The Lion King Storyline and Short Review



The Lion King Storyline and Short Review


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The Lion King is a 1994 American animated epic musical film, produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation. It was directed by Roger Aller’s and Rob Minkoff, written by Irene Michi, Jonathan Roberts and Linda Woolverton and features music composed by Elton John and Tim Rice. The plot focuses on Simba, an African lion who is the son of Mufasa and Sarabi and successor to the throne of Pride Rock.

Lion King is one of the best animated films of all time and was also the first to reach a billion dollars in ticket sales. It has become an iconic film that every child and adult enjoy watching. This book, Lion King Storyline, is an essential tool for both children and adults who want to learn more about this movie.

The Lion King Storyline and Short Review

Main characters of The Lion King



Simba is a lion cub who lives in Pride Rock which has been his home since birth. He also goes to become king of the jungle after Mufasa died and wasn’t able to do it himself. Simba’s mother Sarabi and his father are always there for him as family, they love each other deeply that they believe will be together forever even though their marriage isn’t official yet but when he grows up.



Scar is a male lion. He blames Simba for his mother’s death, and wants to get through every he gives you thousand reasons why tell the simple truth which was that Mufasa died of old age.



Nala, is Simba’s older sister and Mufasa’s wife. She loves her brother very much as a younger sister does to an older one but when it comes to Scar, she gets jealous of him who always causes problems for Simba so she acts rudely towards him which doesn’t help.

Baobab tree

Baobab tree

The Baobab Tree is first introduced by Rafiki in the beginning of the film picking his tusks. Spirit of the Baobab tree is a she-princess who helps Mufasa and Sarabi during their parenthood duties, but unlike them her home is not Pride Rock

The meerkat pack (Maui)

The meerkat pack (Maui)

These are characters that appear in The Lion King comic book (Volume 1). They were attacked by Buzzard after being mocked as bottom feeders, which led to most or all of them being put to death. The pack was later betrayed by the hyenas, who were forced into a meat-sharing pact against their wills that ensured they became reliant on Timon and Pumbaa for survival – even though both had romantically been interested in packing leader Mowgli’s attention towards themselves.

The Lion King Storyline

As a young lion cub Simba is an adventurous and joyful munchkin but when he grows up to become the king of Pride rock, his family turn it into a power-hungry court with serious ambitions. They kidnap their future daughter in law Naglaa on their way to the desert where she was born so that they can make her next royal baby which will bring them fortune and wealth while ruining Simba’s life a lot more than he knows yet.

When Simba’s father Mufasa was a young king, he had sent his brother Scar out to exile with man-eating hyena sneezing monkeys, who were very dangerous villains in their tribe. Almost twenty years later, Mufasa’s proud son Simba is now King of Pride Rock.

Ending Storyline

He decides to go to the jungle alone with his best friend Nuka (Dieter) a silly jumping hippo who was famously known as “The Roarer”. Meanwhile, Scar has become mocked at by his dead brother’s friends for being the one to go through exile and he hasn’t forgotten about it.

Nala was supposed to be married to Simba and soon father of a new royal family. She’s the daughter of Sarabi, but her mother dies giving birth to Nala when Mufasa is killed by Scar. Mufasa declares who’s next in line for the throne: his nephew or his own son? Long story short, we discover that he ordered either lioness from Pride Rock.

The Lion King Review

This is a must-see animated movie for any kid who loves animals. For developing their imagination and creativity this film teaches them what it takes to be strong, brave and determined of anything they want in life no matter the odds or difficulties that lie along the way. As most kids grow up watching Snoopy Vs the Red Baron flying around inside his doghouse enjoying some Tickle Me Elmo Dolls – an adult today’s generation rarely.

The Lion King is a very special movie which made millions of kids and adult cry for years. This beginning-end story about Simba’s journey to become king, Mufasa and scar are not what you expect from this film but it gets better in the end! This is why people love The Lion King because it combines magic together with adventure that make school or work time later awesome after watching this Disney classic.

What is not good in lion king movie?

This is a classic that also amongst best known animated films ever made. For many geeks it’s the reason to attend school or work early morning – either successfully or not, but what I consider good in.

This Disney film can be like your personal diary entry where you could add yours and guess of others’ thoughts about something experienced by all of us at some point in our lives.

Maybe this was the inspiration for Steven Spielberg making I remember watching this film for the first time at my middle school classroom. Every second I could laugh and after every second felt that it might be tragic later on if I didn’t get out of there soon.

This is another classic for kids or adults. The movie starts with a girl and her baby chimpanzee, setting up an emotional waiting period where the viewer already knows what’s going to happen in following scenes. But that doesn’t make it less interesting.

At some point of time, I started watching this very romantic 18-19th century song and dance story about two cronies – Orpheus having one single wish (to see his wife E uridine) and the power of Death.

I googled about this Disney classic in order to write my article, I was relief that only couple of pages were talking about extras or deleted scenes thingy instead. And what I found shocked me – many sites written not even a word considering these things! One more great American Classic film which is worth to watch over and revisited time after time again.

Why should You watch Lion King?

There are many reasons why people should watch Lion King. Firstly, it is a very popular Disney film. This means that it has been watched by a lot of people and is likely to be enjoyed by most who see it. It also has excellent reviews, so if you are looking for somewhere to start when exploring the Disney films then this might be a good choice. Secondly, the plot is interesting and complex. There are many different elements at work here and this is something that should not be underestimated. The story has been well written but I think its many layers will interest a variety of viewers.

Thirdly, Lion King looks good visually as it uses a lot of tricks such as lighting to great effect through the use of shadowing or hatching depending on which way you look at things. This film also includes some stunning animation sequences so if any difficulties are found in understanding the plot, then these images might help you for the most part. Finally, there is a lot of action in this film and I think that will be enjoyed by many people who are fond of watching such sequences in films. There are also some good characters here so even if it gets boring to watch the plot then you can always go back to enjoying all those great performances from actors like Simba, Mufasa and Timon!

Final Thought

Despite my reservations that Lion King is over-rated and that it has nothing new to give us regarding Disney films, there are many reasons why people should watch this film. It gives a different look at the plot of “The Lion King” which will be enjoyed by some viewers and if you want something to get you started then perhaps this one would work for you?


Is Lion King A True Story?

“The Lion King” was not necessarily written as an autobiographical account of the author’s experiences, but it is loosely based on them. The basis for his stories is roughly straight forward with more associations than facts and there were some slight inaccuracies within his work that could have been exaggerated to get under a friendlier response from Nash Whitaker who purportedly hated Disney altogether unlike Elias! But at least he did try to be sensitive towards other people’s feelings.

Why Is The New Lion King So Bad?

As I have said before, if you can try to ignore the obnoxious and insufferable “Americanization” of this film then it is actually quite good. If you are wondering why some people do not like the new lion king then there are just too many nostalgic childhood memories that might stand in your way when watching something so nice!

Who Is Simba’s Girlfriend?

I am not sure, But I will be curious as to why they made her a guy when the original shows him going off with Nala but it didn’t work out!

Is Lion King 2 Real?

Yeah, it is, they have even made a Lion King 3!

This lion king was trying to copy the original with pictures and all but why? I am starting to think that as lame as this lion king has been since their first movie, you’re more likely to see random stuff in stores than go watch anything unless it’s just people lip syncing on video of hit songs.

Will They Make A Lion King 4?

Because there was never a Lion King 3, there will never be a Lion Lion King 4. The international title of the direct to DVD film Lion King 1.5, which wasn’t a continuation of the Lion King story, was handed the title Lion King 3.

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