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The thought of travelling fast may arouse every man’s imagination. The idea of travelling light appeals to many more.

A car, when traveling at high speeds, can unleash the ultimate fury, as is shown in the movie, Mad Max: Fury Road. The idea of taking refuge in a strange land just so that you may be harmlessly deposited is another aspect of the movie that somehow strikes up a chord.

All Discussion Of Mad Max Fury Road

Mad Max Fury Road

Storyline of the movie

The movie is a violent action flick that unfolds on an apocalyptic world. This portrays the setting of our driver — Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy) and his story as he concludes his journey to seek refuge in “The Citadel”. The film touches upon issues such as women’s rights, totalitarianism, power of war and etc.

Originally based on a short screenplay from George Miller , Mad Max: Fury Road began as one man’s dream but ended as a full fledged movie project with Tom Hardy in the villainous role. In 2002, Miller and Brendan McCarthy had penned early versions of scenes but did not have enough content to see their vision turned into screenplay or feature film .

The duo then edited The Road Warrior (1981), which was created by Chris Wedge, who also took up the responsibility for his sequel that brought about Mel Gibson as Max Rockatansky’s replacement.

The original scenario written by Miller, was scratched off and replaced with a new screenplay — titled Furiosa. The script went through several revisions and thus finally resulted in the movie we see today as part of Mad Max Series.

Climax of the movie

Climax of the movie

In Mad Max: Fury Road, there are many instances that depict the brutality and violence employed by warlords who reside in a place called “The Citadel”. The general environment is threatening to driver –Max Rockatansky, who then decide to leave “The Citadel” where his wife awaits him.

Andy Cunningham has shared on his view of the movie as he said…

I would say I was surprised at how much humor this film had, because usually when you see these high-end car movies, it’s very dark and dramatic. This movie has so much humor to it!

But one point that I have been thinking about its the juxtaposition between Max and Furiosa on this trip to find The Citadel. There is a lot of tension there though they are each other traveling companions part in some way or another. And they travel while trying not just to survive but also raise their newborn son.

The movie makes it clear is that they have a lot of anxiety and tension while going on this journey because they are looking to escape the enemies back in “The Citadel”.

But at the same time, it’s also very interesting how their relationship with each other goes through some sort of changes over this leaving process, as there is mistrusting between them most likely due to Max being wanted by these warlords for revenge.

Cast and characters

Mad Max: Fury Road is directed by George Miller with the screenplay written Antony Hamilton and Brendan McCarthy. This film stars Tom Hardy (Max Rockatansky), Charlize Theron (Furiosa or Imperator Furiosa) Nicholas Hoult (Toecutter, a warlord in “The Citadel).

When talking about cast of this movie it also includes Nicholas’s real-life wife Zoe Kravitz as Toast, Riley Keough (Capable also known as “The Bullet Farmer”), Hugh Keays-Byrne, Zoë Kravitz, Frances O’Connor.

Although the male characters do have some of them being a little generic in this movie especially Tom Hardy are definitely looking convincing while they act and perfectly performing their roles. But one character that I thought is stuck out very nicely was Nicholas Hoult portrayal on Toecutter which makes him stood out very nicely in this movie.

And to some degree, Riley Keough’s or Captain Capable playing her is a little different but I think what managed well with everyone of them going into this because they each have their own kind of characterization that informs the way you view and accept them as three separate characters. Capable was a bit angry warrior character who served 2nd in command under “The Warlord” played so by Hugh Kays.

Short review

Thank all odds, short review ended. My expectations on Mad Max: Fury Road is that since the first 3 films I have seen of this series were quite disappointing for me- “”Mad Max” (1979), “The Road Warrior” (1981) and ” The 1979 film which was a remake of English science fiction film from Aussie director  Mel Gibson with American actress Melinda Clarke .

On these movies I feel it’s mostly focused on the film’s story more so than how well they are executed and connected to each other.  And from this movie I can feel that Fury Road is a good example of what can elevate them as well in some or most cases if not all these aspects.

From my point of view, The first thing I noticed was the way Zack Snyder did put emphasis on  “bringing variety into breathtaking apocalyptic environments”. From this scene you immediately know.


Mad Max: Fury Road is a 2015 action film directed by George Miller. It is the fourth installment in the Mad Max franchise, following The Road Warrior (1981), Beyond Thunderdome (1985) and The Road Warrior (1981). Set in a dystopian future where gasoline has become scarce, it follows Imperator Furiosa as she tries to rescue her husband from being captured by the villain Immortan Joe.


1.Mad Max: Fury Road – Is That Maggie Smith?

Ans: The There’s no way to know for sure, but it looks like she might be in the movie. whole movie looks very vintage and aged, and while this makes Max more of a timeless scary character, she really stands out amongst these characters thanks to her slightly white hair contrasted by the old school leather jacket .

And if you’re going for authenticity after all these years… don’t even think about giving her Peggy Sable’s costume ever ! If you’re going to go that route, the more noticeable change would be changing the metal around her face… because she doesn’t have white hair.

2.What’s the Most Exciting Boring Movie?

Ans: There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the person. However, some people might say that The Dark Knight is the most exciting and boring movie ever made. Others might say that The Shawshank Redemption is the most exciting and boring movie ever made.

3.What Is Your Review of Mad Max: Fury Road (2015 Movie)?

Ans: My review of Mad Max: Fury Road is that it is an excellent movie that is worth watching. The acting is great, the action scenes are spectacular, and the story line is captivating.

4.Why Mad Max: Fury Road Is a Masterpiece?

Ans: Mad Max: Fury Road Is a masterpiece because it can be seen from two sides. First, this is an “anything goes” movie with big action stunts and lots of CGI in the scene which will attract viewers who want to see all that no good shit but still embracing what’s really important as a viewer–the story and charact

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