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Iron Man 3

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Next week Iron Man Combat Suit 3 will be released on theatres and the buzz is already building. So, what should you watch out for when you go to the theatre this weekend? Will it be a good action movie without too much special effects or post drama? Every day you should keep up with these questions.

If you keep checking out Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites, your queries will find an echo in other people’s minds around you, and this will result in most of them seeing Iron Man 3 as a must-watch blockbuster.

All Discussion Of Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

Is Iron Man 3 a Flop?

Many entertainment experts are giving Iron Man 3 flick a favorable Oscar buzz. In fact, despite the big dream of all Hollywood fans and movie industry people, Tony Stark is not being watched as an icon in American cinema anymore after The Avengers . There’s been no blockbuster for almost 6 weeks now since that hit blockbusters released by 2012 such as Thor and Captain America also failed to make everyone drool on every screening .

Is Iron Man 3 the Last One?

If Iron Man 3 does not have some of its making back, again there will be rumors that Marvel studios are closing down. It is also said that the deal with Disney and Kevin Feige might expire soon as sales on most Marvel Comics titles do not even reach 10% in toys to movie figures deals in Hollywood these days.

Will They Make Another Spider-Man Shoot?

Another web-slinger has been launched into this cinematic universe along with Iron Man and Captain America , as Spider-Man is booked in the middle of 2012 with director Marc Webb on board. I would have been fine if they made Iron Man 3 without a Spider-man link up, but not with his introduction it seems will be similar to Avengers .

Was Iron Man 3 a Success?

Although they don’t have an official box office figure yet, I am sure the film had its walk throughs in America and overseas audience. There were severe buzz on the Internet after opening weekend that Iron Man 3 was a flop because there weren’t enough crowds attending it at theaters since all of those Marvel superheroes are currently being viewed as downer characters or nuisance along with their productions .

Who Is the Villain In Iron Man 4?

As of today there’s rumors that Jon Favreau will not be directing another Iron Man movie. Whether or not he would want to return for a fourth installment with his last one such as set in slightly different context? After the completion of The Avengers , I am sure it is impossible to separate from Marvel comics and its characters together again .

Is Iron Man 3 Anything Important?

Iron Man 3 is not that memorable of an installment for me. Despite of having a lot going down in this film, I could say it was uneventful and rushed . Perhaps The Winter Soldier after mentioned “for getting their characters on the big screen” will stand out most from Iron-Man’s story line but like they explained later , Cap, Thor and Hulk already have established cinematic universe to them selves with more movies planned to release soon:

Does Iron Man 3 Take Place After Avengers?

Let’s get the facts straight first if Tony was alive all along, wouldn’t he have been called to meet with Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L D.? I mean hey the President of SI finally got his hands on Iron Man before said guy has disappeared for years and we are still being told about him is being a fugitive!

How Old Was Harley in Endgame?

Harley is what’s considered a hand full of range in her 20s, it will be hard for them to properly cast someone younger still that does look like she was raised as young adult.

Who Were the Bad Guys in Iron Man 3?

The crazy terrorist called The Mandarin being very obvious . SHIELD Agent Coulson working with Loki from Marvel comics into Stark Industries leading Dr Strucker and more supervillains coming on screen when all these superheroes are coming together to stop the Mandarin.

Who Is the Black Iron Man?

It’s actually the Iron Patriot, they are making like a crazy armored character who turns out to be an evil one or maybe its just he is putting on the suit in order for some reason. Who is the suspicious character in Iron Lady?

That’s a secret, but just from her lines she tends to have ties with S.H.I.E .D and probably not someone we should be happy about…. I did like how they scored this top-secret cameo though! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aNXrdYTV1c#t=19m23s funny enough .

Who Was the Russian Collaborator?

Was that Anton Vanko in Iron Man 3 playing a major role as far as man of technology goes , he is also completely aware Stark has no powers. Was it just Fury who discovered him working with another most powerful industrialist keeping up his tech even through prison esta bility confinement plus more surveillance and having drones apparently conveniently located at all bridges, intersections etc .

Why Did Avengers Break Up?

Well this is also a secret but it could be as far fetched that everyone thinks the Avengers are going to die in some massive fight so they break up and start working on their own . Then Thanos comes out of a wormhole , you’d think he’s powerful enough for them now, doesn’t bring about an apocalypse or destruciton….. I bet his goal will surprise us though and make him seem actually more powerful than supposed.

Does Avengers Happen Before Iron Man 3?

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter at San Diego Comic Con 2012 Marvel ended up outing them as prequels, a word that I use in quotes since it’sMarvel so we have to take some of their things with a grain of salt along the readers and movie goer. Personally though after seeing Avengers Endgame , no It wasn’t mentioned here or there but you did see Iron man 3 .

Where Did Steve Rogers Go After Civil War?

Steve Rogers went in his present guy who was seen at the end of Falcon and Winter Soldier . He is where I think he ends up always being , a master spy.

Why Did Steve Steal Tony’s Files?

To keep people from trying to kill him, for personal reasons but not until director didn’t like them..Like Denny O’Neil said 20 years ago “You want something done right


If you could finish Iron Man 3 in a twinkle of an eye, we can safely infer that the superhero has been killed by the villain. And if this happens it will mean Hulk and The Avengers are going to eat up all our precious time over their sequels as they battle with each other or maybe because of aliens trying something deadly (Avengers Alien Invasion isn’t bad idea at all).

Thanos is seen clarifying his plans for wiping out half the universe .Avengers Endgame Thanos wants to wipe out 70% of life in the universe, and his AI all but states that he does not need Tony, any help.

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