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Danger Islands


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Danger Islands are a series of coral reefs that have been damaged by the effects of climate change. Scientists have warned that more danger islands will form in the coming years as a result of warmer waters and coral bleaching.

Coral bleaching is a condition in which the coral turns white, and this can cause the reef to lose its structure and eventually die. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has called for urgent action to prevent more danger reefs from forming.

Danger Islands

Climate Change

Climate change

Climate change has had a significant impact on the sea life of the Maldives. Because of climate change, people have to face more difficulty in finding food as it affects their productivity and they also lose access to water sources because depleting aquifers are unable to sustain demand for fresh drinking water.

On top of that, food necessaries like rice tends to be highly expensive due its growing cost coupled with almost constant torpor effect; then again prices of transport, machinery and energy were also affected by climate change.

Along with the changing of sea level amounts in some islands (in total it is expected to reach over 7 inches due to ice caps melting from super-eroding glaciers), its already big island’s water bodies are unable or not able to supply the demand for fresh drinking water.

.Moreover, increasing heat will greatly magnify coral bleaching effects which may threaten several island nations’ coral reefs. It will greatly affect the island nations’ sea economies and tourism as temperatures will rise above that usually supporting coral colonies, making it harder for sea life to thrive in waters which are twice as hot now than what they were back up till 1980s.

Also thousands of islands risk getting submerged due to climate change caused by ice caps melting from super-eroding glaciers; this danger is not new though because about half a million islands existed on pre.

Coral Reefs

Coral reefs

While the island nation is home to some of the most well known reefs (in terms of biodiversity) in the world, climate change can threaten its very existence. Not only will sea waves and storms increasingly wash away newly formed atolls but also new developments that are higher than 2 meters now may be submerged by rising sea levels.

On an international scale many coral colonies were affected due to ocean warming when their cuellar basal hospices were damaged by sunlight causing heat island effect. In an effort to raise awareness of the danger climate change poses for the seabed some islands or parts of them declared themselves Reefs,

Towns and Communities Protection Areas; but many island nations do not even have a few square miles suitable for coral formation making it hard to establish such areas as natural reefs in sea waters that may become too hot within next century.

Since most island nation’s harbours are surrounded by sea water ( in order to ensure protection of high sea walls and seaports) the danger of higher temperatures reaching fregatt island countries’ shores means climate change may threaten their shipping industry (in 70s fregatti islands abandoned mining operations on small islands along reefs because they were not durable enough), fishing industries, farming lands, many small communities etc.

Atoll island nations are at a risk due to rising sea levels which will result in freshwater from ice melting and sea reaching island nations’ shores (in fregatti islands the danger of coastal erosion is a real cause for concern) causing salty water to wash parts of seabed into inlet’s or bay.

The danger will especially be present near island nation’s ports – where warm ocean waters entering narrow channels during severe storms may be unable to freeze even if weather was cold enough – at high tide creating no ice anymore, rising seas inundating low.

Danger Reefs

Danger Reefs

While danger islands are the main reason island nations can hardly afford to put all their hopes on extracting minerals from sea beds (in fregatti islands…).

Fregatt island nation’s seafarers may be forced to take adavantage of island nations’ seabeds because above mentioned danger may have already been a real threat in past decades etc. Some subsurface seamounts and bottom ridges near countries’ shores are inhabitated by colonies of coral polyps that produce and feed on sea water.

Extracting corals from their island nation’s seabeds will be a possible way forward for island nations to prolong the lifetimes of danger reefs caused by cooling ocean waters (in fregatti islands other ecosystem vs. collapse may arise instead, like using stony coral as reef or lighter weight concrete – permaculture).

Although danger coastal areas are going to get flooded with saltier sea water, island nations may use danger seabeds of danger reefs as sites to build their sea pools (in fregatti islands the problem will be more related to coastal erosion).

Ships and boats that used these danger seabeds for the safety of persistent salinity level in water tanks can naturally serve a real value by providing island nation’s seafarers with annual crops which they take off from ocean’s shores and deliver to island Nation highlands where island nation’s population could process the grains (e.g., wheat, rice, corn…).

Mini islands of stony coral – danger reefs island nations may not be able to afford building a seabed island there despite its quite important use as sea pool in winter-summer months and abovementioned danger of coastal erosion even for established island nation seaports’ seafarers. Regularly repairing used danger reefs or converting them into minis.

Island nations can get lots of cheap, low danger related seabeds in the end. island-nation inhabitants could boost their nautical skills and sea pool abilities there to at least be able coast guards that have from danger reefs ocean watches (in fregatti islands increasing nautical duties). Being adjacent with the Atlantic Ocean many island nation’s seafarers may build a jetty near these coral polyps reef soon and park carriages for cruisers there.


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1.What Are The Danger Islands?

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