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Isla de los Estados Island


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Isla de los Estados is a small, yet beautiful and serene island located in the Gulf of Mexico. It is known for its abundance of bird life, crystal clear waters, and white sand beaches. In addition to its natural attractions, Isla de los Estados is also a popular tourist destination due to its many well-known resorts. If you’re looking for an escape from the city and want to experience some of the best scenery on the Gulf Coast, Isla de los Estados is the perfect place for you!

Isla de los Estados Island


Isla de los Estados first rose to prominence in the early 1800s as a place forTexans to escape the ravages of war. In 1821, Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna ordered his troops to quash what he saw as a rebellion against Spanish authority on island and force the settlers into exile. This event is memorialized on Isla de los Estados’ flag.

In 1905, Isla de Los Estados became a U.S., state-owned island park after it was purchased by philanthropist William Randolph Hearst for $500,000 . Despite the island’s status, citizens can still purchase titles to lands in Isla de los Estados for $40 per acre. The current islanders live mainly on Cat Island, located a short distance north of the new main atoll which has an artificial islet created by dynamiting and dredging.

“Islas San Marcos” or “San Marcos Islands”, as they were also known originally, have been inhabited since pre-Columbian times; archeological evidence suggests that inhabitants lived there continuously from roughly 3000 BC to 1050 AD.


Isla de los Estados has a tropical climate, with heavy precipitation concentrated in the summer months. The island receives, on average, of precipitation per year. Tropical cyclones and hurricanes are a constant threat to the island’s inhabitants because it is so close to Île d’Orléans , which has been damaged by storms at least six times .

As a summer tourist destination and venue for all types of conventions, Isla de los Estados sees substantially less rain than what residents experience every day. The hurricane season lasts from May through November during which time there will be no significant rainfall but high winds can affect the island especially when heavy thunderstorms occur around full moon cycles in June; the island’s lull in storm activity can also come during freezing rain events, which often occurs at the beginning of hurricane season.

While hurricanes are uncommon to Isla de los Estados , there were two significant storms that impacted it around sunset: a Category 5 cyclone on November 28 and 29, 2003 (an 81-year heat wave affected thousands of islanders with temperatures reaching ) along with flooding the following Easter Sunday.[citation needed] When they occur Belle Isle is typically empty because many residents choose to spend their days outside town rather than remain indoors when weather conditions become dangerous; however people residing there are never fully safe from high winds, heavy rainfall and rough seas.


Isla de los Estados is home to various cultures, reflective of its diverse ethnic backgrounds. These include the island’s primarily European and mestizo populations, as well as a growing population of Asians who reside on Isla de los Estados in large numbers due to its proximity to mainland China. The island has been called a “melting pot” where people from all over the world have come together to create a unique culture that is unlike any other place on earth .

While there are some influences from Spanish colonial rule that still linger today, cultural expression can be seen in a number of traditions and artistic expressions, many of which are passed on to younger generations through song.

The island is home to various musical forms ranging from rock, pop and jazz music; folklore also has a spot in island culture as traditional Appalachian ballads hold an important place within the acoustic repertoire that takes places during numerous community events hosted for public audiences at festivals such as ‘La feria y el Canto’ celebration held every year around Easter Sunday.


The island of Isla de los Estados is administered as part of the municipality of San Blas, Nayarit. It has a population of 2,058 as per the 2010 census, making it one of Mexico’s smallest municipalities by population.

Island politics can be difficult to follow due to its small size and lack of infrastructure; however, there are a number issues that affect islanders on a daily basis. These include high ratesof poverty and unemployment, along with environmental concerns such as water contamination and erosion caused by improper farming practices . The political landscape in Nayar it has undergone some changes since 2009. During the campaign, (which is especially difficult to follow due to its size), a number of independent candidates ran for and won island positions, having solidified their dominance in island politics . Election and political issues are another way that Isla de los Estados affects individuals on a daily basis.

Government services

There is a lack of infrastructure on the island, so it is difficult to access government services. There are a few medical facilities which provide basic care, but they can be hard to find. The only way to get help if you need it is to go to San Blas or Tepic.

Economy and jobs

The island has a high rate of poverty and unemployment, as well as environmental concerns such as water contamination and erosion caused by improper farming practices . Many people have left the island in search of employment opportunities , leaving very few jobs for locals.


Isla de los Estados is one of the most beautiful and underrated islands in the Caribbean. With crystal-clear waters, white sand beaches, and dense vegetation, this island is a paradise for travellers looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you’re a nature lover or a beachcomber, there’s something for you on Isla de los Estados.


What’s The Climate Like On Isla De Los Estados?

The island has a mild, tropical climate with warm weather all year round. In fact, it can get so hot that swimming is not recommended from May to October!

How Many People Live On Isla De Los Estados?

There are only around 1,000 residents living on the island, most of whom are employees working in the tourism industry. There is no permanent population except for a small number of staff at some resorts.

What’s The Culture Like On Isla De Los Estados ?

Expats and locals alike will find that a lot of their island culture is similar to that found in the United States, while others have a Caribbean flare. Maria-sama ga Miteru (Full Metal Alchemist) is filmed on Isla de los Estados! Many American movies are also shot there e.g., Race to Witch Mountain, A Lot Like Love etc.

What Are The Government Services Available On Isla De Los Estados?

There is a small police force, hospital, post office and a few stores. Services such as electricity and water are provided by private companies.

How Can I Get To Isla De Los Estados?

Most visitors arrive via cruise ship, although air travel is also possible. Visitors can also disembark at one of the island’s two airports – Punta Cana or Santiago – and take a taxi or rental car to their resort destination.

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