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Ilot Yangue Island


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If you’re looking for an idyllic escape, look no further than Ilot Yangue Island. Nestled in the Bicol Region, this uninhabited island is a must-visit for all nature lovers. With its lush forest, white sand beaches, and crystal clear waters, there’s plenty to see and do. Plus, the island’s location makes it an excellent choice for adventurers seeking a secluded getaway.

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Ilot Yangue Island

Ilot Yangue Island History

Ilot Yangue Island first made headlines in the early 1900s, when it served as a refuge for pirates who sought to avoid capture by Spanish authorities. The island was also used as a base of operations for various smugglers and buccaneers. Today,

lot Yangue is a popular tourist destination for couples seeking an idyllic getaway or families looking for an adventure-packed holiday. Visitors are also drawn to the island for its educational and social tourism. Aside from visiting one of the picturesque beaches, visitors can experience a number of recreational activities at nearby Arua Fuego Island Resort.



Ilot Yangue is a tropical island, with a mild climate that averages around 26 degrees Celsius. The weather is unpredictable and can change quickly, so be sure to pack your raincoat! If the weather is nice, swim or sunbathe on Long Beach and Garau Island.

There are a handful of food and drink establishments on the island, along with a few bars around Garau Island that serve traditional Filipino dishes.

For those not looking to cook, nearby Arua Fuego Island Resort has a restaurant and bar. Be sure to take note of the delicate marine wildlife: sea urchins and coral will certainly be pleasant surprises!



Visitors to Ilot Yangue Island can experience a variety of cultural activities. These include tours of the island’s fascinating historical sites, cooking demonstrations and visits to local markets. Local music and dance performances are also common, as are traditional sports such as running and jumping.

If you’re looking for an active holiday, Ilot Yangue is definitely the place for you! Ilot Yangue Island is a paradise, especially if you’re into sunbathing. It also has snorkeling areas ideal for beginners and experienced divers alike. The coral world of Long Beach stretches along the western side of the island thus making it an equally exciting site to explore.



Ilot Yangue Island is administered by the municipality of Daet, located in Camarines Sur province. The island has a population of around 3000 people who are predominantly Catholic and have Spanish as their first language.

Although there is no airport on the island, visitors can reach Ilot Yangue by plane via nearby Clark International Airport in Pangasinan or Caticlan International Airport in Davao Oriental province. Ilot Yangue’s northern most point is the Punta Macaya, which has a beach that offers splendid views of other nearby islands.

Government services

Government services


A bank, hospital and post office can be found on Ilot Yangue Island. There are also a few stores selling basic necessities and food items. Visitors who need help incorporating into local life can find staff stationed at the Arua Fuego Resort, which offers bilingual services and orientation programs for newcomers.

Camping and overnight accommodations can be found on the island. Campsites have plastic camping tables, chairs, lanterns and portable washrooms.



Tourism is the main economic activity on Ilot Yangue Island. Arua Fuego Resort, which offers bilingual services and orientation programs for newcomers as well as camping and overnight accommodations, is the island’s only tourist accommodation.

Restaurants serving locally sourced food are available in Punta Macaya. These include a few fast-food outlets, sit-down restaurants that serve Filipino dishes such as lechon kawali (fried pork belly ), bihon (fried corn meal) and chicken adobo, as well as a few beachfront bars that have live music. Most of the eateries operate from 7am to 10pm while several are open 24 hours a day during high tourist season.



Visitors can reach Ilot Yangue by plane via nearby Clark International Airport in Pangasinan or Caticlan International Airport in Davao Oriental province.

There is a weekly ferry service that links the island to Pasay City, Manila, from where ferries make several stops along the way including at Mauban Port and Legazpi City. A trip from Manila to Pangasinan by land takes about 3.5 hours and 30 minutes while the journey from Legazpi is 5–6 hours depending on travel conditions.



Cuisine on Ilot Yangue Island is predominantly Filipino with a few dishes originating from the Arua Fuego Resort’s Indonesian staff.

The most popular dish is bihon which is fried cornmeal doughnut-like cakes served with chicken adobo, lechon kawali (fried pork belly) or bobong urap (stir-fried mixed vegetables). Other popular barbecued dishes include lechon kawali and lamb cooked on rotisserie in the island’s barbecue restaurants.



Ilot Yangue is home to a number of animals, including the brown deer, white-tailed deer and Philippine macaques. The island also has sizeable populations of both bird and reptile species. Among the most common birds that can be seen around the island are the gray hawk, blue jay, coconut gallinule and sailfin mongoose.

Reptiles include the Philippine green pit viper and , grey-headed flying snake that feeds on land. Explorer Blas Cabrera first entered the site in 1561 while Magellan fell to his death on Ilot Yangue during a typhoon.

Archaeological evidence suggests human habitation predating these dates and that traditions which dated back hundreds of years were still prevalent until recent times despite their traditional use being limited since resource availability was more plentiful than presently is today.


Located in Lamma Island Group, Ilot Yangue is a paradise for hikers, nature lovers, and anyone interested in exploring the untouched beauty of Hong Kong. Ilot Yangue offers stunning views of Lamma and its neighboring islands, such as Lantau and Cheung Chau. Additionally, the trails leading to the island are easy to follow and provide a scenic route that is perfect for a morning walk with your loved ones.


1.What Are The Adventures On Ilot Yangue Like?

Ans: The Adventures on Ilot Yangue Island offer a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, bird watching, swimming and several others.

2.How Do I Reach Ilot Yangue Island?

Ans: There are three ferry routes to get you on your way to the island.

3.How To Spend A Day On Ilot Yangue?

Ans: It is best if you allow a minimum of two nights abroad. Ideally, add one night in Hong Kong so that you can visit beforehand and see the island during low tide or at dusk when everything will be illuminated by the sun’s rays.

4.What Kind Of Food Should I Expect?

Ans: Ms. Wong, the owner and chef at Jing Cafe in Feng Shan serves exotic seafood dishes as well as take-away scrumptious sandwiches on a daily basis.

5.What Do I Need To Bring?

Ans: Sunscreen, rain proof clothing (wear a hat or sweater!), water bottle and camera.

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