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Shellback Island


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Shellback Island is an uninhabited island located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, east of the Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec. It is part of the Notre Dame Marine Protected Area and is managed by the Saguenay–St. Lawrence Marine Park Authority. The island was first explored in 1673 and named for Jean de Biencourt de Poutrincourt, seigneur de Shellback, who financed the voyage.

All About Of Shellback Island

Shellback Island



Shellback Island is located between the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec and Cape Ray, north-west of Îles-de-la Madeleine. The island was first explored in 1673 by Jean de Biencourt de Poutrincourt, seigneur de Shellback who financed the voyage.

In 1827 it became a refuge for Canadian ice fishermen during an early period of European settlement on the island.

There are no longer any ice plows on the penninsul  of Quebec, but there is a paper mill in the Gaspe peninsula and it still harvests snow by using chippers. During the Labrador Iron Age shell middens left behind constitute evidence of several ages of life.

Twenty-nine eighteenth century pictographs were discovered under rocks from this period; representing what may have been an ancient Roman Catholic ceremony Such sites are being considered to be significant archeological sites under the “Jesuit Mission of 1673 Act”. The mission was abandoned in 1704 as a result of raids from various indigenous groups.



The climate of Shellback Island is maritime, with a Humid Continental Climate. The average temperature range in summer (July) is 18 to 34 degrees Celsius, while the average temperature range in winter (January) is −2 to 8 degrees Celsius. Precipitation on average ranges from 71 mm in July to 157 mm in January .

Presettlement history in and around Shellback Island began with a group of French Basque fishermen who came from Newfoundland to seek shelter on the island, where they chose as their refuge from raiding English pirates.



The culture of Shellback Island is dominated by its French heritage, with a significant Irish and English minority. The island’s population (excluding the military base) was 1,660 people in 1999. The major industries are fishing and tourism/recreation.

There is a wide emphasis on fishing sports such as horseshoes to name just one of numerous activities that have become part of daily life for residents on the island

Political status Mapit “the heartland” map It shows all places with at least 10 inhabitants over 6 months old; blue indicate suburbs; red indicate city centers; yellow indicates rural communities.

The island is divided into four geographical districts by the municipalities of Le Conquet, Cornouaille and Trénavant: Les Forges/Le Castel (roughly North), Mollans-sur-Mer (“Molann”), Balos et Pointe du Ródaguez (South) and west of Pointe du Róduguez.

There are at least four hamlets which have been recorded under various names (such as Mont, “Mont Saint-Michel“) during the centuries: they are also politically identified by their name in modern French; all but Le Castel and Mollans-sur mer have permanent populations (at least 200 inhabitants).



The other four places of Shellback, which are not classified by their municipality or village and do not have any natural border with municipalities (in fact they are spread over 4 different parishes), namely La Terrasse-sur -Mer and Les Saintes-Maries (East); Pointe de Grave et Moules Plages (Southwest); Cap Ferrat et les Îles du Salut(West).

By the racial theory, there are heavily populated areas in a few other places which do not have populations that exceed 10 people: Le Bois (formerly known as Tonneghié) and La Guillaumes Ile. The last one is an island inhabited by fishermen cultivating fish; it does not have administrator or even electricity.

Government Services

Government Services

There is no administrative center on the island. The only place with a population of more than 200 people, which falls within one municipality, is La Terrasse-sur-Mer. All other municipalities have populations between 10 and 200 people.

The district capitals are Les Forges/Le Castel (roughly North), Mollans sur mer (South), Balos et Pointe du Ródaguez (West) and Pointe du Vigoulet (East). What almost all of these areas are covered by a listed heritage district, which is the only town from 2003 to the present.


Shellback Tourism

The island is a major tourist destination due to the many historical and cultural attractions which are available.

Some of the most well-known places include: Le Mont Saint Michel, the Abbey of Saint Wandrille, Les saintes Maries (East), Sainte Marguerite des Liles (West), La Pointe du Vigoulet, The Village de la Mer and Îles Blanches.

The island’s historical heritage is added to by a rich marine ecosystem, consisting of the following species: pygmy seahorses (“Hippocampus bargibanti”), nudibranch molluses and many other unifilara. This diversity has been fostered by years of careful preservation management strategies enacted since 1930.



There is no regular public transportation on the island, but there are several private operators who offer shuttle services between specific points on the island. Access is provided by a 24.5 nautical miles (48 km) stretch of single carriageway with paved asphalt surface, called “Route du Mont-Saint-Michel” .

There are several ferry services, making the Channel crossing to Saint Malo possible 7 days per week from Mollans sur mer , 5 days from Balos and 4 consecutive hours every day at Ostende in Belgium.


Shellback Island is one of the most beautiful and untouched islands in the Caribbean. It’s known for its clear, turquoise waters, white sand beaches and lush vegetation.

The island has been a protected nature reserve since 1936 and is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. It’s also the location of a luxury resort that offers breathtaking views of the sunset and the Caribbean Sea.


1.What Are The Most Common Activities On Shellback Island?

Ans: There are a variety of activities that can be enjoyed on Shellback Island, including swimming, sunbathing, kayaking and snorkelling. Quests to discover its mysterious past are also available.

2.Can I Book A Seaplane Flight On Shellbackx?

Ans: Shellback Island can be reached by way of free flights serviced daily from Rainbow Harbour, just south of Baie-des-Chaleurs and the Bonaventure Archipelago marine park headquarters in Saguenay.

The island is accessible via land by boat only, with no air service offered (though one can be chartered from Baie-des-Chaleurs by land at reasonable rates).

3.Where Is Shellbackx’s Weather Like?

Ans: Shellback Island experiences a warm and mild climate. Year round temperatures are generally around , with light snowfall occurring in winter months of February through April. The hottest month, July, averages around . The lowest recorded temperature is and the highest .

4.Is Shellback Island Open All Year Round?

Ans: Shellback Island is mainly a summer destination and adheres to the typical hurricane season from June to November, with heavy rains during this period.

From December through May, it can be very cold on this small island so any outdoor activities that are not essential for skinning or cooking should be particularly avoided in winter months of January through March.

5.What Does Shellbackx Offer?

Ans: Shellbaxg Board walk Café and Inn is a small seaside inn located on the east side of Shellback Island. Accommodation at Tourist Motel or Hotel has also been built which may be reserved in conjunction with activities, tours or events at Shellbaxg Boardwalk Cafe & Lounge  (both situated on northeast end of island).

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