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Massey Island


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If you are in search of some unique experiences, Massey Island is the perfect place for you. This is an enchanting and alluring island in the Bahamas that is little known to most people and attracts an exclusive group of travelers.

They are especially attracted to its tranquillity and the richness of its untouched beauty, which definitely makes the island worth exploring! With several attractions that make it adorable and an array of activities to engage them, you are sure to engage your senses with this island.

All Discussion Of Massey Island

Massey Island



Massey Island has a long and fascinating history. It was allegedly discovered by the Spanish in the 16th century and named after one of their governors, Captain Thomas Massey. The island came under British control during the early 18th century and remained a part of the Bahamas until 1958. After that, it became part of South Eastern State University which is now located on Andros Island.

It only became accessible to tourists in 2000 and people flocked to the island as soon as they learned about its uniqueness and beautiful spots.

Accommodation You can stay in bed and breakfasts or different resorts located on Massey Island; however, if you are looking for long stays, you should contact Resorts Doris Barracks. This is conveniently located at 6 miles northeast of Great Harbour Road. Rates start from US$300 per night but availability varies depending on the season since this resort is located in the remote island.

Activities and Attractions Massey Island is home to a variety of activities that keep its residents energized all through the day. There are various resorts for one last-minute booking and boats to hire, making it easy for you to engage on multiple activities at your leisure!


Massey Island Climate

Massey Island has a quite tropical climate with an average temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit. As with the rest of the Bahamas, it experiences a lot of humidity and rainfall year-round. During the winter season, temperatures usually hover between 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity is quite low but does start to get higher in December.

However during the summer months when you plan your stay, later on, expect a little heat even at nights with temperatures reaching up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit – it’s just a matter of time until those scorching days arrive.


Massey Island Culture

Massey Island is a melting pot of cultures and it’s home to people from all around the world – you can find Bahamians, Caribbeans, Africans as well as Europeans living on Massey Island. There is also a sizeable Chinese population residing there.

As with any other island in the Bahamas, its culture revolves around fishing and farming which are still carried out by many families today – despite modernization having affected most areas of life on the island.

In addition to agriculture and fishing, Massey Island is also home to many of the country’s celebrities including Kelly Rowland, Essence Atkins as well as Miss North America 2009 Tiffany Majer (Miss USA 2009), all of whom have homes on this critically revered piece of land.


Frederick A Tong

Massey Island is a parliamentary constituency represented in the House of Assembly of The Bahamas. The constituency was created in 1912 and is one of the three constituencies which constitute the Eastern District.

The seat has long been held by Frederick A. Tong, a businessman who bought property on Massey Island in 1979.” Robert Doull, previous MP for Massey Island. He represented the constituency of Massey-James City in the House of Assembly but had to resign after he was convicted on charges related to child pornography in 2015.”

Government Services

Government Services


The island is served by Grace Episcopal Church, Massey Island Presbyterian Church as well as a Roman Catholic church, Corinthian Hall.

Massey Island and Thatch Cay were once served by the Bahamian National Airlines (BNA) founded in 1969 on partly funded from government subsidies.” One of BNA’s fleet was a Cessna 404 and at its peak, it had 13 employees throughout much of the Bahamas but due to low sales to the private sector, BNA eventually folded and its assets were sold off.”

The political career of Albert A. Philip is important to note because he was not only a powerful businessman but also a member of the Legislative Assembly who tried repeatedly since 1969 to win Massey Island as part of one individual constituency or another – notably in 1977 being replaced by Maurice E. Forde after an unsuccessful bid for head-of-state from George Ferguss on and then for governor in 1980 under the Progressive Liberal Party banner.

Phillip lost those bids but continued to hold district alongside two other MPs who represented three districts each of the Eastern District at times.”


Massey Island Tourism

Tourism makes up a big part of the economy on Massey Island because it is known for its crystal clear waters, white-sand beaches and lush rainforest.

Massey Island Eco Adventures operates eco-adventures including kayaking trips to explore the Bahamian island’s creeks and rivers.”



Massey Island is located close to Freeport, Grand Bahama and Nassau. It can be reached by car, boat or jetboat.”

There are no road or railway links to Massey Island but it is within reach of all the main airports in the region. There are regular ferries connecting Massey Island with Grand Bahama and via a private air service with Nassau with passenger flights twice daily to New York City.”


Massey Island Cuisine

The cuisine of Massey Island is based on fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables grown in the island’s lush gardens. Local dishes include Jerk chicken, grouper or mahimahi Tikka masala.”



There are some very rare and endangered species of plants and animals living on Massey Island including the Bahamian wild fig tree, Elliott’s sheathbill and the Bahamian white-toothed tern.


The islands are located in the middle of the Southern Ocean and they are abundant in wildlife. The islands have remained unmapped and unexplored since the colonisation era. They comprise of several large and small islands that are scattered far away from each other. The location is so remote that it makes the area extremely hard to reach and survey in a short span of time.


1.What Is Massey Island?

Ans: Massey Island is a rainforest-covered island in the Bahamas Archipelago. It’s known for its crystal clear waters, white sand beaches and lush rainforest.

2.What Are Some Of The Attractions On Massey Island?

Ans: Massey Island Eco Adventures operates eco-adventures including kayaking trips to explore the Bahamian island’s creeks and rivers.”

Notable local dishes include jerk chicken, grouper or mahimahi Tikka masala.”

3.Are There Any Hotels On Massey Island?

Ans: Massey Island is not really a development. It’s mostly rather undeveloped with only small resorts scattered along the beach where tourists have to charter boats onto the islands from Nassau.. There are no local accommodations after some point in time I guess around 2006 when all that started happening. Local accommodations are not available anymore.

4.How Hard Is It To Get There?

Ans: This island has choppy water on most days of the year, so do keep in mind that you need a life jacket and snorkeling gear for your trip.. it can be windy as well! The tourist visits this Island just for weekend trips from nearby areas such given by some tour operators or recent people who have been spending time on these Islands.

5.Why Is It Called “Massey Island”?

Ans: There is no definitive answer to this question. It may have been named after a previous owner or developer, or it may have simply taken on that name as the most convenient designation for the island at that time.

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