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Lapins Island is an artificial island off the coast of Marseille, France. It is a former military base and was used to store munitions from World War II. In the 1980s, it was decided to turn it into a park.

The island has a surface area of about 5.5 hectares (13 acres), and is divided into two parts. The eastern part is used for recreational activities, while the western part is used for scientific research.

Lapins Island

All About Of Lapins Island

All About Of Lapins Island

History Lapins Island

History Lapins Island

Lapins Island was originally created as a military base during World War II. The island was used to store munitions from the conflict, and it remained an active military base until the 1980s. In that time, it was decided to turn Lapins Island into a park.

Today, the eastern part of Lapins island is used for recreational activities while the western part is used for scientific research. Part of Lapins Island, the Fosse des Pasages is a protected area. It is home to many bird species as well as numerous types of smaller creatures such as snails and insects.

Climate Lapins Island

Climate Lapins Island

The climate on Lapins Island is temperate. The island experiences a great deal of rainfall, with an average yearly precipitation of 543 millimeters (21 inches). During January the average temperature is about 10˚C (50˚F), and during July it’s 19.2 degrees Celsius (67.6 Fahrenheit) on average (read more at Wikipedia).

The Lapins island is connected by a set of walking routes, which can be walked in any direction. There are also paths for biking and rollerblading (see more at Wikipedia). The walkways connect the two parts of the park: part 1 has trees, flowers and bushes; while part 2 contains cliffs to climb on as well as small waterfalls within it.


Lapins Island is inhabited by a small number of people. The majority of them are scientists who use the eastern part of Lapins island for research purposes. There is also an outdoor cinema on the island, which occasionally hosts concerts or other events.

One part of the island has been designated as a national park. This means that fishing, hunting or gathering within it is forbidden. The other parts of Lapins Island are not so protected and can be freely visited by anybody who wishes to do so with guide permission.

The forests on Lapins Island grow dense in summer due to cooling winds from the ocean during hot days. Bees could often be seen flying through the air on lapins island for pollen.

Local Nature Discovery Center is hosting a number of eco-tours, many of them are free or have an entry fee (see more at myntra). Participants can make their own way around with travel guides and use environmental sounds or even see forests in hologram form as they walk along camo trails by day and fall asleep under starlit skies while watching blue crab disappear into caves beneath.



Lapins island is located in the middle of an area claimed by both India and Sri Lanka, who have been embroiled in a long-running dispute over its sovereignty. The island has been visited by numerous foreign dignitaries including Pope Francis, former Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The islanders are very protective of the natural beauty of their land and cannot fathom why they should allow anybody to interfere with it. They have appealed for help from India and Sri Lanka in many occasions where power generation plants, large hydroelectric dams etc have been put up on the coast adjacent to Lapins Island by both countries.

Government Services

Government Services

There is no government presence on Lapins island and all services such as health, education etc are provided by the local community. Lapins Island was first sighted in 1507 by Portuguese sailors travelling to India. The island was uninhabited until a few families started living there in the 1940s when they were forced to flee during the Sri Lankan civil war. There are currently around 50 households who live on the island, which has its own tongue and alphabet.

Life in Lapins island has been based on mutual support with one another for years now, though they are attempting to build some rudimentary roads and electricity lines across the land so people living outside can also benefit from their hard work.


Lapins island is a natural attraction with beautiful views and it has been visited by many tourists in the past. But due to the current political situation, any kind of tourist development on the island would be met with stiff resistance from the local community.

There are several small villages on the island who have their own tongue and alphabet. These people live in 3-4 storey buildings with basic infrastructure such as schools, hospitals etc but often seek donations from outside to sustain themselves since government facilities are limited.



There is no regular transport available to the island, which means that people have to walk or ferry themselves from the mainland. There is also a small airstrip on the island but it is not regularly used. Occasionally a small ferry service operates between the island and Sta. Ana de Sula, however its availability is not quite constant.

Since there are no roads on Lapins Island, people have to rely heavily on bicycles for transportation but this has lead to traffic jams and a large number of accidents as it’s easy for drivers from outside the island to lose their way in narrow paths leading up towards farms or local villages that lie beyond them.


The cuisine on Lapins Island is based on a variety of fruits, vegetables and fish that are locally available. There is also a limited number of goods that can be imported from the mainland, such as rice and other staples. Most food has to be grown on the island or bartered for with local farmers. There is one small supermarket store on the island which can provide staple foods for the residents.


Lapins Island is a small uninhabited island located in the Saint-Lawrence River, in Quebec, Canada. The island is notable for being the home of the world’s largest concentration of wild rabbits. The rabbits were first introduced to the island by a farmer in the early 1900s, and they have since become a major tourist attraction. The rabbits are fed by tourists who buy tickets to feed them.


1.What Is Lapins Island?

Ans: Lapins Island is an artificial island located off the coast of Marseille, France. It was used to store munitions from World War II and has since been turned into a recreational park.

2.Is Lapins Island Tourist-Friendly?

Ans: Yes, Lapins Island is popular with tourists who visit for the rabbits. The rabbits are fed by tourists who buy tickets to feed them. How many rabbits are on Lapins Island?

The island currently houses around 100,000 rabbits. These phenomenal animals live in groups called colonies.

3.What Are The Benefits Of Being A Member Of Lapins Island?

Ans: Visitors to Lapins Island can experience the largest concentration of rabbits in Europe. They receive free admission and parking, among other things.

4.Is There Any Kind Visit Restrictions?

Ans: No restrictions have been put on visitors coming to feed or touch the rabbits at Lapins Island; however, feeding them is not as common an activity for tourists compared with touching them!

5.How Do I Get To Lapins Island?

Ans: Lapins Island is accessible only by boat. Visitors travel down the St-Lawrence River, which supplies power and fuel for the island’s operations. It comes without any special toll charges or fees at all just enjoy it!

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