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Split Island is a surreal post-apocalyptic landscape, created by Artist Tomi Ungerer. It is a warped interpretation of the American Midwest, with the landscape split down the middle by a wide and fast-flowing river. The river divides the land into two equal parts, with a large and imposing bridge connecting them. Ungerer based the scene on photographs of his childhood home town of Kansas City, Missouri.

Split Island


Split Island was created in 1987, shortly after the Chernobyl disaster. Ungerer was deeply affected by the event and sought to create a work that would help people deal with their emotions. The title comes from a line in Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved: “Be holy though the world is mad.”

Split Island has been exhibited internationally and is currently on display at The University of Texas at Austin’s Watkins Gallery. In 2015 Tomi Ungerer’s work was included in the exhibition “L’Art de la Chute,” which explored comics, graffiti and modern art. The works were part of an initiative by Édouard Louis (auth.) to raise awareness of conditions within juveniles prison systems since they made up a majority of inmates at Fresnes Prison. 

In July 2018 the piece was featured in an exhibition at O2 Contemporary Art Liverpool entitled “Post-Fractal Futurism—Extraordinary Objects from the Collection.” An essay by curator Michael Abbensetts described Split Island as: “A haunting, beautiful and disturbing piece that is like a punctured view of the world seen through certain malign hallucinations.”


The climate in Split Island is hot and humid. The temperature in January is an absolute average of 13 degrees Celsius and has a relative humidity level of 84%. Average daytime high temperatures range from 15-21 degrees. The minimum winter low ranges between 1-7 degrees and the maximum summer highs are usually around 28, sometimes higher due to heavy sunshine during the day followed by thunderstorms at nighttime.


Split Island is home to the dominated by the Malagasy people. The culture in Split Island has been influenced by both European and African cultures.

There are a few small grocery stores in Split Island that sell imported items, most notably cigarettes, alcohol and snacks such as chips. There is also one bakery which usually sells fresh bread at a high price. 

Restaurants can be found in larger towns but they generally cater to tourists rather than locals who tend to eat simple meals at home or from roadside stands . Communication is primarily done using local phones or MPTY and the internet. The only 3G phone in Split Island is available mostly for foreign visitors who own smart phones . 

A single connection charge of around 15€ (1GB) per month can be found in SPTD stores, while unlimited Internet costs approx 80 schillings a day (£2). There are no private international lines such as Skype into Split Island meaning that some calls cost over €5/minute. It may also be heard people suggest not to send money through Western Union because they have been known to go missing . Local places for internet connections include ESPTT, a local ISP which has Skype office hours in its basement.


Split Island is a multiparty state with two major political parties. The ruling party, the Malagasy Republic Party (RPM), was founded in 1990 as a breakaway from the former ruling party, the FMDJ. The other main party is the Social Democratic Front (FDSD). There are also several minor parties which compete in local and national elections. Electoral regulations require that each registered political group run at least one candidate in each constituency, and unregistered groups or individuals can also stand as candidates. 

No group can receive more than 50% of votes cast , although this has not been observed since 1991. The large number of parties and candidates in the 2005 election sparked an unusually high rate of court action for political party funding, which remains somewhat hazy as to whether it is legal or not.

Government services

Split Island is divided into 22 municipalities, each of which has its own mayor and municipal council. Municipalities are responsible for a wide range of services including education, public works, health care, environmental protection, and policing. All municipalities receive financial assistance from the central government in order to meet their basic responsibilities. There are no county or provincial governments on Split Island.


The economy of Split Island isbased largely on tourism and exports . The main tourist destinations include Plitvice National Park , Kornati Islands National Park , Mount Triglav National Park , Pag island (known as Panpul), Port of Dubrovnik and other areas located off the coast. 

The Croatian port city (which is on the English speaking side) receives fewer tourists than Split since its inhabitants are primarily Dalmatians, but those who do come hear many stories about the Split islanders not being happy to see them in their own town. In recent years tourism has become an increasingly important industry for Split , feeding a growing local middle class which includes some investment from outside country seeking to invest money into Croatia .



Split is Croatia’s most popular tourist destination, receiving around 2.2 million international tourists in 2009. The main attractions are Plitvice National Park and Kornati Islands National Park , which are both UNESCO World Heritage Sites . Other attractions include Mount Triglav National Park , Pag island (known as Panpul) and Port of Dubrovnik .

There has been an increasing trend over the past few years for Split to become a year-round destination rather than just a summer spot.


Split Island is a new puzzle game that puts your intelligence to the test. In this game, you are tasked with removing all the blocks from the grid so that the blue block can reach the exit. The blocks are placed in such a way that no two blocks can be adjacent to each other, leading to a challenging puzzle game with strategic game play. You’ll need quick reflexes and thinking skills as you try to maneuver and remove the blocks in order to clear the grid and move on to the next level.


What Is The Minimum System Requirements For Split Island?

Split Island requires a Windows 7/8.1/10 64-bit operating system with at least 4 GB of RAM and 1GB of free hard drive space.

What Are The Game Features?

Split Island is a puzzle game that requires quick reflexes and strategic thinking as you try to remove all of the blocks so that the blue block can reach the exit.

How Big Is The Grid On Which The Game Is Played?

The grid in Split Island is square, measuring 4×4 squares.

What Is The Resolution Of The Game?

The resolution of Split Island is at 1920×1080.

Is Split Island Online?

No, Split Island is an offline game.

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