Porvenir Island Everything You Need to Know



Porvenir Island Everything You Need to Know


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Porvenir Island is a small and secluded piece of land located in the South Atlantic Ocean, about halfway between Argentina and Brazil. It has been described as an “oasis of natural beauty”, and its landscape is dominated by dense rainforest and secluded coves.

The island was first discovered by Europeans in the 16th century but remained largely unexplored until the early 20th century when a number of wealthy Argentines began to purchase it for private use. As of 2007, it was home to around 60 people.

Porvenir Island Everything You Need to Know



Porvenir Island is a small, uninhabited island located in the middle of the Iguazu River in Argentina. The island was first discovered by Europeans in 1541 when the explorer Conrado de Vaca sailed past it while searching for a route to the Pacific Ocean. The island was not permanently inhabited until 1885 when a group of European immigrants established a small agricultural settlement on the island. The settlement gradually expanded, and by 1935 it had reached its current size of 106 hectares. However, the settlement was abandoned in 1942 due to World War II and subsequent economic hardship. The island was subsequently used as a military training ground and bombing range until 1978, at which point it was declared an ecological reserve. The reserve has since been gradually restored and is now home to a small number of native plants and animals.



Porvenir Island is located in the Gulf of Paria, Venezuela. The island is about 2.5 km long and 0.5 km wide and has an area of about 0.5 km2. It is the only permanently inhabited island in the Gulf of Paria and is administered by the Venezuelan National Parks Service.



Porvenir Island is an ecological research station located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Brazil. The station is home to a team of scientists who study a variety of marine life and their interactions with the environment. The team’s research focuses on establishing and maintaining healthy ecosystems, and they are constantly looking for new ways to improve the sustainability of marine life.

Culture and Religion

Struck Culture

Porvenir Island is located in the middle of the Amazon River, just south of Manaus, Brazil. The island’s culture and religion are heavily influenced by the indigenous people who live there – the Arawak.

The Arawak are pre-Columbian people who are believed to have originated from South America. They were hunter-gatherers and fishermen, and their main source of food was fish. They were also skilled in the art of ceramics and weaving.

The Arawak people believe in a pantheon of gods and goddesses, many of whom are linked to natural phenomena such as rain, wind, thunder and the sea. They also worshipped ancestors who they believed to be responsible for giving them their skills and knowledge.

Today, the Arawak people live on Porvenir Island in close-knit communities that maintain their customs and traditions. The island is home to a small Catholic church that was built in 1980. There is also a small airstrip that is used mainly for transporting goods to and from the mainland.


Language and Customs

The residents of Porvenir Island speak Spanish.



Porvenir Island is a small, uninhabited island located in the middle of the Rio Negro River in Venezuela. The island was once the site of a copper mine, but the operation was abandoned in the 1970s. The island has enjoyed renewed tourist interest in recent years as a result of its stunning natural features, including its geothermal activity, incredible waterfalls, and dense rainforest.

Hotels and Resorts List

Hotels and Resorts List

Here you go! A list of hotels and resorts in Porvenir Island, South America.

  1. Hotel & Casino Porvenir – This 4-star hotel is located on the beach and features a casino, a spa, and a fitness center.
  2. Ocean Park Resort – This 5-star resort offers an outdoor pool, an Olympic-sized pool, a casino, and a spa.
  3. Porvenir Island Club – This 3-star resort features a tennis court, a swimming pool, and a children’s play area.
  4. Casa Del Mar Beach Resort – This 4-star resort is located on the beach and offers a swimming pool, an outdoor Jacuzzi, and free WiFi.



Porvenir is a small island located in the middle of the Paraná River, in Brazil. It is about 2 km long and has an area of about 0.5 sq km. The island is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus, and it has no natural harbor.

The only way to access the island is by boat, and this transport is done via a small fleet of canoes that are towed by a motorboat. The journey usually takes around three hours, but can sometimes take as long as six hours due to heavy traffic or bad weather conditions.



Porvenir Island is an isolated, volcanic island located in the middle of the Amazon River, about 350 kilometers from Manaus, Brazil. It has a population of around 500 people who are primarily subsistence farmers. The main crop is manioc, but there are also small plots of bananas, sweet potatoes, corn, and tomatoes. The island’s cuisine is primarily based on the use of local fruits and vegetables. There is also a small amount of seafood available.

The cuisine of Porvenir Island features a variety of dishes that are based on fruits and vegetables. Some popular dishes include manioc soup, piranha fish with rice and beans, Varza (a type of rice pudding), and Chapada (a type of savory pie made from manioc). The islanders also enjoy drinking chicha (a type of corn beer) and acarajé (a type of deep-fried shrimp paste dish).


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  1. What Is Porvenir Island?

Porvenir Island is a small, uninhabited island located off the coast of Argentina in the Gulf of San Matías. The island is popular for its clear waters, white-sand beaches, and lush vegetation. It has been described as a “paradise on earth” and has been used for private yacht charters, weddings, and corporate retreats.

  1. How Can I Get To Porvenir Island?

There is no public transportation to Porvenir Island, and it is not accessible by boat. Private yacht charters are the only way to get there.

  1. What Are The Costs Of A Private Yacht Charter To Porvenir Island?

The cost of a private yacht charter to Porvenir Island ranges from $5,000 to $25,000 per day.

  1. How Long Is The Trip From Buenos Aires To Porvenir Island?

The trip from Buenos Aires to Porvenir Island takes around three hours.

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