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Medea (1969) Movie Meaning and Ending Explanation


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Medea is a beauty full of battle, ferocity, and passion. It’s a story that involves a sorceress, a mother, an unapologetic wife, and a jealous woman. A maverick take on the Greek Myth of Jason and Medea. The film is brilliantly written by Woody Allen, who had also penned such films as Annie Hall, Manhattan, and other hits.

What Is the Story of Medea?

Medea (1969) Movie FAQs

Medea is a character in Greek mythology. She was the daughter of King Aegeus and Queen Klytaimnestra, and the wife of Jason. Medea’s life was marked by tragedy, as she was abandoned by her father when she refused to marry his suitor Acastus, who then kidnapped her two children from her. Her role as a tragic heroine began with the abduction of her children; after killing their would-be kidnapper and husband, she fled Corinth with Jason on his quest for the Golden Fleece (which he eventually won). During this time, Medea became involved in an affair with Jason’s friend Glaukos (who would later betray him), after which she poisoned him upon discovering that he had been unfaithful to her.

The story has been told in numerous forms throughout Western literature and art; it is one of several myths involving Circe (whom Medea kills). It has inspired such works as Euripides’ play “Medea” and Alfred Lord Tennyson’s epic poem “The Princess”.

Medea tells Jason how to get what he wants from Colchis:

She claims that if you want wealth or power you have to work hard for it—and if you don’t make things happen yourself, no one else will. So Jason does exactly what she says:

Jason succeeds at finding where Phrixos lives thanks to a golden ram sent by Medea before they even reach Colchis:

When they arrive at Colchis, they meet King Aeëtes who wants them dead because he believes they have come seeking revenge for his daughter Helle being killed by Hypsipyle:

While preparing dinner

What Does Medea Symbolize?

Medea is a female character in Greek mythology. She was the wife of Jason and queen of Corinth. She was renowned for her beauty, intelligence, cunning, and ruthlessness.

Medea symbolizes motherhood. In some cultures, it represents bad mothers that are always trying to control their children by fear or violence, but in other cultures, it also represents the love between mother and child as well as the struggle between good and evil within a person’s heart.

Why Is Medea a Tragedy?

Medea is a tragedy because it shows the downfall of someone who has done no wrong. It shows how when one person falls, all others suffer with them.

Medea is also a tragedy because it brings out the dark side of human nature, which is that people are capable of evil and that we have to be wary of our actions even if they seem good at the time. We cannot trust those around us and we should not be so quick to believe what other people say about their intentions towards us, for example, Kreon’s accusation against Medea or Aegeus’ belief in his son Jason’s guilt.

It also demonstrates how power corrupts absolutely and how it can ruin lives without any reason at all – this is shown through Medea’s own descent into madness after she loses her son Absyrtus to Theseus’ family feud and then by killing her own husband Creon upon his death in revenge for her lost child.

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What Is the Main Message of Medea?

Medea is a Greek tragedy written by Euripides. It was first performed in 431 BC at the City Dionysia and was later known to be one of the most popular tragedies among ancient Greeks.

The play tells the story of how Medea’s brother Jason, who was king of Corinth, betrayed her by abducting their young daughter Helle and then got married to another woman without revealing that he had abducted his own child.

After killing her husband with poison, she went on a quest for revenge against him and his new wife Glauce. She is also accused of murder because they say that she murdered their children with the help of witchcraft.

The main message from this play is about being careful when you are choosing your partner and being sure that you know all about them before committing yourself to them or getting married to them as this will lead you into trouble if not handled properly or according to your expectations. This goes on throughout life so it does not matter what age we are in we should always take time out for ourselves even though our partners may have been pressuring us too much!

What Is Medea’s Hubris?

Hubris is the prideful belief that one’s own power, intelligence, or achievements are greater than they really are. This leads to poor decisions and bad results. Medea was also known as a treacherous character in Greek mythology. Her hubris led her to kill her children by placing them in their cradle with snakes so that they would die of poisonous bites.

In this situation, she had lost all hope of ever seeing her children again alive but then Jason came along and saved them from death. I think the main reason why she lost hope is that she saw how others were living while she was suffering without any means of survival herself. Another thing that led to hubris was being separated from her husband who went on a long journey after he left with Medea leaving behind his own wife and children who were very young at the time which caused a lot of stress for him as well as a cause for concern for his new wife since she had not seen him for some time which made her think he was dead which led to lackluster feelings towards her husband because of this but then when he came back it seemed like everything was okay again between them and so what if there were some problems within their marriage? It doesn’t mean that things will be going downhill forever! They can work through those issues!

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What Is Medea’s Fatal Flaw?

Medea’s fatal flaw is her jealousy towards her children. When she discovers that Jason has taken another wife, she feels betrayed and kills their two sons in a fit of rage. She doesn’t care about the consequences of her actions because she only cares about herself.


Medea is a Greek tragedy written by Euripides and performed ca. 408 B.C.E. It survives in several versions, the most complete being that by Euripides himself, who appears to have revised it after each performance. Set in Corinth in the immediate aftermath of the Peloponnesian War, Medea is a very rare example of a play that was written by an existing society for its own use as propaganda, since it gives an insight into Athenian prejudice against non-Athenians.

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