And for an ultra-luxurious experience, De Rothschild Boutique Resort offers marble bathrooms, gourmet breakfasts and afternoon tea.



Ile aux Aigrettes Island enjoys a moderate climate, with averages of around 18°C in the summer and 4°C in the winter. The island is also home to several glaciers – including Mont Blanc and Les Écrins – which provide stunning views throughout the year.


There are plenty of activities available on Ile aux Aigrettes Island, from hiking through charming villages to exploring its beautiful landscape. Visitors can also rent a boat and admire the spectacular glacier from an insightful vantage point. In-between, visitors can enjoy a picnic with friends or family on its beautiful shores – which are lined by native conifers in every direction. Facts

Ile aux Aigrettes Island enjoys a beautiful climate and it’s renowned for its pristine beauty. The island is also home to enjoy several glacier basins, making it the perfect destination during any season of the year.



The culture of Ile aux Aigrettes is steeped in history and maritime tradition. Visitors can explore its villages and learn about the customs, religions and folklore that have shaped this island over thousands of years. Visitors can also explore the wonderful churches in Ile aux Aigrettes, such as Sainte Marie-Madeleine Church and St Catherine’s Chapel. Milk-Juice Bars

Since ancient times, cows have provided the raw material to make a delicious dairy product; there are over 120 small epiceramies where they can drink this sweet beverage. Dairy products include many different types of cheese and yogurt (the latter widely consumed by vegetarians), but ice cream is also very popular in the summers.



Ile aux Aigrettes is a semi-autonomous territory of France located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. As such, it has its own legislature and government, albeit with limited powers. The island has enjoyed a lot of autonomy over the last 30 years, enjoying its own local government and laws.

It generally speaks French but also recognizes the Comté de Haute-Provence as its cultural province. Tourism is the main economic activity on Ile aux Aigrettes, and it’s particularly proud of its culture with a strong emphasis of pilgrimage. It is home to some spectacular architectural treasures including Notre Dame de l’Aiguemarine church and La Praz-de-l’Hoste castle (one of the island’s environmentally stunning environment sites).

Government services

Government Services

Currently, Ile aux Aigrettes is divided into 5 cantons. These are: Praz-de-l’Hoste, Saint-Cyr de Céret, Saint Jean d’Acre, Sainte Marie Madeleine and La Trinité sur la Dune. Each canton has a mayor and a single council who are responsible for allocating funds to local projects and overseeing the running of the municipality. Environment

The island has some marvellous natural beauty and is internationally renowned as an ecotourism destination. It also provides a working haven for hill-farming, with Tequière (cow) which are reared here being famed across the world as a fine example of gastronomy.



Ile aux Aigrettes has a long and proud history as a tourist destination. It enjoys an unsullied natural environment, with many sites of interest – both architectural and environmental – which are popular among visitors.

The island is also renowned for its gastronomy, with wine being one of the major products here (alongside cheese). You can sample regional cheese and wine – the latter being especially popular with pilgrims. You’ll find a number of hotels on Ile aux Aigrettes, which have large parts of their grounds set aside as vineyards orchards.



There is limited transport available on the island. You can explore it by foot, cycle or by using public buses which travel around the cantons. However, the narrow roads are a killer for cyclists. There is little to no car parking on the island which means that you will have to walk considerable distances into and out of your hotel or restaurant if you use transport.



Traditional Ile Aux Aigrettes cuisine is based on the production of cheese and wine. The island’s signature dish is a type of sausage made from pig’s intestines, which are put into a casing filled with fresh herbs, garlic and grains. You can also find dishes such as roast lamb or sea bass here. You will have an opportunity to try a wine or two during your time here.



Ile aux Aigrettes is an important refuge for several species of wild animals, including the red squirrel and the Iberian lynx. Other wildlife that can be found here includes foxes, rabbits and deer. There is also a large colony of gulls, which regularly give you the opportunity to see these birds in their natural environment.

You’ll have a chance to see the grey seal, which is also relatively common. Meanwhile, you’re well-advised not to leave your belongings in sight when you go out at night because of the mink and stoat population on the island.


The Ile aux Aigrettes is a French island in the Atlantic Ocean, located northwest of Guadeloupe. The island is uninhabited, and its only inhabitants are feral goats, which were introduced by the military in the early 1960s to control the proliferation of ticks.


1.What Are The Official Languages Of Ile Aux Aigrettes?

Ans. The island is officially French, but English and Spanish can be spoken there.

2.What Currency Is Used In Ile Aux Aigrettes?

Ans. The local currency on the island is the Swiss franc (CHF). Euro or other foreign currencies are not accepted.

3.Are There Any Banks Or Other Financial Institutions Available On The Island?

Ans. There is ATMs in Ile aux Aigrettes where one can withdraw or deposit money.

4.What Are The Available Modes Of Transport On Ile Aux Aigrettes?

Ans. The only way to get from the town to the island, other than boats and planes which cannot land there, is by hiring a boat for rent (around CHF 350 per hour).

5.What Year Was Ile Aux Aigrettes Created?

Ans. Ile aux Aigrettes Island’s first inhabitants were goats for the purposes of controlling ticks on surrounding land, which are common to this country during spring and early summer season.

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