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All About Of Norman Island – What You Need To Know To Travel




Norman Island

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A small and unknown island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, Norman Island has long been a desired destination for adventurers and explorers. Famous for its unspoiled natural beauty and its deep history, this is one island that has it all.

Whether you’re looking to experience the peaceful shores, hike the mountainous trails, or simply relax on the beaches, there is something for everyone on Norman Island.

With so much to do and see, learning about Norman Island is essential before you visit. Here, we will teach you everything you need to know about this curious and beautiful island!

All About Of Norman Island

Norman Island



Norman Island is one of the many islands that make up the Bahamas. In 1492, Columbus discovered this island while exploring the Caribbean Sea on his voyage to America.

Over time, Norman Island has become a sought-after tourist destination for adventurers and explorers. Today, it is still a quiet oasis in an otherwise bustling world.

For more photos and information about this fascinating island, check out our page ‘Unspoiled Travel’.



Norman Island boasts a tropical climate with warm summers, chilly winters and heavy rains throughout the year. It is surrounded by water on three sides so that it has never been affected by storms from the coast of New York or Florida.

However, all this has not stopped Norman Island’s development since its first settlement in 1666 to quickly grow into an extremely busy area that people continue to visit in droves today!



Norman Islanders are a proud people and their culture is steeped in history. Their language, Gullah, is a mixture of African and British influences.

This unique dialect can be heard spoken by locals throughout the island chain. The Gullah Nation has its own customs, music and heritage that makes this an interesting destination to explore! Accommodations

Norman Island has an abundance of hotels, inns and resorts available to suit everyone’s needs.

With the average room rate in July coming at $170 USD per night, there is sure to be a place that fits your budget! You can visit the official website for more information or click ‘View Map’ below (the map will open as a new page).



Norman Island is a self-governing British Overseas Territory with its own Legislature and Prime Minister. The territory covers an area of 1,623 square kilometers with a population of just over 2,000 people.

The island’s capital city is the quaint town of Alligator Pond and sits at only 17 meters above sea level.

There are over 13 other settlements that also serve as sitting councils for Norman Island, most among them being Belle Glade (1816), St. Marys Bay (1710) and Yankee Town (1682).

Government Services

Government Services

are primarily provided by the UK through the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The mayor of Norman Island is also the Rector, a member of the Legislative Assembly (Third seats from Labor and 1st seat from UKIP), Justice, Education provided by UK’s Department for Children & Schools, which acts as an agent for all island schools under local jurisdiction.



The island is a paradise for tourists, boasting miles of pristine coastline, crystal clear waters and lush green vegetation.

The centuries-old cedar trees and rocky cliffs offer stunning views while the idyllic little towns dotting the landscape combine to make this an incredibly charming destination.

There are plenty of attractions on Norman Island that can be enjoyed by all types of visitors – from nature lovers to history buffs!



There is no regular transport on Norman Island, however there are a number of services that can be arranged.

Ferries connect the island to Saint Helena and Ascension in the South Atlantic while catamarans provide water-based transportation between various settlements on the island. Tugs can also be arranged on request.

Settlements and Government of Norman Island The administrative center of the east side is Alligator Pond , which has a population of 953 people as per 2011 census, with minor villages such as Belle Glade, Cherrington Bay and Yankee Town in close proximity to it.



Norman Island cuisine is heavily reliant on seafood. The island has a good number of restaurants serving fresh and delicious dishes, both ashore and from catamarans that ply the waters around the island.

Local fruits and vegetables are also used in many recipes, giving them a unique flavor not found elsewhere in Saint Helena. Fishing is one of the main sources of income in Norman Island, earning thousands every year.



Norman Island is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including lemurs, bushbabies, tortoises and imperial pigeons. The island also features some of the most fertile land on Saint Helena – perfect for farming.

Much of the land is used for farming – including onions, sunflower seeds and tobacco. The wetland areas have been left as wild spaces to protect species from contact with humans or pollution.

Most people in Norman Island are engaged in artisan-based trades such as wood carving, leather work and ceramics. Symbols of Norman Island

The Coat-of-Arms or Flag for the island features a beehive and trumpet, representing commerce.

The combination was introduced in 1866 when the authorities approved new design by Captain WL Robins, who had recently returned from government service on Bushby Islands near Rodrigues.

It is only active as unofficial flag under local administration with no official status but are used widely as symbol in commercial activities and private community projects.


Norman Island is a remote and pristine landmass located in the northeast Caribbean Sea. It is uninhabited, and it is illegal to land on the island.

It was named after Dr. Norman Bethune, a Canadian doctor who was killed in Spain while working with the Spanish Republican government during the Spanish Civil War.

Norman Bethune was a doctor who was killed while working with the Spanish Republican government during the Spanish Civil War.


1.What Is The Currency In Norman Island?

Ans: Norman Island does not have a formal currency, but there are various cash options that can be used on the island.

The most popular option is US dollars, which can be exchanged at some of the local businesses. There are also euros available, and credit cards are accepted in some locations.

2.Do I Need To Apply For A Visa?

Ans: No. In fact, it is illegal to land on Norman Island, so you will not need a visa to visit the island.

3.How Do I Get From Norman Island In The United States?

Ans: There are no direct flights from countries that include: Canada St Pierre and Miquelon Saint Martin Haiti Suriname Antigua Bahamas Barbados Jamaica Netherlands American Samoa Anguilla Cayman Islands Bermuda DPM Staff Insufficient Data Do Not Ex ist Do Not Exist

4.How Are Tourists Allowed To Access Norman Island?

Ans: There is a ferry service operated by the Department of Public Works and Marine’s (DPWM) Corporate Ferry Service.

5.How Do I Get To Norman Island In Canada?

Ans: There is only one ferry that goes from points on the Canadian mainland. The ferry takes approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. Islands with longer stays may have additional options for transport to the island, such as planes or boats .

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