Frégate Island Everything You Need to Know



Frégate Island Everything You Need to Know


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Frégate Island is an awe-inspiring piece of land located in the Indian Ocean just off the shore of Roca, Mauritius. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the few islands in the world to be listed under its natural category. So, what makes it worth visiting?

The history, flora, fauna and vegetation, rich cultural heritage, charming charm that greets you on the island – all in one place! Have you ever wondered about the history of Frégate Island and how it came to be like this? Read ahead to know more about it.

Explore Frégate Island

Frégate Island Everything You Need to Know


Legend has it that the island first came into being as a result of a powerful storm that raged across the Indian Ocean. The waves crashed against each other and created an incredibly rocky shoreline on which grew some beautiful palm trees.

Over time, this land became known as Frégate Island and today, it is home to an incredible array of plants, animals and geological features. What makes Frégate such an amazing place to visit is its rich cultural heritage. From the indigenous people who call Frégate home, to the French colonists that settled there in the 1700s, to modern day Mauritian citizens – everyone has a story to tell about this special island.



Frégate Island experiences a warm, tropical climate all year round. The temperature is typically around 26 degrees Celsius throughout the year. With an average rainfall of 650mm per year, it isn’t surprising that Frégate is home to some incredibly lush vegetation and wildlife.

Nature lovers will love Frégate Island for its varied wildlife habitats including mangroves, coral reefs and shady forests. There are also plenty of walking trails available that allow you to explore the island’s many natural attractions.


Culture and Religion

Frégate Island has a rich cultural heritage that dates back to the 1700s. The island was once home to French settlers, who built churches and other important buildings on the island. Today, Frégate is still an important part of Mauritian culture, with activities such as music festivals and fashion shows taking place throughout the year.



Although the official language of Frégate Island is French, there are a number of different languages that are spoken on the island. These include Mauritian Creole, English and Portuguese.



Frégate Island is home to the administrative capital of Réunion, which means that it is an important part of Mauritian politics. The island has been a stronghold for the ruling party since independence from France in 2004.

Population & Economy


Around 6,500 people live on Frégate Island and the majority of them are native Mauritians. However, there is also a large French community that settled at the island in an effort to protect settlers from slave traders. The economy and population of Réunion has been greatly influenced by this long history with commercial activities making up around 70% of revenue generated locally. Seafood businesses have played a significant role in local money making , contributing around 60% of total revenue.

Government services

Government Services

Frégate Island is served by a single airport that connects the island to the rest of Mauritius. There are also various government services available, including health care, education and police.


Green Rock Tourism

There is a significant amount of tourism available on Frégate Island, with visitors coming to enjoy the island’s rich cultural heritage and stunning scenery. The majority of tourists are French, but there is also a large number of international visitors who come to explore Mauritius’ fascinating history.



There is only one airport on Frégate Island and it is served by regular flights. The island also has a small seaport that provides access to the rest of Mauritius. However, there is also a ferry that connects Réunion Island to Rodrigues island and others nearby.


Royston Island Cuisine

The cuisine on Frégate Island is similar to that of the rest of Mauritius, with a focus on seafood. However, there is also a range of local dishes that are specifically from Réunion.



Frégate Island is home to a range of wildlife, including birds, reptiles and insects. The island has several protected areas that are home to a variety of animals.


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1.Where Can I Stay On Frégate Island?

Frégate Island is a private island located in the French West Indies. The island is situated near the north coast of Martinique, which is a part of France. Frégate Island has a total area of 15 km2 and it can be reached by sea or air.

The island was purchased by Jean-Claude Broussard, who also owns the nearby Les Salines de Guadeloupe Hotel & Spa. He and his wife Isabelle de Montaigne have been living on Frégate since 1992 with their three children; Elodie, Johan and Estelle.

2.How Do I Go About Booking A Trip To Frégate Island?

You can book a trip to Frégate Island by sending an email to with the name of your travel agent and booking reference.

The island is accessible from Miami via air or sea, either by charter flight from one of the nearby airports or by private yacht or luxury catamaran. The boat journey takes approximately 2 hours and covers approximately 90 miles, the trip is smooth with crystal clear waters and is recommended for all ages.

3.Is It Safe To Travel To Frégate Island?

Yes, Frégate Island is a safe place to visit and you will be able to explore the beauty of this island. The weather here is very hot but there are many cool things to do on the island. You can enjoy hiking or swimming in the ocean, watching whales while they are migrating and snorkeling at coral reefs that surround the island. You can also see beautiful landscapes like rainforests and beaches. In short, Frégate Island is an ideal place for people who love nature and want to relax. So it is definitely safe!

4.Is There Any Medical Care Available On Frégate Island?

The island is not a medical care center. The only facilities available are the police station, fire department and an emergency room. There are three hospitals in Grenada: St George’s Hospital (St George’s), Beausejour General Hospital (Beausejour) and Bon Accord Hospital (Bon Accord). All three have 24-hour emergency services.

You can also seek medical attention at any of the following private clinics: Alba Medical Centre, Caravelle Medical Centre, Ideal Medical Clinic, Medlink Medical Centre, Pampana Medical Clinic and Vamban Medical Center. There are many private pharmacies that provide a wide range of health products and services such as antibiotics, painkillers and cold medicines etc.

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