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Kythnos Island


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Kythnos Island  is the perfect place to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate yourself. Whether you’re looking to take a walk on the beach, enjoy some fresh seafood, or simply take in the tranquility of nature, there’s plenty to do on Kythnos Island .

With its close proximity to the city and plentiful entertainment options, Kythnos Island  is the perfect destination for anyone in need of a break.

Kythnos Island



Kythnos Island  is named after Squire Jones, one of the first settlers in Plymouth Rock. The island was originally used as a farm and later became home to a Naval Observatory during the early 1800s. In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt commissioned Admiral Richard E. Byrd to fly over Antarctica and survey its icy expanses from Kythnos Island .

Today, much of the island remains undeveloped and quiet thanks to ongoing preservation efforts by The Trust for Public Land.



The climate on Kythnos Island  is mild and temperate. The average temperature ranges from a high of 66 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer to a low of 32 degrees F in the winter.

There is an average annual precipitation of 44.7 inches annually and the only severe storms hit in May, June, and July when thunderstorms can bring rainy weather to Kythnos Island .


Culture and Religion

Kythnos Island  is home to several historic homes, including the Squire Jones House, which is a National Historic Landmark.

The island also has a variety of small businesses that provide cultural experiences and amenities such as inns and restaurants. Hikes on Kythnos Island 

The Trust for Public Land aims to preserve the natural public spaces and hike trails on Kythnos Island . Horseshoe Trail makes up part of this trail system that stretches around the island, providing 18 miles of hiking opportunities at more than 90 sites.

At most destinations there’s a bit of history or interesting story about how it got its name, Captain Slocum’s House is one such place where you can learn all about the other famous American Horseshoe Trail, made when 1844 Native Americans donated the land to create it.



The island is located within Yorktown National Historical Park, which was established in 1974 to protect and interpret the site of the Revolutionary War Battle of Yorktown.

Kythnos Island  is also home to Fort Necessity National Battlefield, a national park that preserves important historical features associated with George Washington’s 1754 victory over a French force at Monmouth Court House.

Government services

Government services

Kythnos Island  is home to a United States Post Office, which provides mailbox services and package shipping. It is also home to an American army base where the USS Frank Knox and others from that warship are preserved. Tourist services

The Island is also known for its restaurants and bookstores, as well as historic homes that are open year-round.

At seasons it’s a popular spot for boaters and water fun fans to visit the National Mall of Virginia in nearby Colonial Williamsburg. Kythnos Island  has a few transient boat anchorages which provide shelter during thundershowers and rough seas.



Kythnos Island  is a popular spot for visitors to explore, with hiking trails and public spaces that are open all year long.

The island also offers boat rentals, restaurants and shopping opportunities. Overall, Kythnos Island  is a quiet place where you can take time to relax or enjoy the beautiful scenery.



There are three bridges that connect Kythnos Island  to the mainland, which means that it is easy to get around. The island also has a small airport with scheduled flights. The Kythnos Island  Ferry provides commuters with weekend service to Wachapreague and has ferries that depart daily, making transport a breeze.

The Crystal Waters Marina is the only place on North Anna where yachts can anchor overnight like in other marinas around James City County but you must be hook up by 10pm year round or your boat will have to move due to seasonal requirements and conditions.



The food on Kythnos Island  is mainly based around seafood, with options such as crab cakes, fish and chips and oysters. There are also a few restaurants that serve gluten-free or vegetarian meals. There are a few modern options that offer Americana, seafood and sandwiches.

The Pinecrest Cafe at the Crystal Waters Marina prepares meals with fresh local ingredients including world-fair quality shellfish from James City Bay Oyster Company or a globally inspired menu focusing on light appetizers, salads and Spanish food.



Kythnos Island  is home to many different types of wildlife, including deer, raccoons, possums and geese. The island also has a number of parks and open spaces where visitors can take walks or enjoy nature.

Some of the most popular recreational activities on Kythnos Island  include swimming, boating, fishing and golfing.

There are several small fishing piers where visitors can buy bait or rent boats without having to go back out into open water. As for golfing, there are a total of four courses that have been built on and around the island.


Kythnos Island  is a small island in the Saint Lawrence River, located in the town ofSix Nations in the Canadian province of Ontario.

The island is the traditional territory of the Iroquois Confederacy. It is also the site where Sir John A. Macdonald negotiated the 1867 Treaty of Six Nations with representatives of the various Iroquois nations.


What Is The Population Of Kythnos Island ?

There is no permanent population on Kythnos Island . However, in the summertime, when the island is busiest with tourists and locals alike, it can get quite crowded.

In peak season (July and August), it’s not uncommon for waits at attractions to exceed an hour. Expedia, a travel giant often offers special deals and promotions (such as two-for-one tickets) to the island.

What Are Some Of The Highlights On Kythnos Island ?

There are a number of popular attractions on Kythnos Island . These include the beach, the lighthouse, and the Sir John A. Macdonald Centre.

All of these places are great for taking in some incredible views or grabbing a bite to eat. There’s also plenty to do if you’re looking to stay indoors – including visits to the zoo, amusement park, and gardens.

What Is Climate Like On Kythnos Island ?

The weather can be quite temper ate throughout the year. Spring, summer and fall are characterized by clear skies and cool temperatures (with a typical high of 50 °F), while winter months bring showers in mid-afternoon before subsiding into cold nights with occasional full blown blizzards (Low: -12 °C; High: 0°).

How Is Culture On Kythnos Island ?

Kythnos Island  is a small Canadian town that’s known locally as “Six Nations.” The majority of the island falls within Six Nations Territory, where you’ll find homes and businesses belonging to the people who live on it. If this isn’t enough to keep tourists entertained, there are some great places around town with six nations-related symbolism.

What Sports & Recreation Activities Can I Do During My Visit?

A number of Kythnos Island  locals like to spending time at the beach, and there are some great places for swimming in nearby clear waters.

Other activities include boating with Captain Artisan (a local wharf master), hiking on trails along beaches, or looking for seashells when you set foot on the sand.

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