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If you’re looking for a place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Ile Paul Island is the perfect destination. Located in the middle of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, this uninhabited island is one of Quebec’s most popular tourist destinations.

With lush jungle, crystal-clear waters, and a sheltered coastline, it’s no wonder why visitors flock to this place year-round. If you’re thinking of going to Ile Paul Island this summer, make sure to read this guide first! Here we will give you all the information you need to make the most of your trip and enjoy every minute spent there.

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Ile Paul was first settled by the French in 1603. The island passed through various hands over the centuries, and it wasn’t until 1892 that an Englishman named George Malcolm purchased it. Although he never explored its interior, Malcolm became something of a figurehead on the island and years later bestowed Ile Paul Island with its current Anglican name.

Today, visits to Ile Paul are strictly prohibited except for scientific or educational purposes, so the island is essentially an active wildlife reserve.

The Department of National Parks and Wildlife has been granted guardianship over it to ensure that its resources remain protected for future generations.

Do Not Step on Ile Paul Scientists believe that this beautiful spot may have once served as one of North America’s linchpins, providing major routes between ancient tribes from all corners across the continent – who then passed along their knowledge to modern-day natives such as the Mi’kmaq.



Ile Paul experiences a warm, humid climate all year round. There is no official season –although the island usually sees more tourists in the summer months.

Things to Do on Ile Paul

There’s plenty to do on Ile Paul Island if you’re looking for something fun and exciting! Some of the popular activities include kayaking, hiking, birding, fishing (both salt and fresh water), swimming, and relaxation at one of its secluded beaches.

It’s amazing what a soulful experience it is to lie out on the beach under the stars and feel your body relax as night falls – An Experience that might never be forgotten for all time!

A fun activity I attended was called “Yabb” (pronounced Yaffle) which resembles tag, but is far more enjoyable with hundreds of participants from throughout town eager to run through long-established routines with other new friends.



Ile Paul’s Mi’kmaq culture is alive and well. The island hosts a yearly cultural festival that celebrates the area’s longstanding ties to the First Nation people.

The Ile Paul Cultural Festival takes place in early October and features dances, storytelling, music performances, arts and crafts sales, traditional foods from across Atlantic Canada (and beyond), outdoor activities for kids, an environmental display of plants gifted by Mi’kmaw elders from all over Canada, and ongoing public meetings.

The Ile Paul Folk Festival is held in the fall of each year spaced a month apart at various sites around Digby County.



Residents of Ile Paul are proud to be part of the electoral district of Queens-Shelburne. The Member of Parliament (MP) for this area is Matt Jeneroux and he has served since 2015. The Council of the District (COD) is represented at a regional level by the Municipality of Digby Board. The six member board is responsible for regulating municipal business and community activities among fellow municipalities in this area through policy consultation and local governance practices as per federal, provincial and municipal requirements/instructions.

Government services

Government services

Ile Paul is served by the Digby Municipal Office which provides a range of services such as zoning, planning, building permits, garbage and recycling collection, conservation issues and emergency management.



Local schools include Ile-Paul Elementary School (Grades 1-6), Alderney Regional High School (7-12) and Shelburne Aerospace Technical Campus. Culture

The annual Ile Paul Cultural Festival is an opportunity for all to come together as a community. It continues the long tradition of sharing our knowledge, traditions and music with visitors from across Canada and around the world who find themselves in Digby County during late summer.



Ile Paul is well known for its rugged coastline, natural beauty and rich maritime history. Visitors find plenty to enjoy while exploring the town’s many attractions such as The Ile-Paul Museum of Local History, the Digby County Agricultural Society Showcase and the Royal Canadian Legion Branch. Other facilities in Ile-Paul include a public library, swimming pool and arena, gymnasium, curling rink and indoor golf facility as well as school buildings used for teaching varying subjects to community learners. The local airport is Shelburne Municipal Airport (CYX), located west of Digby County’s capital city of Shelburne on Route 199 at Willingdon Street West during January 2012 is operated by the Aeroshares of Digby Inc.



Ile Paul is located just west of Shelburne, Nova Scotia, which is connected to Digby County by the Trans Canada Highway. The closest major airport with regular scheduled flights is in Halifax. Ile-Paul is home to numerous small businesses all centred around the essential services of a port, harbour and fishing industry. In addition it also has two federal processing centres for non-perishable foods like fruits and vegetables.



Nova Scotian cuisine is famous for its fresh, local ingredients and the many mouth-watering dishes that can be prepared with them. The seafood industry is a mainstay of the economy, and in Ile Paul you can enjoy a wide variety of fresh catches from lobster Bisque to fried Gulf shrimp. As Digby County’s sole outlet mall it features all the big name retailers as well as smaller independent outlets like your favourite artisan bakery or locally brewed beer. With its wide selection of restaurants from beacheside cafes to alpine lodge dining, there is one on every corner to suit the mood and budget you choose.


Ile Paul is one of the uninhabited islands in the Leeward Islands chain of islands in the Caribbean. It lies about 6.5 km (4 mi) to the northeast of the island of Marie Galante, near the extreme southeastern tip of Grande-Terre. Administratively, Ile Paul is part of the commune of Saint-François, which comprises the entire island.


How Do I Get To Ile Paul?

The best way to reach the island is by boat. You can either take a ferry from Saint-François or go on a cruise.

What Are The Main Things To See And Do On Ile Paul?

There are plenty of activities you can enjoy on this island, such as swimming in the crystal-clear waters, hiking through the lush jungle, kayaking through pristine waterways, or surfing.

Where Should I Stay On The Island?

You can choose between a number of guesthouses and hotels located in Saint-François to make your stay most pleasant! There are also campsites that you can book online or through our partner service .

What’s Food Like On The Island?

Ile Paul has a selection of very good local cuisine. Gastronomy is not as developed on island like back home, so you should try to visit some really great restaurants in Saint-François where many dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients.

Where Can I Get Water Or Beverages?

You can find water or soda in bars and shops on the island! There’s even a health station selling purified ultra cheap H2O that serves up to 1,000 liters. It costs only $0.50 – so that’s the best deal in Saint-François!

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