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Sabtang Island


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Sabtang Island is one of the most beautiful and secluded islands in Sabah, Malaysia. Situated in the middle of the state, Sabtang Island is strategically situated to provide easy access to most places in the state. It is also an ideal spot for divers, as it has abundant marine life including coral reefs and many varieties of fish. With its crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, and lush greenery, Sabtang Island is a paradise for nature lovers.

Sabtang Island


Sabtang Island is said to have been first settled by the Orang Asli people. The island was later colonised by the British in 1882 and became a Crown colony in 1946. It was transferred back to Malaysia in 1963 and became part of Sabah state in 1978.


Sabtang Island Attractions

Sabtang Island has a number of attractions that make it an ideal spot for tourists. These include the stunning white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, lush greenery, and abundant marine life. Some of the other attractions on Sabtang Island include The Sanctuary (a botanical garden), Tabin Lighthouse, and Kota Kinabalu Golf Club.


Sabtang Island Festivals

There are several festivals that take place on Sabtang Island. The most famous one is the World Festival of Underwater Arts (WOFFA), which has been held annually since 1995. Other notable events at Sabtang include a International Knitting exhibition, the Harvest Lambanok and Vigan Cultural Music Festivals.

Offbeat Events A Young Man’s Trail to Eternity – Experience anything you want by walking through lush jungles or silently watching beautiful sunsets in this half-day journey with marvellous food arrangements like purees and beautifully designed salads, exciting yet delicious snacks.



Sabtang Island has a tropical climate with high humidity. This means that there is often a lot of rainfall on the island. The average annual temperature is 29°C. The temperature drops to 22° at night and goes up to 32° in the day. Rainfall is heaviest from June until September which coincides with the wet season on many islands in Sabah.

The months February, March and April are generally less rainy than July-September but still accompany heavy rainfall due during typhoons affects Sabah Island as well as other parts of Malaysia annually that produce high levels 4 – 8 m above normal tide levels (1).

Speedboat Trips

Sabtang Island Speedboat Trips

Interesting Facts: When World War I broke out between Britain & Germany; the Germans sank 14 British ships around this area , including many steamers and fishing boats; however, the Sabah government decided to build a lighthouse on this island (now known as International Lighthouse Construction Co. Ltd.), with the funding in 1912 from Kota Kinabalu Municipal Council by way of borrowing.

In 1915 two commercial vessels were used for gathering miscellaneous lumber before being sent downriver via coastal cable tramway system to Kota Kinabalu during World War II (World War I) – The survivors of these ships would later assist Thai nationals that had been stranded with their sea crafts on Sipidan Island near Pulau Pinang by transferring them to sympathetic Sabahan fishermen boats.


Sabtang Island Culture.jpeg

Sabah is culturally diverse with a long history dating back to the Austronesian people. Numerous tribes make up the population, including the Bai, Kadazan Dusun, Keningau Murut, Lun Bawang and Semelai. The Sabahan people have their own customs and traditions that are unique to them.

They celebrate many festivals such as Hari Raya Puasa (the Islamic Eid-ul-Fitr holiday), Gawai Dayak Baru (traditional harvest festival), Nihat festival and Tunku Abdul Rahman commemorative day of independence in 1963.



In 1963, Sabah achieved self-government with the formation of the Federation of Malaysia. The first Chief Minister was Ahmad Zaki Yamani who served until 1969. In 1986, a new constitution was enacted which provided for a unicameral Federal state legislative assembly with an entrenched president as head of state.

The present Constitution stipulates that Islam is the official religion and English is the country’s primary language. Parliamentary elections are held every five years and results are generally considered to be reliable indicators of public opinion. Sabahan politics have been shaped by its location on an offshore island territory sandwiched between two powerful neighbours.

In addition to Malaysia, Sabah is also bordered by the Indonesian archipelago of Borneo and moves seamlessly between two countries for cultural connections as residents are able to make trips across national borders in both directions more easily than their counterparts living on mainland Malaysia.

Government services

Government services

Sabah has a multi-party system and the current Chief Minister is Musa Aman. The Democratic Action Party, People’s Justice Party (PKR) and United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organization are the biggest parties in Sabah.



The economy of Sabah is based on petroleum exports from offshore gas fields located off Baram and Ketapang. The Perdana Kusumah oil refinery at Tawau provides marine fuel to North Borneo as well as the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Lebanon and India while substations providing electrical power supply electricity to Malaysia under agreement with Tenaga Nasional Bhd..

In addition there has been significant investment in mining and infrastructure, notably in the development of LNG plants. The Sabah state budget for 2016 was RM51 billion.


Sabtang Island Tourism

Sabah is well-known for its natural beauty, with tropical rainforest, coral reefs and spectacular mountain ranges such as the Kinabalu range. The state has also been developing an eco-tourism industry to attract visitors interested in adventures ranging from white water rafting on the Kinabatangan River to jungle trekking.


Sabtang Island is a small islet located in the municipality of Tablas, Benguet, Philippines. The island is about 2.5 kilometers long and 1 kilometer wide. It is accessible by small boats from the mainland. The island has been declared a wildlife sanctuary because of its abundant bird population.


 Where Is The Sabtang Island Located?

Sabtang Island is located in the middle of Benguet, Philippines.

How Do I Get To Sabtang Island?

You can reach Sabtang island by boat from the mainland. There are a number of small boats that ply daily between Tablas and Sabatan islands ferrying passengers and cargo. The fare for a round-trip ride on one of these boats ranges from P30 to P50 depending on traffic conditions at the time you travel.

What Are Some Attractions On Sabatng Island?

Sabtang island is famous for its beautiful coral reefs, which are a popular tourist attraction. There are also many beaches on the island that provide crystal clear waters and white sand beaches.

What Is The Climate Like On Sabtang Island?

The climate of Sabatng Island is moderate with average temperatures ranging from 26 degrees Celsius in winter to 37 degrees Celsius in summer.

 What Are The Main Languages Spoken On Sabatng Island?

The major languages spoken on Sabtang island are Hiligaynon and Tagalog.

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