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Petit Carcassaye Island

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Located in the middle of the Saint Lawrence River, Petit Carcassaye island is a peaceful oasis that’s perfect for a relaxing getaway. With its picturesque lakes, tranquil woods, and serene beaches, this island is perfect for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, Petit Carcassaye is the perfect island for you!

All Discussion Of Petit Carcassaye Island

Petit Carcassaye Island



Petit Carcassaye island was first inhabited by the Mohawk tribe in 1670. The island gained its current name from a Carcassey family who owned the land in the 1800s. Today, the island is run by Parks Canada and remains a peaceful oasis perfect for an escape!

Activities on Petit Carcassaye Island

There are plenty of activities that you can enjoy while on Petit Carcass aye island. Whether you want to wander the woods on a nature walk, or choose an outdoor activity that’s perfect for swimming and honing your skills in water sports – Petit Carcassaye has something for everyone!

1) Take a stroll through the beautiful forests.



Petit Carcassaye Island has a temperate climate with warm summers and cold winters. Because of its coastline location, it often sees snow in the winter and is subject to severe storms throughout the year.

In October: This is when you’ll be able to enjoy spectacular fall colours without dealing with extreme cold or rain. It’s also a great time for outdoor activities on this island! In February:For an enjoyable romantic getaway or just because – March can offer extremely mild temperatures and beautiful colouring of the flowers! By April: This is when Petit Carcassaye Island parks are open for spring recreation. In May: Similar to March, this is a great time to visit as temperatures will still be mild but there aren’t any days free of rain or heavy storms.




Petit Carcassaye is known for its peaceful surroundings, and visitors are welcome to enjoy traditional Mohawk activities such as arts and crafts. You’ll also find restaurants serving local cuisine, which can be enjoyed on the beach or in one of the rustic cabins on the island. 2) Enjoy a dip in the warm, crystal clear waters.

Game-changing Tip Petit  Carcassaye Island Caribbean Experience Do not assume that you will find this nature paradise without mishap after reading reviews about it online; be prepared for rough seas and strong winds! Prepare accordingly via all of your required gear (be prepared to bring tents or cots), insulation clothing, sunhats and walking sticks if needed.



The Autonomous Region of  Mohawk is located in the Canadian province of Ontario. It is affiliated with the lodge/tribe of Cherokee, which is located in Oklahoma. Current Weather and Environment At the time of our visit, we found Petit Carcassaye calm waters but was slightly rocking from waves breaking on its shores.

Overall a pleasant experience! 8.1 Great 9 Travelers who booked Petit Carcassaye Island Caribbean Experience recommend that you see this tour operator when planning upcoming trips to these parts of the world 9 Essential.

Government services

Government Services


There is no airport on Petit Carcassaye. The nearest airport is in Montreal, about 420 kilometers away. Public transport to Petit Carcassaye is generally not available in winter. If you wish, book a car rental from Montreal (see additional cost details below) or consider alternative methods of travel such as: taxis

Notes about booking your trip It’s difficult to accurately determine the weather and sea conditions during periods when there are less popular tours in town Lower prices may be offered on weekends Bad reviews tend only refer to sports like windsurfing that can be done at nighttime Petit Carcassaye Island Caribbean Experience has a “Good” rating on Tripadvisor based on reviews shared by travelers.




Tourism is a major industry in the Autonomous Region of Mohawk. This region attracts visitors for its natural beauty, cultural heritage and active tourism scene JiSTOR rating

JiSTor is a digital library of academic journal articles and other research resources. It is funded by the Lucile P. Hamor Foundation and the Institute for Scientific Information on Travel, Tourism, and Leisure (ISTT&L). JID refers to JiSTOR ID which can be used in subsequent searches of its content.




Public transport to Petit Carcassaye is generally not available in winter. If you wish, book a car rental from Montreal (see additional cost details below) or consider alternative methods of travel such as: taxis . Visitor information and services The information below is accurate as of February 2018. Contact the sponsor to determine changes that may have occurred since this date.

Accommodations At least 6 rooms at a minimum rate of US$100 per night, based on double occupancy or more Petit Carcassaye Island Caribbean Experience has “Good” ratings for its choice and room quality on Tripadvisor.


Petit Carcassaye Island

The cuisine at the plantation is based on Caribbean and Creole dishes, such as jerk chicken, shrimp and grits, mullet salad, and black bean enchiladas. There are also a variety of continental favorites like French toast with bananas foster and bacon Jamón ibérico de bellota

Jamón ibérico de bellota (known in English as Spanish ham) is a type of dry-cured ham produced mainly in the town of Jamon, La Mancha region of central Spain. It is made from Iberian pigs that are fed with acorns and hay during the winter months leading up to slaughter in April or May.


Petit Carcassaye island is an uninhabited island located in the Caribbean Sea, about 150 km southeast of Saint-Barthelemy. The island is part of the commune of Petit-Carcassaye, which consists of the two islands and some small rocks.


1.What Is The Official Language Of Petit Carcassaye Island?

Ans: There is no recognised indigenous language on Petit Carcassaye island. The commune of Petit-Carcassaye provides bilingual education for children living on the island. French, Creole and Portuguese are all widely spoken in this small community.

2.What Currency Is Used On Petit Carcassaye Island?

Ans: There are no banks or ATMs on the island. There is a post office and grocery store, but it’s cash only so make sure you bring some America!

3.How Far Is It From Petit Carcassaye Island To St Peter And St Paul?

Ans: It’s a nice drive from Saint-Pierre du Cap down the coast to Petit-Carcassaye. This trip should take about an hour or so, depending on traffic conditions. Motorboats are another alternative to driving around, if you want to avoid all the car and truck traffic on the way.

4.Where Is The Airport And Boat Landing To Petit Carcassaye Island?

Ans: There are no airports or jettys on the island. You can travel by boat from Cap-Vert, Saint-Pierre du Cap or Mole Antilles in Guadeloupe directly to Petit Carcassaye.

5.How Do I Get To Petit Carcassaye Island?

Ans: If you want to visit the commune of Petit-Carcassayes, it’s best from Cap-Vert or Saint Pierre duCap. If you’re flying in on a commercial flight then your tickets will include roundtrip transportation service between Pointe de la Grande Montagne and the nearest airport at “St Denis Du Cap”.

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