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Prince of Wales Island


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Prince of Wales Island is a small but scenic island located in the Pacific Ocean. The only inhabited part of the island, which is about 10 km² in size, is accessible only by boat.

The rest of the island, which is approximately 100,000 km², is wild and uninhabited. Prince of Wales Island is classified as a National Park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was designated as a park in 1959 and was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2005. Prince of Wales Island is home to many rare and endangered animals, including the bald eagle, Hawaiian monk seal, and Steller’s sea lion.

All About of Prince of Wales Island – Don’t miss out

Prince of Wales Island


Prince of Wales Island was first visited by Europeans in 1791. British explorer Captain James Cook named the island after King George III. The island was not settled until the early 1900s, when a few families began to live there.

In 1959, Prince of Wales Island became a National Park and was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 2005. Prince of Wales Island is located in the Pacific Ocean, about 472 kms east of other islands and roughly 400 km southwest from Hawaii. It lies within one degree Fahrenheit territorial waters to three degrees.


Prince of Wales Island is about 110 miles long, and at its widest point it measures 32 miles. The island is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on all sides except for one side that faces Japan where a short passage leads to Yaku Island.

Prince of Wales features five major mountain ranges: Whitkomish Mountains (the highest in Washington), Chichagof Range, Darwin Range, Kangenooru-Kaward lnna Mountain, and the Alaska Peninsula Ranges. The island’s highest point is Mount Stakes at 2,175 feet (670m).

The island features two active volcanoes as well as many rock formations that were formed through erosion. There are also many deep caves carved into the mountains of Prince of Wales Island by water dripping from melting ice above them in glaciers thousands of years ago. These provide great sources for adventure tourism such as cliff



The climate on Prince of Wales Island is temperate and marine, with strong southwest winds that can gust up to 110 mph. The average temperature in the summer is around 75 degrees Fahrenheit while in the winter it falls down into the 40s. Precipitation averages 48 inches annually.

The island’s location between the Aleutians, Alaska Peninsula, and American Continental Seaboard makes it a windy place with frequent storms.



Prince of Wales Island is home to the Tlingit people, who have lived on the island for thousands of years. The Tlingit are a proud people and their culture is rich and distinctive.

They are known for their beautiful artistry, including carvings in wood and ivory, as well as beadwork. Today, Prince of Wales Island remains an important cultural center for the Tlingit people.



Prince of Wales Island is a part of the U.S. state of Alaska, and as such, it is governed by the State of Alaska through its departments and agencies. The island has one representative in Congress, who sits in the House of Representatives.

The initial inhabitants of Prince of Wales Island were the Tlingit who, around 100 years ago, occupied most parts of the island. The first European to encounter it was Captain James Cook in 1778, during his second and final voyage through North America’s longest ice-free navigable canal into Alaska.

Government Services

Government Services

Prince of Wales Island is considered an incorporated municipality and functions under the jurisdiction of the Town Manager. The Town has its own Police Department, Fire Department and Library. Animal control is handled by the Alaska state game wardens.

These services for the town are provided to all residents. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is coordinated by Alaska EMS, a division of UnitedHealthcare Fund Inc., which provides in-home 24 hour emergency care and transportation service for patients unable or unwilling to leave their homes.



Prince of Wales Island is a popular destination for tourists who want to experience the culture and natural beauty of Alaska’s North Slope. There are many lodging facilities on the island, as well as several restaurants and shops. Visitors can also enjoy fishing, skiing, hiking and kayaking in the area.

Boarding is available at Bird Lake Resort, which overlooks the bay. The island is served by the Prince of Wales Island Ferry System, which operates from Ketchikan to Crescent Moon Bay at a cost of $5 per car or passenger for up to 32 passengers.


The nearest airport is Ketchikan International Airport, which is located about 45 minutes from the island. There are also ferries that connect Prince of Wales Island with Haines on the Canadian side of Alaska’s Yukon Delta and with Petersburg in southeastern Alaska. In the United States Census Bureau’s most recent estimate, there are 149 people residing in Prince of Wales Island.

The median age is 34 years old and the overall population has declined by 11% over the past decade. Population growth occurred primarily amongst persons under 35 with only three households being formed on a yearly basis.


Prince of Wales Island is a small, uninhabited island in the Beaufort Sea, located about halfway between the mainland and the North Pole. The island is roughly a tenth as large as the state of Rhode Island, and in mainland Alaska (including all islands) it could sit inside Fairbanks.

It has an area of approximately 10 km² with at least 19 named peaks more than 1,000 m height above sea level which are assigned ski tours by Prince William Sound float planes.


1.What Is The Currency Of Prince Of Wales Island?

Ans: The official currency on Prince of Wales Island is the Canadian dollar. However, many businesses will also accept U.S. currency as well.

2.Do I Need A Canadian Passport To Travel To Prince Of Wales Island?

Ans: You can enter as an American citizen if you have a valid driver’s license, but some Alaska and Canadian officials will ask for your passport. If you are driving across the border from Canada into Alaska and back again it is worth getting an International Drivers License since these are accepted by both countries.

3.What Are The Seasons Like In Prince Of Wales Island?

Ans: The weather is very changeable. On some average winter days, you will be able to walk on snow as far south as Anchorage. Temperatures at that time can dip below -25°F/-32°C even though it’s summer there!

4.How Much Money Should I Bring To Prince Of Wales Island?

Ans: Bring at least $100 U.S., with some extra for emergencies and any items your employer might send you home in a package (the smaller the better). If taking transportation, load it up with food, fuel and other essentials as there will be no supermarkets on 80% of the island.

5.Do I Have To Bring Food, Water And Sunscreen On An Alaskan Cruise?

Ans: No—you can be confident that if we are out at sea as scheduled you will enjoy a full hot meal or snack every day. For more questions or concerns regarding this page, please  submit them using the form on our contact page.

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