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If you’re looking for a picturesque getaway and want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city, Ile Lanier Island should be at the top of your list. With lush greenery, crystal-clear waters, and white sand beaches, it’s no wonder this island has been voted one of the best places to live in the world. Plus, with its perfect climate and top-notch facilities, it’s easy to see why Ile Lanier Island is such a popular destination for tourists.

If you’re planning a vacation soon and want to learn more about this beautiful island, be sure to check out this blog for all the latest information!

Ile Lanier


Ile Lanier is one of the oldest islands in the United States, and it has a long and rich history. It was first inhabited by Native Americans, who used the island for fishing and hunting. In 1737, Spanish explorers sailed past Ile Lanier on their way to find Florida. The next year, an Englishman named Daniel Dulaney claimed the island for England.

In 1810, General Andrew Jackson captured Pensac ola from the Spanish, and during his occupation of Pensacola, he granted Ile Lanier to John Nicholson. Moving on the island brought with it numerous successes for Dunlap, who was known locally as ”The Cocoa King”.


Ile Lanier Climate

If you’re looking for a climate that’s perfect for vacationing, Ile Lanier Island should definitely be on your list. The island has a tropical maritime climate with plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures year-round.

Averages range from 77 degrees in March to 84 degrees in September. It has a dry season between October and May, after which the island is considered to be slightly wetter – shelling can begin as early as March in some years.


The population of Ile Lanier Island consists mainly of kids who love getting up at sunrise every morning to head down to the beach before school! Thousands flock here every summer for their day off from work, but most locals choose not to commute during this period. The island is small, but it’s still quite easy to get around the island due to its low population.

The average temperature stays steady and comfortable throughout Ile Lanier Island year-round. Not much rain falls on the beautiful tropical beach and warm ocean water makes this a popular place for swimming!


Most of the locals here are descendants of British and Spanish settlers. They enjoy fishing, sunbathing, sailing and playing golf on their private island – although they keep a low profile to avoid harassment from vacationers! Fishing is a big part of the local culture, and many locals make the trip out to fish for Red Drum or Tarpon in March.

Well-known Ile Lanier natives. Public worship is not as popular on Ile Lanier, but many from the island make a trip to Grays Harbor every year for their Sunday religious service at Evergreen Baptist Church.


Ile Lanier is a self-governing British Overseas Territory and has its own representative in London. The local government enacted a new constitution in 2009 which grants the island greater autonomy and establishes an advisory council to advise on matters of local interest. ITINERARY

DAY 1: Ile Lanier Island, Washington Get ready for an adventurous day of discovering one of America’s most untouched islands. First up on your agenda is snorkeling off Palisades Beach to see its stunning marine life and colorful coral reef!

Government Services

If you need to plug in and recharge your electronics, the island has a few privately owned internet cafes.

After exploring the coastline, it’s time for some lunch on the beach – JeJu Naval Base serves up good seafood at affordable prices.

Later in the day you can explore more of Ile Lanier Island by renting a bike from Danzon Bikes or taking a walk along its narrow coastal paths. DAY 2: Washington, USA Ile Lanier (or “Island”) is located about southeast of Seattle with a population just under 500 residents.

The island has an airport with the same name and small ferry to cross Lake Union between Weeks Island and Pier 50 at Fisherman’s Terminal in Vancouver.


Few visitors come to the island for its natural beauty; it is primarily known for its military history, with many US Navy personnel and their families residing on the island. The only way to explore this fascinating aspect of Ile Lanier’s heritage is by bike or foot.

The first thing you’ll notice when biking around town are the dozens of gardens maintained by both military families and civilian residents. There’s also an active tennis court, a small zoo, and some impressive fireworks displays for the end of an August weekend.


You can explore the island on foot or by bike, but there is no public transport available. For visitors who want to stay put and take in all that Ile Lanier has to offer, there are a few small places of business where you can purchase snacks and drinks – most notably the general store run by military personnel.

DAY 3: Washington DC A short ferry ride from Ile Lanier takes you up to Seattle’s waterfront district of South Lake Union.

However, most visitors looking to see the sights arrive by bus or train from Ile Washington State Ferries runs a seasonal ferry between Weeks Island and Seattle’s Pier 52 boat terminal at Fisherman’s Terminal where there is public transport available to take you directly into Downtown (Seattle).


In recent years, Seattle’s reputation as a culinary centre has been on the rise and you can enjoy some of its best eats right in South Lake Union. Start your day with a coffee at The PDR – one of the city’s oldest cafes – then head to Madrona Coffee for breakfast sandwiches or fresh pastries.


If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, Ile Lanier Island is the perfect place for you. This lush island paradise located in the Gulf of Thailand is a popular spot for tourists and honeymooners alike. With its clear waters, beautiful white sand beaches, and lush jungle, it’s easy to see why this island is so popular.

But what is Ile Lanier like as a place to live? Here are some facts about this paradise that will give you a better idea of why it’s such an attractive option for those who want to relocate.


What Is The Climate Like On Ile Lanier?

The climate on Ile Lanier is warm and tropical, with average temperatures ranging from 24 degrees Celsius in winter to 28 degrees Celsius in summer.

Who Owns Property On Ile Lanier Island?

There are only two landowners who own land on I le Lanier: the Department of National Parks and Wildlife, which has 25.7% ownership, and Ile-Lanier Communities Inc., which owns 19.9%.

Where Is This Island Located?

Ile Lanier Island steers around 11 miles off land in the Gulf of Thailand near Phuket. It is about 3km2 in size so it easy to see why it’s been voted one of the most gorgeous islands in the world!

What Is Ile Lanier Island’s Population Like?

I le Lanier maintains a population of around 265 individuals. This includes tourists, hunters and other officials who live there full-time.

How Many Islands Are There In Ile Lanier?

There are seven islands on I le Lanier. They include: Kamorng, Laa Somnuek, Reamkerin, Hipong Barai and Mogan (the largest of them), Kaeng Bang Ai as well a number of tiny islets located between the major ones that we rarely see because they’re completely covered by coral rock.

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