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Polymnie Island


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If you’re ever looking for an escape from the city, Polymnie Island should be at the top of your list. Located in the Aegean Sea, this stunning island is a paradise for nature lovers and hikers. With stunning mountain ranges, crystal-clear waters, and verdant forests, there’s something for everyone on Polymnie Island. And when the weather cools down in autumn and winter, don’t miss the chance to explore the island’s many caves and ice caves.

Polymnie Island


Polymnie Island is actually the name of two distinct islands: one located in the Ionian Sea, and the other off the coast of Anatolia. The first island to be referred to as Polymnie was supposedly named after a daughter of King Polybus of Corinth. Legend has it that she was so beautiful that Zeus himself took an interest in her, and bestowed upon her a magic ring that allowed her to travel anywhere she wished.

Once she became pregnant with Zeus’ child, Polymnie decided to escape from this cursed and dangerous island. However, Zeus was so overcome by her beauty that he overlooked the finer details of their relationship: namely the fact that Polymnie had deliberately seduced him in order to acquire his powers.



Although Polymnie Island is located in the Aegean Sea, its climate is very similar to that of mainland Greece. With mild temperatures year-round and negligible rainfall, the island attracts a large number of tourists during the hot summer months. However, if you’re looking for a cooler climate, Polymnie Island may not be your cup of tea – average winter temperatures range from 17 degrees Celsius to 21 degrees Celsius.


Polymnie island Culture

Polymnie Island is known for its natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere, which has led to it being designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Aside from nature lovers, the island’s culture also attracts tourists who are keen on exploring the remnants of traditional Greek villages. For those looking to visit and live on Polymnie Island, it is recommended that you book an apartment or villa through a real estate company.

There are plenty of vacation rental agencies in the region who can help arrange this for you – just ask them to send over more information about these properties.



Although Polymnie Island is technically a part of mainland Greece, it has its own elected government and courts. The island’s residents also enjoy full voting rights in the Greek national elections. As you’d expect from such a unique and beautiful place, people are remarkably friendly on the island. However, there is no lack of natives eager to show tourists around their favourite spots – so it’s best to arrive well-prepared with cigarettes – or be prepared for an extended conversation which will inevitably lead back to nature!

Government services

Government Services

There are no banks or post offices on Polymnie Island, so you’ll need to bring your own money and supplies. The only real source of income on the island comes from tourism – so if you’re thinking of visiting in the summer, it’s best to pack a heavy backpack! With this in mind, you may well find that Polymnie Island is not for everyone – so I’d recommend choosing to live on the island only if your passions include fishing, hiking or just simply appreciating nature.


Tourism on Polymnie Island is growing at an impressive rate, and for good reason. The island boasts pristine natural beauty, as well as many unique local attractions which are sure to appeal to visitors of all ages.

Some popular sights on the island include the monastery at Moni Kiari, Christos Kalathotos Village – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and the charming traditional villages located throughout the island’s countryside. Getting around Polymnie Island is relatively easy, thanks to the local public bus system which provides regular transport between places of interest on the island.


Polymnie island bus

There are no privately-owned vehicles on Polymnie Island. All transportation is provided by the local bus system which operates seven days per week, between 6am and 10pm. These buses can be booked in advance through a tourist information centre or through travel agents located on most major islands in Cyclades. The 15-minute scheduled route includes a stop at the Moni Kiari monastery, which makes for an easy start by your accommodation.


Polymnie Island Cuisine

There is no real ‘local cuisine’ on Polymnie Island – everything you’ll find is sourced from local farmers and markets. However, there are a few restaurants which serve up some delicious dishes including mezedes (appetizers) such as pithy eggplant dip or braised lamb with white beans.

Local desserts consist of kalitsounaki (a cinnamon-flavoured thick milk pudding), as well as sweet fried chickpeas called makoroni and honey cake. Geographically speaking, Polymnie is located in the far southwest of the Cyclades archipelago, while it also borders with Milos Island.


Polymnie Island Wildlife

Polymnie Island is home to a wide variety of birds, including flamingos and pelicans. The island’s biggest attraction, however, may be the hundreds of cows scattered throughout its rolling hills and valleys. Visitors can enjoy a drive around the island or take a walk in one of its many villages where they are sure to encounter some friendly locals who might offer you some delicious homestyle cooking! These open-air restaurants tend to grant you a unique look into Polymnie’s Greek culture and economy.


If you’re planning a trip to Greece this summer, make sure to add Polymnie Island to your list! This stunning isle located off the coast of Mykonos is a hidden gem that is perfect for exploring. With its crystal-clear waters, lush vegetation, and idyllic white-sand beaches, Polymnie Island is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun. If you’re looking for activities to keep you busy, there are plenty of things to do on Polymnie Island, from swimming in the ocean to hiking in the mountains. With so much to see and do, don’t wait any longer – go explore Polymnie Island today!


1.Is Polymnie Island Open To The Public?

Yes, Polymnie Island is open to the public and available for vacationing this summer.

2.What Are The Transportation Options Available To Get To Polymnie Island?

There are a variety of transportation options available for getting to Polymnie Island, including ferry rides from Mykonos or Paros mainland, airplane tickets from Athens or other major airports in Greece , or for luxury yacht charter.

3.Where Is Polymnie Island Located?

Polymnie Island is located in the Aegean Sea, off of Mykonos and just south of Paros and Naxos Islands. To get to Polymnie Isle from Athens (Attiko) you can take a ferry ride from Piraeus Port with Hellenic Seaways, Hydra Express Boat Services / PSA Lines – Air France ‘s subsidiary, or take one of the many yacht charter options available to get there.

4.How Can I Purchase Tickets And Make Reservations?

You can purchase tickets to Polymnie Island through our website.

5.When Is The Best Time And Weather For Vacationing In Greece?

The best time to vacation in Greece is between Christmas and New Year’s, as it is commonly referred to as the Greek Winter Season. It gets very cold during this part of November and December; temperatures are usually around 0° Celsius at night with a low of -15-18 degrees Celcius (5-13 Farenheit), occasionally dipping below freezing point.

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