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Makepeace Island is a small uninhabited island located in the middle of the Saint Lawrence River. It is accessible by ferry and has a great view of the cityscape of Montreal. The island was created in 2007 as part of the Montreal Biosphere Reserve, and is home to a diversity of plant and animal life.

La Ronde amusement park was originally built on the island in 1959. It closed its doors on January 9, 2016 due to poor attendance and shifts where one section of the park would be open while another could not operate, among other reasons.

Makepeace Island History

Makepeace Island

Makepeace Island was originally known as Îles Émeraudes. It was purchased in 1792 by Pierre Dugua, Sieur de Monts and named Île aux Chétifs after the chétif (a type of wild rabbit) that inhabited the island. In 1802, it was sold to Michil-François Deslauriers and renamed Île aux Pins. The island served as a penal colony for the British and Americans in 1838.

Historians believe that stories of unusual occurrences costals occurred on Île aux Pins drew people to think the island might possess some sort of supernatural powers. As a result, makeshift ornate chapels were built on both sides of the river using stones taken from local cliffs as construction material.



Makepeace Island has a temperate climate with average temperatures ranging from 12.3 to 24 degrees Celsius. In the winter, there is usually snow on the ground and in the summer, it can be hot and humid. The island experiences four seasons due to its close proximity to major temperature changes. The summer is the driest and could be hot or cool.

There can also be storms from time to time, especially in spring when many thunderstorms flow through Quebec and northern Canada during this season. The autumns generally start out warm with mild weather until October where temperatures drop dramatically.


Makepeace Island is well known for its arts and crafts, particularly glass blowing. The island has a small population of about 200 people with most of the residents living in the village at the base of the island. There are no highways or airports on Makepeace Island so most visitors arrive by boat or airplane. Makepeace Island functions as a small municipality run by elected officials and the island has its own middle school.



The island is accessible only by boat or airplane, so there are no shops or restaurants on the island. As such, politics plays a major role in the life of Makepeace Island. There are two mayors on this island and they share power with appointed members of council who oversee all aspects of government business. As of 2005, the island has dedicated 2.5% (or about $4 million) to its health system.

Government services

Government services

Makepeace Island has a small population and limited resources, so it relies heavily on government services to support its citizens. The island does not have its own police force or hospital so the local policing service provides security for the residents and operates a post office as well as providing medical services. There is also a school that serves students from kindergarten through grade 12 and there are no churches on Makepeace Island, only small community centres open to the public during certain times of the year.


Makepeace Island Tourism

Makepeace Island is a popular tourist destination due to its unique location and beautiful scenery. Visitors can either stay on the island or visit during certain times of the year when businesses are open. The primary draw for tourists is the glass blowing demonstrations that are held throughout the year at various locations on the island.

There are several vendors on Makepeace Island who sell handmade crafts and other souvenirs while the island bookstore is open between July and September. The fishing industry also provides a significant amount of employment for residents of this small community.


Makepeace Island is connected to the mainland by a ferry service that operates from July to September. There are no roads on the island, only trails and gravel paths that connect various businesses and residences. The limited infrastructure has led to high rates of traffic congestion on weekends when tourists arrive in droves.


Makepeace island Cuisine

Due to the limited resources available on Makepeace Island, the cuisine is primarily focused on seafood. The primary source of food for residents is lobster fishing, which results in a significant amount of lobster products that are exported to other parts of Canada and beyond. There are also a few small farmers who grow vegetables and fruits on the island but this sector does not generate as much revenue as fishing or tourism.


Makepeace Wildlife

Makepeace Island is home to a significant number of birds, including bald eagles and ospreys. There are also several species ofigator that can be seen swimming in the river that runs through the island. The predominant wildlife species on the island is undoubtedly lobster which can be found in abundance throughout the waterways and estuaries. Threats

Since becoming part of Peterborough County, Makepeace Island has experienced some erosion over the years (particularly around Dutchman Point and in low-lying areas) as well as having more than its fair share of major property damage due to coastal flooding. However, despite this there were no deaths or serious injuries directly attributable to storms on the island until 2004 when Hurricane Frances hit during an extremely busy fishing season for both lobstermen and tourists.


Makepeace Island is a small, uninhabited island located in the middle of the Bay of Bengal, off the coast of India. It lies about 121 km south-west of the port city of Paradip. The island is administered by the Government of India. The administration holds it as part of a forested reserve and a bird sanctuary.


1.What Is The Currency Of Makepeace Island?

Ans: There is no official currency on Makepeace Island, but visitors may use Indian Rupees.

2.How Do I Travel To Makepeace Island?

Ans: The main connecting point for making a trip to the island is by ferry. The nearest airport is at Visakhapatnam, which lies 361 km away (for non-residents) or around 1:30hrs drive time from Kolkata’s Lalbazar Market area via NH2 and NH44A. Alternatively there are daily flights available direct with Chennai and Bangalore based airlines like Bangalore International and SpiceJet. Other air links are available to Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. Railways have also a direct connection from Vizhapatnam.

3.How Much Time Does It Take On Average To Get There?

Ans: Typically the journey takes around 4:45 hrs through Indian territory by road or about 6 hours by boat which can be changed for flight according the choice of traveller although travelling purely in train is usually advised due to inactivity and break less service.

4.What Is The Weather Like On Makepeace Island? 

Ans: On most occasions, it’s hot and humid at Makepeace (Average July Temperature – 28°C to 33°C; Average January Temperatures 21°C-33°C). Rain fall comes during periods of monsoon season from June to September which coincides with the arrival of south west winds across coastal Andhra Pradesh & Tamilnadu .

5.Is It Safe To Travel There?

Ans: Makepeace Island is governed as a bird sanctuary. The island’s open bays make for easy access by small boats. No local villages are located in close proximity, and tourism tends to push away fishermen from the shores of the tiny islands making them somewhat safer than most such destination locations.

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