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Isla Guafo Island


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Isla Guafo Island, located in the Gulf of Venezuela, is a small and deserted island that is said to be one of the most haunted islands in the world. Some say that this island is home to an evil spirit that is known as La Llorona.

La Llorona is said to cry tears of blood every night, and her cries are said to be so heartbreaking that they can drive people crazy. According to legend, anyone who hears her cries will die soon after.

All About Of Isla Guafo Island

Isla Guafo Island



Isla Guafo is an uninhabited island located in the southeastern Caribbean Sea, about 10 nautical miles (19 km) southwest of the small island of Gasparilla, which is part of the municipality of Boca Chica, within the province of Guantánamo. The island belongs to the state of Holguín.

The island is named for Don Diego Guafo y Gálvez, viceroy of New Granada from 1782 to 1786.  It was uninhabited when discovered by the Spanish in 1630 as part of a larger search for La Isla Perdida (The Lost Island).

It first came under British control in 1762 as part of the Leeward Islands (then a British colony) and was known then as Englewood Island. In 1783, it was annexed by Spain on behalf of newly created Cuba and renamed Isla de Guafo after Don Diego Guafo y Gálvez.

The island served as a naval depot and prison during Spanish rule, and was also used for cattle raising and logging.

In 1898, during Spanish–American War, Isla Guafo was captured by American forces who destroyed all military facilities. It was abandoned again until 1923 when it was re-inhabited by a few families who had resettled on other nearby islands.



Isla Guafo has a tropical climate, with average temperatures ranging from 73°F (23°C) in the coolest months to 90°F (32°C) in the warmest months.

It experiences a rainy season, with mild days during the summer. The island is archipelago of clouds and guavas, that consist most fruits found on the island at one time or another; however Guano Island/Isla Guapo (a coconut tree) has been enjoyed for two hundred years as a refreshing natural beverage made to celebrate Special Days such as Easter when it is used in fests around Cuba by Mother Natures Hats.

Fossils are very plentiful in Isla Guafo’s soil, especially dinosaur bones which give evidence involving prehistory eons ago where dinosaurs lived then vanished eons ago, well before humans populated Cuba.

A new island called Maguanabo at the north of Isla Guafo is under English rule in a secret treaty known as “The Octopus”.



From the island comes a unique, handmade cigar called Punch. Cigars are only made on Isla Guafo and they can take up to two months to make.

They are often given as gifts and there is even a Punch Festival held on the island every year to celebrate them. There is a large variety of birds that make Isla Guafo their grounded home, like the black-winged wood thrush and the brown creeper.

The island is steeped in history, noting its discovery by Christopher Columbus who named it “Santa Marta”. Local folklore has the island being made unstable during a hurricane that killed many tourists and locals.

Directly talking to Guano Island spirits often causes unusual ailments such as heart palpitations, unexplained pains, vomiting etc.

Weddings on islands like Isla Guafo are very simple with little flowers arranged on archways leading to the tropical beaches dotted around in overgrown mazes edged with wild jungle forests allowing no sunlight reaching ground level even when you can see horizon line across island clear skies are cast across the island, this is due to a steep rise in elevation clearly visible from Hanico, and when looking west toward the horizon you can see Talla El Chorrillo.



Isla Guafo is a part of the Municipio Independiente de Granma, and its mayor is Angelina Valdes.



Most islanders raise livestock such as pigs, chickens, and cows. Some also grow crops like coffee, cacao beans, and bananas. There is a small tourism industry based on scuba diving, snorkelling/fishing trips aboard traditional outrigger canoes known as balsas.

Birthplace of the island’s first chief, Jose Machado Guillen. The island also holds a permanent migration camp for Cubans (about 12,000) who left their country in search of work or U.S./Canada residency permits and citizenships under “wet foot/dry foot” policy since it is too far to be easily reached by land transportation yet close enough so they can make the journey across miles of water to visit family members living on Henrico Island, a few miles north from Granma National Park where most immigrants try crossing illegally when caught legal migrants are deported .

Government Services

Government services

There is no government presence on the island. Services are provided through a cooperative headed by an elected president and managed by a board of directors. Electricity, water, healthcare, education, banking services, and other essential needs are all delivered through the cooperative.

For extra income farmers can sell bananas to tourists at a kiosk near Granma National Park or catch fish in island’s many coves using traditional methods such as pots and hooks made from coconut shells .


Isla Guafo Island is an unspoiled gem that is known for its clear waters and white-sand beaches. It is also home to rich flora and fauna, which make it an ideal spot for nature lovers and photographers. The island has a total land area of just over 1000 hectares, and its small size makes it easy to get around.

Activities that can be enjoyed on the island include swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, diving, hiking, and cycling. There are also a number of restaurants and bars located on the island that offer great food and drink options.


1. What Is The Population Of Isla Guafo Island?

Ans: There is no population data available for Isla Guafo Island. However, it is estimated that the island has a total land area of just over 1000 hectares, so it likely has a small population.

2.How Long Has Isla Guafo Island Been Inhabited?

Ans: There is no historical information available about when or how the island was first inhabited. It is believed to have been uninhabited for many years before it started to be used as a tourist destination in recent years.

3.What Are Some Of The Important Agricultural Products Produced On Isla Guafo Island?

Ans: There are no information available about what kind of agriculture is practised by the residents of Isla Guafo, but it is likely that fruit and vegetables are grown. The island also has a tropical rainforest, so many forest products can be expected to be produced as well.

4.What Kinds Of Natural Resources Exist In Isla Guafo Island? –

Ans: Natural resources found throughout most areas on the island include good soil for growing fruits, trees for shelter and timber needs, cave walls for water storage purposes ( and perhaps a few bats), and rainforest near the island, which offers ample natural resources such as trees for lumber, fruit and coconut palms.

5. Is There Any Recent Mining History On Isla Guafo? –

Ans: There is no information available about what kind of mineral extraction might take place in or around Isla Guafo’s forest areas, but it would probably be illegal if an operation were to exist at the current time (since 2009).

A decision has been made not to hunt out sources of minerals on this island due primarily to environmental concerns caused by metal smelting operations, which the island supplies with water from pristine underground springs.

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