Moonlight 2016 Storyline and Short Review



Moonlight 2016 Storyline and Short Review


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In 2016, “Moonlight” was a huge success in the US and around the world. It made people cry, shocked them, and made them feel like they were living life on their own terms. It was a beautiful film that highlighted the beauty of life and its many changes. Here’s our review of Moonlight, in case you missed it.

Moonlight is a period drama which has run for over a year on HBO. It is an adaptation of the play “In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue” by Tarbell Alvin McCraney, who also wrote the screenplay for the film. The show features Barry Jenkins as director and follows Chiron (Alex Hibbert), a teenager in 1980s New York City, as he becomes entangled with several men in his life.

Moonlight 2016 Storyline and Short Review

Characters of Moonlight



Chiron is a young boy of Black African descent living with and caring for his abusive mother, Teresa (Naomie Harris) in 1980s New York City. He lives isolated from the world around him due to being mentally and physically abused by his fellow children.

Chiron has no memories before he was struck down when a child during an incident where one of Teresa’s alcoholism ended up hurting another person while she was drunk driving (which her brother told her not.



The earliest character, who is the only other named African American in the entire film besides Chiron. Juan (Mahershala Ali) hatches a plan to break into an abandoned house that’s for sale and sets up his drug ring within it, which slowly becomes successful. He multiple times state this does not always mean he’ll be making money from his drugs; rather if they save him from living a life of crime, he’d prefer put others.



Chiron’s mother, who is sometimes seen as absent and snobby but mainly considered to be one of the most important characters in Chiron’s life. She ends up leaving trouble for herself and her son through drugs which leads them both down a dark road; however, the extreme nature does often leave people with negative emotions either towards Paula or Chiron.

Lawyer/Lil Wayne (aka Douglas) – Doug first appears to be cold hearted.


Gee is an old man that lives across the street from Chiron. Gee has a lot of love for Chiron, but at times it’s hard to tell if he actually likes him or not. He will always ask after Chiron and make sure everything is alright for him despite his sometimes-rough life situations with drug addiction that are taking over the entire neighborhood around them.


The film features production by Barry Jenkins in co-production with Jordan Peele’s Monkey Paw Productions. Jenny Harar and Jeremy Kleiner were the executive producers of Moonlight, as well as Alex Turtle Taub and Bob Cooper also taking producer credits.

Moonlight 2016 Storyline

Moonlight 2016 Storyline

Moonlight takes place in a neighborhood with two high schools, the “Bouquets” and the more affluent “PVM.” The movie has one of these students as Chiron who is an overweight African American teenager living with his mother Paula. He’s been dealing drugs for some time to provide for his truant-on-the-shelf lifestyle due to failing at school where he becomes mostly interested by basketball than academics.

One would think that this movie is about the athlete/ drug struggling night thug bad-ass kid. But it’s not. It’s actually a coming-of-age story with both unexpected and somewhat believable moments where you can feel the naturalness and power found in the characters as they grow into mature adults, especially Chiron who throughout his life went through highs (relationships) and lows (addiction to drugs). He learns along ways being more selfish.


After Chiron explains to the audience his story, we will then see scenes of him growing up as a dreamer despite what everyone in his life tells him. We also get to understand more about how different people react when seeing Chiron’s birthday wish list and getting one of those presents is something only, he can receive which becomes the start for an ongoing famous streak that no one knows anything about until these wishes start happening!

Rising Action

Rising Action

As the audience is introduced to what Chiron may have turned out like but only, we are not shown that. The story also gets intense as more and more situations around him start merging together resulting in lots of speculation as everyone searches for clues about his buried past!

As Chiron starts to open up more and we get a few answers from him it really begins to feel like this boy is one badly kept secret! What will he decide to do with the rest of his life? Can his past ever be truly buried back under in ‘Chiron’ or does it always haunt him when no one is looking? Will Dexter return for another meeting on the moon since what happened bet.


The Tension between an Ennis and a Moon gets strong as the audience notices this girl getting stronger but only, we are not shown that. Everything becomes more mysterious when Chiron has yet to think about what he wants his wish list to be! (After all, you can’t make any choices without considering wishes)!

Failing Action

Chiron is about to make his wish but then things start going downhill for him, getting crazy… no he’s not losing control why do people keep saying that?! Will Chiron be able to achieve what he wanted from the beginning? This failure leads you back into the plot line where we get some chuckles at how someone else would like their birthday wishes!


It’s an ambiguous ending as you can see both ways of asking the question. I would personally wish that even if Chiron got everything, like a world where he never became ‘Lost but now remembered’, something to keep his spirit alive in some way or just know what will happened so it doesn’t happen again it would have been better than the ambiguity here.

Moonlight Film Review

Moonlight Film Review

This movie is based on the award-winning novel written by American author Toni Morrison. On stage, Michael La Beau was considered to direct and hire book writer Tina Lifford to help turn this script into a film for the silver screen but I still thought that it may just go through some change along the way before becoming of this status!

In my point of view there are no doubt about what goes through his mind as he makes each decision but he certainly made some bad ones! First off, people openly criticizing him for making the decision of not allowing anyone to die giving all their lives during his play is terrible.

Even if you are being considered a lone person who little yam know can turn into the Illuminati’s ‘protector’ like Hulk and then get those powers by participating in head games which really shouldn’t be true because we all take part in these just this one.

If it is true, can anyone claim that this world would ever need someone like him? Who ordinary people will resent for using them for practical purposes and his friends are losing their lives in front of the internet! Even better yet at a time where he thought to be ‘truly himself’ or have all sense of reality underlined by words such as revenge rather than what is good.

One other example that stands out is his decision to date a girl who works with him. When becoming friends at the tryout for acting without any success, Sean was still doomed because she fell in love with Michael and gave up her seat so he could dance. Even though it all seemed good when started? Why not marry this woman before making any decisions?

His relationships that he has been with in the past were also full of drama. Even his relationship with his former girlfriend was not good at all! The break up turns out to be so hurtful for their family because it happened when they already had a baby boy together.

What People Like About Moonlight 2016?

‘Moonlight,’ which has won raves as the best film of 2016, could be an indication that we’ve crossed a critical threshold in terms of where diversity is on our cultural radar.

  1. “Hey mama wait up!” I shouted at my friend before holding silent tears back and moving out onto American mainstream-stage for who knows how many people to see Moonlight made by Barry Jenkins. Before it gets too rainy next week, head indoors.
  2. Let me tell you about this film though. I read the article above before seeing Moonlight and it got me so hyped up because of all the praise he has been getting recently with ‘La dance. Even Land’ being a GAGA nominated movie in 2016 to parts 4 and 5 now on streaming (no Netflix? you are alone)
  3. Anyway, how did I know that Moonlight was going to be excellent but at times were really just nice.
  4. (Full credit to make that a weird reference goes ahead though) I had heard of the book thus forth Moonlight and just how good it was but for some reason, it always got pushed down or dismissed. So, when going into the movie theater in June 2016.the only thing that went through my head on seeing Miami at that moment is this; both movies have been robbed from them getting nominated for Best Picture.
  5. Could be an indicator we might like movies with diversity at some point in this day and age? “Whoa, whoa…Hold up. So here we go with such a beautiful film that is based on young black lives growing up under the rules of America’s prison system, I actually think things are getting better for us yet again!”
  6. I was so pleased to see how comprehensive it was about race in modern society but also really critical of all these white people/money types messing.

What People Do Not Like About Moonlight 2016?

I understand that one cannot make every movie about themselves. However, I already could not stand the ending whatsoever and we all knew it was coming from when this person said “Moonlight has been robbed.” because of course, it did! it brought in a substantial amount of money for Moonlight Productions aka Barry Jenkins (Director) but barely any other people had listened to him and received such critical praise before him; so why even start talking now.

  1. Even if it was not right, the lack of basic understanding has been made apparent all along.
  2. This is basically just a list that [you] must vote on to determine your Life’s Fates! Consequently…why can’t we throw in a little bit more humanity and humility into this? Or don’t they even know how flabbergasting’ inspirational Moonlight longs to be simply because people are still so.
  3. This guy is a fuckin idiot if he thinks so… “The most important thing about this movie was to show what racism in the U.S., and especially, Florida today looks like. It doesn’t look like somebody talking nonsense on CNN.”
  4. Whew I am just not sure where to go with that statement anymore…”I can’t be certain but it seems as though our airheads of negro had quite literally hijacked the discussion away from debating.

Final Thought

The 2016 Oscars are over, and Moonlight was the big winner of the night. If you haven’t seen it yet, now is the time to catch up on the story of the movie. We’ve got a short review of Moonlight 2016, along with some interesting facts about it. A short synopsis of Moonlight, an Oscar-winning film directed by Barry Jenkins.

Moonlight is a coming-of-age story about a young black man named Chiron who grows up in Miami’s inner city in the 1980s. As he struggles to come to terms with his sexuality and identity, he makes several friends, including Juan (Mahershala Ali), Kevin (Jaden Smith), and Little (Ashton Sanders).


1.Do You Think The Production Team Made Any Mistakes In This Film, Or Did They Do Everything Right?

Ans: The biggest mistake that I can see in Moonlight is using several actors and actresses for the role of Chiron throughout the many different stages. In my opinion, there should have just been one actor played all through as it was more realistic due to having a narrator share stories with him on occasions.

2.Is It A Good Movie To Watch?

Ans: Yes, although a not as good film to watch with your friends. There’s some language and intense topics involved so maybe try it out at home by yourself if you’re going to watch it because I don’t think that an entire group of people can sit for the movie especially if they are in their late teens or early 20s.

3.What Is The Movie Moonlight 2016 About?

Ans: The movie Moonlight is about a young black man who grows up in Miami’s inner city in the 1980s.  However, it is more than just a coming-of-age story. It is also about his struggle to come to terms with his sexuality and identity, as well as the struggles of other young black men in that time period.

4.What Is The Message Of Moonlight?

Ans: There is no one definitive answer to this question. However, the movie seems to be about acceptance and understanding – both for Chiron himself, and for those around him. Notably, it deals with topics such as homophobia, abuse and trauma. In a nutshell: Moonlight is an emotionally powerful masterpiece that will leave you feeling inspired and enlightened.

5.What’s So Good About Moonlight?

Ans: There are many things that make Moonlight so great. First and foremost, it is an absorbing and heartfelt drama. Secondly, the lore behind the film – which primarily centres around a young black man’s struggle to find his identity in 1980s America – is incredibly compelling. Finally, Jenkins’ direction is exquisite: every scene POPS off the screen!

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