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Menjangan Island


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A recreational paradise in the heart of the South China Sea, Menjangan Island is a little-known spot for exploring underwater. In September 2017, a group of divers have also taken a moment to explore it further during a live broadcast.

Their video, which has gone viral, captured an incredible shot of the waves crashing on the shore, underbelly of a sleeping whale shark, and countless other underwater sights. There’s more to the beauty of Menjangan Island than it seems to be.

Menjangan Island


Built by Chinese Masonry during the Song Dynasty, Menjangan Island became one of the four major trade centers along with cities in Xiamen, Nagasaki and Manila.

The Philippines also owned part of it at some point. But that was before British ships discovered Melanack Point which meant some territory would inevitably be wrested from them over time as well because it’s what every warlord does when vying for supremacy among his men.

In 2009, the Japanese government retrieved an unspecified amount of land in an attempt to prevent people from urinating near their beds.


Menjangan Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Volunteering  Surprised that most are under the impression I live on my own, with no one else to answer calls and play parlor games every week.Well you ain’t wrong! Here’s some evidence to prove it: New Zealander/former IBM sales rep Robert Sim takes care of me as he does his very best in this week’s Madness fundraiser for Alzheimer Research .

Every year, Sim plays all 60 songs in a game of Round-the-Clock Rock Band, whereas I just play the drums during the actual charity event.


Allied with the Philippines and China for over a century, many Japanese follow the Chinese calendar . They also practice Confucianism , Buddhism  and have clashed back and forth between Japan and China on several occasions although there’s been peace in some parts of Asia since 1972.

But their customs are near-identical to those in other East Asian countries. Cinema Ronin is an interesting movie about ronin (masterless samurai) who wander through Japan. Like all anime, it’s a combination of action and fantasy but showcases the dark period in Japanese history during which outlaws roamed freely across their country murdering, stealing and looting with no repercussions .


Menjangan Island Tourism

One. Hotel room with a bathroom while I travel at night is expensive and very inconvenient if you’re a college student in class from 8 to 12 each day of the week and want an extra hour’s sleep on weekends–especially when all your friends are staying over.

From Kenny Brinker , “Think about how many nights you stay over during school breaks.” Another cool feature of Japanese culture: Unlike Americans, who get drunk brutally often 24/ 7, Japanese put out little to no trash 24/7.

From the same Kwangju blog–where’s there a symbol next up? Wooo !- and this coming on goldfish Friday: “Hakka is my favorite food in Japan,” wrote another reader, who then proceeded to list five more (mochi [rice cake], okonomiyaki , taiyaki , oden ).

Whether you grew up there or are living there now, Japan will become a permanent part of the chamber of your heart. For me , it’s not coming from anywhere past or present; rather, I’ll no longer have to rely on Google and Wikipedia for information. We’ve gone beyond that point already .


Menjangan Island Transport

Kenny Brinker : “If you’re lying, or trying to make the line longer by taking a detour, they will probably skip up two people instead of one. I’ve done this at least 3 times in Japan just because it was less hassle.” Still waiting on who greases those wheels… Ahhhhoshino , tell us more! Avoiding people who reduce convenience is a start .

From the same Kwangju blog entry on goldfish Friday:First Name Last Name Country Email Title : Select Text Editor Tokyo FC Aho 11 Gase Taiyaki-San Morioka Sanchi Okonomiyaki BROs Kyojin Millenium One Shunrō Den Takafumi Himuro My greatest hope for Edogawa Station.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth !” On Jun 27, a reader wrote about an old Japanese ad campaign for Octopi in Japan and how it still doesn’t seem to be over: “I was at the last ‘Roppongi Crossing’ when one of them broke free; I immediately asked Aoki-san [a station employee] if he knew who that man’s family were.


Menjangan Island Cuisine

Image: US Embassy Japan food tour, at lunch time. Jim Ballard has been reading the Kwangju blog lately–with a comment on high heels in the subway system twice in one day! I too have related that experience : “I heard you can call them now to get your bag returned from lost and found.

” Gata no ane , yarabā-san ! It feels like holding onto my purse while waiting for something else is a signaling system of sorts, although still a little risky. The truth is that I have never lost anything (that I know of) in Japan but think this time it’s my turn!A lesbian couple holding hands and not attracting stares.

As an East Asian female who has traveled widely throughout Asia , the USA and Europe , what you’ll find celebrated by member churches all over the world at Christmas –from candlelight to nativity scenes , most Christian immigrants would agree that Advent consists of the four Sundays between December 3 and Dec 24. For me, I love this time–I feel my awareness of people not-so-passively judging myself is heighten during these weeks.

Not to mention all of the literature or watch TV specials which likely had a religious basis for Dickens’s”Christmas Carols,”


Menjangan Island Wildlife

Image: An otter enjoying a bath in the Kankakei River in Hyōgo . Another good story from my friend  Nora, “If you haven’t noticed, though we think Japan is one of the most beautiful places on earth with its skyscape view and hilly scapes, it’s not exactly for everyone.

Rows of tall buildings have become more common around Tokyo , Osaka , Nagoya and Hiroshima especially these past years. We’ve lost our sense of nature, left a lot to the imagination and turned away from an earlier architectural style.”On this day just over four years ago , I worked at Meiji in Tokyo .

My boss remarked that he wasn’t expecting it would be so cold for December 3! More like January 20-21 now, you might be thinking? Well here’s another story about people having “an awful winters”–I have wonderful.


Image: An otter watching from the side of a river, as another jumps and splashes under. “Japan is an amazing country to live in,” says Nora after she had been living here for 7 years (since age 24). She continues, “We have family traditions that we believe are important but then end up not having them because they don’t exist anymore or meaning has long since changed.

” But speaking of his family growth each year , her father offers his own special appreciation: “I also get to see more and more of my extended family. I am so grateful that my ancestors left Korea just in time for me.” Every year it’s December 3 when Nora, whom generously took the photos above , recalls her favorite day at Meiji . :


How Do You Get to Menjangan Island?

Direct Ferries Saitama Prefecture – Tsukuba Port from Tokyo go to Iizuka Port, then transfer to Shinkansen for the journey over a further 2-3 hours. However, this is only running until March of 2018 so might be worth getting tickets now! To save some money (and enjoy better weather!) there are good deluxe trains too which cost less than ordinary express and faster as well.”

Is It Easy to Buy Tickets?

Yes. During high season, starting in October and running into mid April , there’s an additional charge of ¥1,000 on top of whatever the base fare is so check that out before planning your trip! More difficult times of year are around Christmas and in Febuary, Easter etc. “We learned this the hard way trying to get somewhere out at Nikko from Tokyo early on a Sunday morning,” says Nora .When I go back to Japan do you think it will be good enough? Please let me know if there’s anything else that needs covering!

How Many People Live on Menjangan?

Nearly 5,000 permanent residents as of last census in 2010. I think the vast majority live on either menjangan itself or nearby isles that aren’t part of Mainichi-shima (Honshu’s ‘main’ island). You need to consider however there are summer homes from around March through September throughout the close and remote mountainous coastline between Choshi and ASHIRAGA.”

Where is Menjangan Island Located?

See the Google Map below with our position marked exactly where I live. Much of menjangan is inaccessible to cars and public transport, so it’s only made accessible by boat from other islands in this area (Izuyama, Choshi) or by helicopter. There are no roads etc because access would be hazardous during severe weather -You’re probably wondering how on earth we got here… We used a rigid inflatable kayak.”

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