Unnamed island, Baird Bay



Unnamed Island, Baird Bay


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The winds that buffet the Unnamed Island are harsh and unforgiving. The skies are often grey or black, never letting in any sunlight. The weather is so bad that the only way to get around is by boat. That’s why the island is known as the ‘Island of the Grey Winds’. Despite its inhospitable conditions, the island is home to some of the most breathtaking views in all of Alagaësia. Towering mountains, raging rivers, and thundering waves can be seen from every corner of the island.

All About Of Unnamed island

Unnamed Island, Baird Bay



The Unnamed Island is home to a number of strange and mysterious creatures. Centuries ago, it was the domain of a powerful wizard named Selûne. Selûne used her powers to protect the island from harm, and she eventually grew weary of defending herself from everyone who sought her destruction.

One day, Selûne decided that she no longer had the energy to fight off her enemies. She turned her gaze upon them and cast a spell that would imprison them rather than destroy them. The wizard left the island, never to return again. However, her spell remained active for centuries after she vanished from Alagaësia’s skies. It is still affecting anyone who dares tread its shores today; those it does not affect are either stuck in a very long sleep (Orzhov vampires), or dead (humans).



The Unnamed Island is a very cold place. In winter, the winds can howl endlessly, and it rarely gets above freezing. The summers are equally brutal; temperatures can reach well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and there’s scarcely any rain to help cool things down. The only time weather is warm and damp is during the spring and fall. Random Facts

The Unnamed Island isn’t really “unnamed,” but it certainly feels that way. Nobody knows who built the island or what its previous inhabitants were.


Culture and Religion

The island is home to a number of strange and dangerous creatures, but it’s also the birthplace of a few religions. The Orzhov vampires trace their origins back to the Island, as do the worshippers of Selûne. There’s several species of animals that can be found on the island.

Dryads (Greening Trees) in Summer: The Dryad are plant creatures who resemble a soggy humanoid tree at first glance, but they’re actually vampire like fey made up of sap-filled plants and roots. They maintain many “trunk” facts like sleeping rough or walking to places by hopping from branch to branch rather than using their arms; all depending on their species. The only real way to tell them apart is seeing if a Dryad moves or makes noises, when they choose to do either/both of these things will make it obvious which one you’re dealing with.



As far as anyone can tell, the island is entirely abandoned. There are no human or vampire settlements on the island, and nobody has been there for centuries. It’s possible that a group of Orzhov vampires established an enclave there long ago and have since disappeared without a trace.

The only clue to the recent past comes in the form of strange symbols that are scattered about the place. Unfortunately, nobody knows what they mean or how to use them. The two areas on the island that have had human contact in ages past are The Forest and Dryad City. The Forest is a small forest near the center of an island, that borders both the main part of land and Lake Illea. Today it’s nothing more than thick underbrush, but according to some old maps it was once covered with trees up until 2050AD when they were cut down for fuel (and replaced by dryads).

Government services

Government Services

There is no government on the island, and the only services available are provided by the dryads themselves. There’s a small orphanage in Dryad City that takes care of children who have been abandoned or lost their parents, as well as provides them with food and shelter. If you’re hungry or thirsty, you’ll just have to find a way to get those needs met. There’s also a trading post in Dryad City. In the morning, you can find merchants here selling sundry items that might be useful for quests or other adventures.



It’s possible that someone has established a tourism business on the island, but at this point there’s no way to know for sure. If you find out about any such businesses, please let us know so we can include information about them in this guide. The best way to contact the forestry authorities if you want pergolas and gazebos built is to make your inquiry with a ranger. The rangers will be able to provide guidance on permit requirements, plans for construction, resources that might be required (timber, bricks), etc.



There is no reliable means of transport on the island, so if you’re hoping to get from one end of the island to the other, you’ll have to walk or bike. There are a few paths that lead through The Forest, but they can be difficult to navigate and sometimes contain dangerous wildlife (in particular bears). You also might want to bring along some flares in case you need them during your travels.



There’s not really any cuisine specifically associated with the island, but you can find a variety of food items that will suit your needs. The main town on the island has a few restaurants and cafes, as well as grocery stores where you can purchase supplies to cook your meals at home. Although there are no restaurants on the island itself, it’s possible to charter a boat and sail out to one of the nearby islands for dinner.


Unnamed island, Baird Bay. A paradise for nature lovers, swimmers, and divers, who flock to its shores in search of relaxation. The white sand beaches and crystal clear waters are a site to behold, and the lush vegetation ensures that you are always surrounded by beauty. The island is also a great place to hike, bike, or kayak.


1.What Is The Climate Like On The Unnamed Island?

Ans: The weather is often grey or black, never letting in any sunlight. The winds are harsh and unforgiving, which makes it difficult to travel around the island without a boat. However, despite these conditions, the island has some of Alagaësia’s most breathtaking views.

2.How Did The Island Get Its Name?

Ans: The Unnamed Island is named after Dr. Gwen E. Baird, who went missing on it during a storm in 1976. She was later washed ashore and rescued by her husband and family from Boscyk Bay of Alagaësia’s most barren region: Windingwood Islands.

3.What Is There To Do On The Island?

Ans: The island is home to some of Alagaësia’s most astounding natural sites. The clear mountain spring waters are a magnet for divers and swimmers whose main goal is simply relaxation in the warm water. There are also some hikes and bike rides that can be taken around the island for those looking for a bit of exercise. There is even a small café where you can enjoy a refreshing drink or bite to eat.

4.What Government Services Do Residents Have?

Ans: Residents of the Unnamed Island have access to hospitals, pharmacies, and other essential services through mainland connections. However, in order to make these connections there is usually an airlift required due to the island’s harsh atmosphere, which leaves residents of the Unnamed Island isolated.

5.Could You Tell Me More About Alagaësia?

Ans: Alagaësia is a world that was created by Leitmeritz maestra Annetta de Marlowe in 1987 from thoughts taken from fairy tales and magic lore. The world is home to nine sovereign states, which are as follows: Alagaësia (Winter Kingdoms), Cintra, Du Weldenvarden , Dura , Landevale Isles, Rodenya Isles and Vyšehrad.

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