Roche Canon Island Everything You Need to Know



Roche Canon Island Everything You Need to Know


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Roche Island is located in the heart of Shubra, which is a suburb of Cairo. This island is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate yourself from the bustling city life with fresh and natural surroundings.

The island was once inhabited by a population of monks and birdwatchers until 2005 when it was sold to a French developer to develop it for real-estate use.

Although time has changed Roche Island into a residential area, it has retained its unique charm by offering some of the finest residential layouts in Cairo.

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Roche Canon Island Everything You Need to Know


Roche Island was first inhabited by monks in the 9th century AD. It was also home to a colony of birdwatchers until 2005 when it was sold to a French developer.

Roche Island offers unbeatableviews of Cairo from its residential areas, which are situated on top of hills overlooking the cityscape.

The island’s facilities include several restaurants, cafes, bars and boutiques where you can enjoy an ice cream or a Mediterranean breakfast.



Roche Island is located in the heart of Shubra, which is a suburb of Cairo. It has an area of 18 hectares and it is bounded by two canals: the Nile and Al-Nasr canal.

The island’s hills offer breathtakingviews of Cairo from its residential areas, which are situated on topof hills overlooking the cityscape. There are several restaurants, cafes, bars and boutiques where you can enjoy an ice cream or a Mediterranean breakfast.



Roche Island has a population of around 10,000 people.



The economy of Roche Island is mainly based on real estate and tourism. Most of the commercial areas are located in Shubra and Mohandiseen area, with easy access to main transportation routes.

There is a total number of housing units available for sale that vary from small apartments ranging from 250 square meters to 1000 square meters along with three bedroom houses.

Luxury villas can be found on some sections on the island’s hillsides offering an affordable option compared with owning real estate in downtown Cairo.



Roche Island has a mild Mediterranean climate with cold winters and hot summers.


Culture and Religion

The culture of Roche Island is mainly oriented around its Mediterranean lifestyle with a taste for luxury and relaxation. The people are friendly and welcoming, often inviting guests to their homes for a traditional Egyptian lunch or dinner.

There is a high concentration of expatriates living on the island who are drawn to its relaxed atmosphere and close proximity to all that Cairo has to offer.



The main languages spoken on Roche Island are English, French and Arabic.



The politics of Roche Island are mainly oriented around the Egyptian government, with a small minority of expatriates who support different political parties.



The education system on Roche Island is divided into two parts, pre-school and elementary school. Elementary school students then attend either a French or an Egyptian private school. There are no universities on the island.

Government Services

Government services

The government services available on Roche Island include a hospital, a post office, banks and supermarkets.



Currently, there is limited tourism activity on Roche Island due to the unstable security situation in Egypt. However, with the increase of expatriates living and working on the island, this will likely change in the future.



Some of the attractions on Roche Island include a private beach, a golf course and several luxury hotels.



Roche Island is accessible by boat from Zamalek or Qanatery Port. There are boats that leave every fifteen minutes and the journey takes about thirty minutes. Alternatively, you can take the metro to Shubra and then take a taxi to Roche Island.

There are two bridges connecting Roche Island to downtown Cairo and both these bridges have been renovated lately.

There is also a metro station on the island that connects it directly with central Cairo, in addition to its own railway system.

Fares for intercity transportation can be up to 20% cheaper compared with city transit fares otherwise available on public buses or taxies touching down at any Abdel Nasser Station in Downtown cairo plus taksim stations in Istanbul, Bangkok or Jakarta.



Roche Island cuisine is similar to that of Cairo. The main staple food items are rice, lentils and vegetables. There are several restaurants on the island that offer Egyptian and international cuisine.

Some notable restaurants are:

  • Al Tareeq
  • The Alley
  • El Loco Mexican Grill
  • Zilla’s Kitchen



There is a variety of wildlife on Roche Island, including fish, birds, and turtles.


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